Video: Kites Theatrical Trailer!

The most awaited trailer of the year has just been released.

Filmkraft’s Kites featuring Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori is directed by Anurag Basu. The movie is a action thriller, that should appeal to both classes and the masses!

Check out the Kites theatrical trailer and drop in your comments below, we’d love to know what you think.




  • the movie is gonna rock big time…………but what i doubt is that its made keeping the urban middle class in mind. so i guess the box office collection wont be that high,but critically its gonna be a hit !!

  • Awsum trailer…… just can’t wait 4 it!!!!!! it won’t work big on single screen 4 sure…… but it’ll rock in d multiplex!!!!

  • This is amindblowing promo for sure and the film if has agood story then will be unbeatable .Its has every thing , action , romance funny scene and the music look great .Really cant wait for this one and bollywood get ready !!! The king Roshan is back .

  • @indicine- agree with you……. but it will fall down after the huge weekend due to it’s lack of mass appeal i guess……

  • i cant describe abt the trailor..excellent…the girls r goin to be mad of Hrithik after Kaho na pyar hai… he is terriffic now… i predict kites wil also pass 150crore.. just one doubt … where is kankana???

  • sorry guys it might be a good film but will be flop in india. kurbaan gets good reviews but neither classes nor masses like it.

    if in india you want to make a succesful film you have to consider family class and i bet that family class and the single screen audience will reject this from its trailer this is a truth though in some multiplex it may work but no chance of family class

  • the trailer is good but will be poor on single screens. the cinema has divided completely salman films even if they get 5star reviews cannot peform even good business . the only complete star is AAMIR KHAN who can perform well at both cinemas but slightly better on multiplexes and after the opening of veer which 4.5crore come from single screens on day one which was the highest opening at single screens in the history of cinmea that salman is the biggest star at single screens and aamir undoubtedly at multiplexes though hrithik is good infact very good actor but does not hold any presence at single screens. and what i am worrying is of family class. though SRK not my fav actor but after avg or above avg afair of VEER i think MY NAME IS KHAN WILL be the biggest hit of the year.

  • 3rd class trailer.i hv nt seen such a worst trailer in my life.hopefully film will be better but trailer is very very disappointing.

  • SALAAM 2all

    as hrithik roshan follower of my fav star sallu bhai till yet … i respect his act he is unique in his own way …

    indicine isnt kites a family film or adult ….

    bcoz hrithik roshan had major audience fan of children …b,coz of his super hero image .

    if it is family entertainer i am damn sure the movie will amongst one of the biggest hit of 2010
    and if it is adult type movie then there is much scope that film will amongst flop like chandni chowk to china.

    but as i always says i love sallu bhai as a hero and like aamir khan as an actor …but hrithik roshan is also in list of my fav ….so , i will wish him good luck for his kites .

  • Thats what a good trailer is.
    This movie will prove that hrithik is king of bollywood and boxoffice. This movie will gonna rock and break all records. Eagerly awaiting
    Beware three idiots Kites is coming

  • superb trailer.but the funny thing is producer will say that the budget is not more than 40 core at the time of its release.he he he…..:)

  • SupaR<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    What A Trailer??????????awesome……………………………………….Awesome
    Tor Dega..sab ko…………………
    AkaY kimar ka ending kar dega,,,,,,,,

  • after watching this trailer i will b not watching this muvi looks like a boring fare but if the reviews r good then may i go to see this one

  • afrid no need of indicine confirmation is it get a u/a or a certificate is determined later but seeing the trailer it is not atall a family entertainer it will be an adult muvi

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