Victim moves Supreme Court against Salman Khan in hit-and-run case

A victim in the 2002 hit and run case, moved the Supreme Court on Thursday challenging the acquittal of Salman Khan by the Bombay High Court.

The special leave petition filed by Niyamat Shaikh, who was injured in the accident, prayed for quashing the High Court verdict and a direction to the Maharashtra government and Salman Khan to pay a compensation to him and to his family. The petition is to be heard on Friday along with a SLP already pending before a Bench headed by Justice J. S. Khehar.

In his petition Niyamat Shaik contended that the Bombay High Court has wrongly acquitted the actor by ignoring the material points with regard to the statement of the petitioner before the police and the trial court which had sentenced him to five years rigorous imprisonment.



  • Correct. All evidence pointed to Salman being guilty (they still haven’t given any indication of who else was driving the car) yet thanks to his position and money he escaped.

  • I don’t wanna say anything but please give him compensation because in this case he lost more than anyone who involve and live in this world.

  • After some years parents would be threatening their children..
    Sadak ke dono baju dekh ke cross karna pata nhi bhai kab Pk gaadi se uda de

  • Waiting for yuvraj and sultan bhushan comments…
    Let’s see how bhaitards react to this..
    Let’s how much they follow being human..
    All will say ill words to this poor man..
    Human killer masked under being human..

  • Salman Khan doesn’t deserve any sympathy.he committed a serious crime and doesn’t have guts to accept it.he is lying for 14 long years.but still he is God for all his all his fans are even more culprit than him.what I tell to these blind fans.pls accept the truth guys for God sake.

  • Oh god, stop all this and put this criminal behind the bars.
    Such a lame human being.

    -aamir khan FAN

  • Yeah what a beginning of SULTAN marketing campaign

    Note : This is the officially start of SULTAN marketing campaign

  • I m sure that Sultan will take bumper opening from special screening at jails…because Sallu has so many followers in Jail.. criminals have always interested in watching non actor movies…

    #Fasal kerala

  • What is this- compensation was paid a decade or so back…

    No longer interested in this time wasting tactics of this Kings fan…!

  • Its crystal clear to everyone that Salman was driving on that day…Still the law cant do anything…Such a shame..I hope Supreme Court will do justice and sentence him for at least 2 years. He clearly deserves the punishment for his out of control life in the past. We all know he started this Being Human drama to cover up his past crimes.

  • see how people of criminal record are let to go and move free. some people who say are the actor’s fans are foolish and useless people’s, they will tweet everywhere, be it in twitter or facebook or net, we stand by the side of the actor and support him. you foolish people go and stand for yourself and your family and try to become a good humanity first instead of supporting a person who have commited a crime and adorn and making him feel that no law is made for him and that money can buy freedom and money and wealth is the pass that can save someone from law. so people stop supporting such things where the people with money and power are made above law. remember this can happen to you and your family, then you would understand the grieve of the person that are facing such problems where their rights are being supressed by power, wealth and fame. when you would be in the place in the victims then you would understand that no matter your religion, castle, race, colour, status, all that matters is justice and when justice and your rights is not respected and given to you, then you people might know the real miseries that victims have to face. stop this madness, suporting actors just because you are there fans but support justice as one day, i hope that one one goes and live such situation but do not know as future is not predicted, so if one day if you and your family faces throught such situation of unjustice, so what you would do, then you would understand it, for now you would never understand it

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