Varun Dhawan finds Govinda comparisons unfair

Actor Varun Dhawan who impressed in his second outing, is being hailed as a young Salman Khan with Govinda’s comic timing. But the actor says he finds the comparisons unfair, as he is someone who tries to make people laugh in his own distinct style.

“I am still new to the industry but I try to make people laugh in my own way” Varun said.

“Chi Chi bhaiyya (Govinda) is a legend and it will be very unfair to compare me to him. He is a great actor,” he added.

Some photos from various promotional events of Main Tera Hero. Check them out!

Pantaloon show with Varun and Illeana

Pantaloon show with Varun and Illeana

Ileana D'cruz

Ileana D’cruz

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan with Ileana D'cruz

Varun Dhawan with Ileana D’cruz

Ileana, Varun promote Main Tera Hero

Ileana, Varun promote Main Tera Hero



  • Comparisons are inevitable,as it was a David Dhawan film….i don’t think anyone compared Varun with Govinda at the time of SOTY…

  • Newcomers maybe compared to Sallu and Govinda in comedy but no one can be compared to Akshay sir in comedy.Akshay sir is a legend in comedy genre.He ruled from 2000
    And Govinda too is a legend.Even his dance steps can make me laugh

  • Good for Varun.Govinda was a away bigger star than Shahrukh khan,SRK has only 17 hits in 57 films.

  • govinda had good comic timing than akshay.he is best lead actor in comedy roles bollywood has ever produced.

  • The debate may continue between Akshay sir and Govinda who is the best in comedy.But anytime i watch Garam masala …………
    And anyone has his choice

  • @aeeyy
    Agree with you, no comparison of akshay in comedy.he is so spontaneous in comedy…………Govinda was good but akki is king of comedy
    @Raj Pattanaik
    Why to drag srk in this article,then people say that srk fans do it…………but reality is that mostly srk haters starts the debate even in non srk articles

  • US box office – The Lunchbox (Sony Pictures Classics) has earned $1.35m in 6 weeks and is growing from strength to strength. So in the States Irrfan is bigger than Ajay, Saif and many so called good actors as per national film awards. Critics rating is only valuable when you can expand your viewership beyond your country, so in this regard only 2 stars have been successful viz:
    – Aamir Khan
    – Shahrukh Khan

  • Not fair comparison, Govinda is way ahead than any other actor in comedy, his comic timing were flawless and he completely overshadow others in his films. Akshay is next to him but far behind because there are many films in which Akshay was overshadowed by other actor or comedian in his film but i don’t remember any Govinda successful movie which he remain behind, For ex-Hera pheri Paresh rawal were show stealer in that film, in welcome Anil and Nana performance beat Akshay, in houseful 1 Ritesh overshadow akshay, while Govinda was too good in films like Partner and Bhagambhag and in BB priyadarshan put Akshay in more linelight due to his star power but Still Govinda made mark whenever he was on screen.So Govinda is way better than any actor in comedy, i can still watch Dulhe raja,raja babu,ankhen,shola aur shabnam,hero no.1, haseena maan jayegi,partner etc due to flawless comedy of this actor.

  • Govinda is best comedian of all time,akki couldn’t be compared to him.

    these 3rd class puny superstar’s fan couldn’t discuss anything with out taking the name of KING SRK,their stars couldn’t have even 9hits in their career,lol.

  • Govinda best in comedy. Akshay best in action.

    His raja babu, coolie no.1, aankhen and even shola aur shabnam are too hilarious.

  • Just because in 1 or 2 movies someone overshadowed Akshay or Govinda cannot justify that Govinda is better than Akshay or the other way round

    Let’s take football,there have been many instances where Iniesta,Xavi or Neymar overshadowed Messi but still Messi is the best player ever

    And there are many Akshay comedy movies you can watch many times

  • Salmon is best comedian.
    SRK is best Don.
    Varun is best kisser.
    Aditya is best lover.
    and I am best loser.
    (bad joke )

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