Top 10 Highest First Weekend of 2014

Main Tera HeroThis week’s release Main Tera Hero is the 5th highest weekend grosser of 2014, behind Balaji’s last two releases Ragini MMS 2 and Shaadi Ke Side Effects.

Main Tera Hero has collected about the same as Shaadi Ke Side Effects, but higher than films like Hasee Toh Phasee – which featured Sidharth Malhotra who made his debut with Varun Dhawan in Student Of The Year. However, Main Tera Hero had a wider release and also had appeal towards the mass single-screen audience.

Jai Ho which released on 3900 screens, continues to hold the top spot. Realistically, only a big release like Holiday or Kick can challenge the opening day weekend record of Jai Ho.


  • 1. Jai Ho - 59.93 crore
  • 2. Gunday – 43.93 crore
  • 3. Ragini MMS 2 – 23.92 crore
  • 4. Shaadi Ke Side Effects – 20.95 crore
  • 5. Main Tera Hero – 20.92 crore
  • 6. Hasee Toh Phasee – 17.64 crore
  • 7. Yaariyaan – 16.02 crore
  • 8. Highway – 13.64 crore
  • 9. Dedh Ishqiya – 11.67 crore
  • 10. Queen – 9.96 crore


  • Only SRK movies works around the world!! He is the only actor with highest success ratio than any other actor!!

  • I have watched 5 films among them. .my ratings are
    1.queen 4.5/5 (0.5 extra for kangana,my current fav)
    2.hasee toh phasee 3/5
    3.jai ho 2.5/5
    4.gunday 2/5
    5.yaariyan 1.5/5(watched it on tv. I liked the drama part at annual function.but story is copied from main hoon na,soty,jo jeeta wohi sikandar and many . .worst thing was the illogical crap the hell the actor won over the austrelian at last moment.? .poor performances by actors. .0.5 extra for the music)

  • I am new to this site,i am the biggest SRK fan ever,but i know this lad will defeat SRK one day.
    Varun is a kind of actor who are only once produced in a century,he is a legend.
    Hats off to him.

  • After end of this year,top weekend collections:
    2)Happy New Year
    5)Singham 2/Bang Bang/Jai ho

  • I have been reading this site from 2-3 days,and i feel there are very good comment makers like @sss,@triniman,@sht,@vera and other srk fans,and i also want to join you guys.
    While there are some mental morons like @nipun,@babaji,@aeeyy,@sky,@navin,@punk
    I hate you guys.
    I think HNY will collect 1000crs in india.

  • that means ranveer singh in non holiday did 43cr,while bhai in republic day release only did 59cr after 1year with huge screen,also it’s that ranveer whose ram leela totally killed the growth of krrish3,it seems ranveer is bigger star than salman and hr,lol.

  • Jai Ho will lead atleast till June. This year most biggies are coming in 2nd half. But Jai Ho got zero holidays apart from regular weekends (for buffons Republic Day was on sunday) !!!!!! All the best to Akki (Holiday), Aamir Khan (PK), Ajay Devgan (Action Jackson/Singham 2), Hrithik (Bang Bang) & double for Srk (HNY – its from Farha Khan n every one knows her making of movies). Last but not least Kick will emerge atleast in Top 2 this year !!!!!!!!!! Salmania will be back on Eid !!!!!!

  • 2014 highest top weekend collection
    1. Kick 100cr.
    2. P.k 90-100cr.
    3. Bang-bang 80-85cr.
    4. Hny 70cr.
    5. Singham2 65cr.

  • Jai ho still no.1, that very good salman.May be HOLIDAY broke jai ho weekend but KICK sure broke all record of history.

  • At the end of the year happy new year will be placed at the top of the list following by akkis holiday….

  • @indicine How Queen’s weekend fig are close to 10crs.. As far as I read a article about it.. it should be around 5crs.. Please correct it

  • Holiday All the Way……By the Way MTH was a great movie……Varun Dhawan is a future Superstar…..:)

  • @dynamic, lol you are exactly an example why srkians are called the biggest retards on earth.

    as far as opening weekend is concerned. Singham 2,Bang Bang,PK and Kick (due to eid+salman) will have the upper hand and as far as lifetime collection is concerned, it will depend on WOM and content.

    hny will perform very poorly as its farah khan who has always made crap films plus its srk so overacting will also be there.

    About holiday, it will do better if its WOM is very positive but i think gabbar will be bigger than holiday. just a random feeling.

  • Jai ho ki jai ho
    it took 4 months and not even single movie can reach the weekend of jai ho which is meant to b salman flop from recent times,
    salman ur flop movie holds the record for staright 4 months u r true super star

  • hahaha what idiotic fools are SRK haters … they think they are very clever… punk and dynamic idiot is the same guy … trying to bring down HNY as they are still living in dreams and cant see SRK’s success … HNY will break all the records of dhoom 3 … just like Chennai Express did … everyone know if Chennai Express had 4500 screens 2 weeks free run… how much it would have collected 300 Cr in india only !!

  • looking at these numbers.. its amazing that jai ho did that kind of business.. especially considering the fact that January to March is the least profitable period in bollywood.. though it was a semi hit, it could have been a hit had it been not sold to distributors at exorbitant prices.. it remains the highest grossing film of the year till now.. where for other stars 115 crores is brilliant, it is mediocre for salman khan, that’s the standard he has set for himself.. it is also the first 100 crores movie of the year till now.. all in all jai ho didn’t do bad at all..

  • Jai ho is ahead than any other releases due to absence of big films but still the Jai ho weekend collectin is good. I hope Kick will emerge a huge BB, top 5 weekend grosser will be 1.P.k./kick, 2.kick/p.k./hny 3.HNY 4.Singham 2 5.bangbang if none of these films clash with any big film.Happy for Varun he is a future star. @dynamic thanks for you kind words and soon you will join complan club with other fellows. Investing thing is that @navin is not making comments from some times but you still know him while you are 2-3 days baby boy on this site. Its shows some retarted srkian back again. So change your name dynamic sharif sa lagta h call himself complan don.

  • @Dynamic,what made you to change your id again?direct talk face to face don’t behave like your back stabber stars.I know @sky,@babaji,@aeeyy,@nipun’s comments are moderate but they are obsessed with akki,hr,ajay blindly and couldn’t say TRUTH even they know it.I know my comments is bitter always as TRUTH is always dbitter so not my fault.

    @hrithik,1st tell your star to act in a films like SWADES and CDI and MNIK and BAAZIGAR,then I’ll see their caliber.farah khan’s MHN,OSO are far better films thensome 3rd classsouth remakes,oh problem is you only could have watch tmk as it contained item number shiela ki jawaani.whoever thinking jai ho did miraclelet mesaid,FEBRUARY is less profitable than republic release and SRK’s MNIK was a hit and a ATBB in overseas because he is the biggest among all.

  • To all of u who thinks that kick weekend will be huge:-as eid is falling on sunday kick has no benifit ,so at best case kick will have 75-80 crore weekend(not considering extnd weekend).To be honest hny has best weekend and has potential to be the film having highest weekend collection.My list is as follows 1-hny,2-pk(with clash),3-kick,4-singham2,5-holiday/bang bang(with clash).list may change depending upon clash.

  • Look at Salman fans complaining about Jail Ho having Republic Day on Sunday. When Don 2 came out Christmas well n sunday. It did 49.8 cores all versions with 2900 screens and finished with 110cr all versions. Jai Ho couldn’t even beat Don 2 total. Srk always opens big.
    Ra.One Bumper, Don 2 Bumper non holiday, Jthj excellent despite clash and a Tuesday release, Chennai all time opener. Aamir gives good openings and so does Salman but for jai ho it was an epic fail.

  • @sss : As I said earlier for you only Srk exist in whole industry from spot boy to driver to chai wala to script writer to director to stuntman all done by srk. Try to understand simple thing if there is no Salman or Aamir or HR then Srk will reach a saturated point due to competition and get dissolved !!!!!!! Grow up you complan boy !!!!!!!!

  • Srk acted in some mindless Farah Khan movies to save her. But this wont work everytime HNY will be Super Hit max but I have high hopes from FAN & Raees. Srk should stick to performance oriented roles !!!!!!!!!

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