Kites release to mark Hrithik’s 10th year in Bollywood?

Hrithik Roshan’s Kites directed by Anurag Basu till recently was the most anticipated movie of the year, but now that the movie has been postponed to next year, we await a final release date.

According to sources close to Filmkraft, Kites has been confirmed to release in January. There are two release dates being discussed.. 

  1. 15th January 2010 – Marks the completion of 10 years for Hrithik in the industry (as a lead star). Kaho Na Pyaar Hai released on January 14th 2000 and Roshan turned into a superstar overnight. It would also be Hrithik’s birthday week (January 10th), a good time for the Roshan’s to release their biggest project yet, wouldn’t it?
  2. 22nd January 2010 – The republic day week is also being discussed, but it would also mean a clash with Amitabh Bachchan’s Rann directed by Ram Gopal Varma. Not too big a competition for a film like Kites, but Salman Khan’s Veer is also eying the same release date. Three big films – Kites, Veer, Rann same week wouldn’t be too great for the industry, would it?

We think 15th January is just about the perfect release date for the film and with no competition at the box-office it should open to huge number.

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    • yaar im eagerly waiting for kites…..

      im sure KITES gonnna be the highest grosser of bollywood breaking all the records

    • Indicine Team: I was so eager to watch Kites, but delaying and delaying.. that’s not good for any movie’s fate.. because today we’re exited to watch it but tomorrow and because of waiting so long.. it kills this feeling to watch it.. why these prodcuers never think of this point? there was a hype on websites for this movie, adds, interviews, etc.. and suddenly eveything stopped! If Kites was released in the correct time, during the publicity time, July or Augst of this year, it’d have been a smash hit now.. but delaying and delaying and releasing the movie after such a long time and with some other big other movies.. that would affect the box office I assume.

      Example: this week in Bahrain 4 movies will be released in our cinemas ( and this happens for 1st time, as my brother confirms, because every week they release just one bollywood or one tamil or malyallum).. this week 4 bollywood movies! which are: Main Aur Mrs. Khanna, Blue, Wake up Sid & Best of Luck.. I’m not sure about the last one’s correct name.. Best of Luck.. is that correct?

      Let’s say 3 big movies released in the same week.. I want to watch them all and I’ll try my best to watch them in a week, if I can afford 3 movies in a week financially but others couldn’t.. to see 3 movies in a week. so they’ve to select one of the 3 big movies to watch ( and the last one which is Best of Luck and not a very encouraging movie to watch, will sink for sure!) no one will go and watch it because everyone will select one of those 3 big movies specially Salman’s or Akshay’s as they’re r superstars)

      Am I right in this point or wrong?

    • Sorry indicine Team.. I mean to say (all the best.. movie name) I’ve typed: best of luck.. sorry for the confusion.

    • Still i hope it release this year
      Its very unfair to all his fans and indian cinema
      Hrithik at such young age can’t give at the least 1 film a year its really unfortunate if it does release next year
      But i am sure even though it will rewrite history.

    • Fathiya, you are right. Delay in release, especially for a movie that has always been in news, kills the excitement around it. It will most definitely affect the initial collections of Kites, but to what extent remains to be seen. Anyway, it will all come down to how the Roshan’s promote the movie in those 2 months prior to its release, if they manage to create enough hype, it would open to big numbers. The first few trailers and music would be the key.

      Also you got to understand the fact that, post-production does take its own time and due to the enormity of the project, such delays are beyond the control of the makers. Kites is a huge movie (much like Jodha Akbar which was also delayed) and is being released both in English and Hindi.

      The second point your making, does not apply to a film like Kites. Any movie (unless its 3 idiots or My Name is Khan) if released with Kites will be crushed at the box office. Irrespective of films released alongside it, a Hrithik / Aamir / SRK / Akshay movie will always be the first choice!

    • Hrithik “must” do at least 2 movies a year..he’s a sueprstar.. everyone wait for his movies and he could do some movies with good scripts with good directors but not necessary to be a “huge” in production.. a small production movie would not take such a long time to release.. I think both Shahrukh & Hrithik should consider this point.. we love to see them on screen, at least twice a year, even if the movies were some small production but with good direction.

    • I would like to say that big releases like kites n 3 idiots have no competition b/w them…………… n as indicine team have mentioned such movies are always prior to the peoples

    • I hoped that it will release in this year…. but what to do??
      If 15th Jan is the right date ….then please release it on that day….
      Please don’t postponed it again… please…..

    • i don’t care about compitition just release the film as sone as possible! it so hard to wait when you know how good this film is going to be.

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