Finally, Sanjay Leela Bhansali finds his Bajirao and Mastani!

More than a decade after he first set out to make his dream film ‘Bajirao Mastani’ with Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai, maverick filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali has finally found his Bajirao Peshwa in Ranveer Singh and Mastani in Deepika Padukone – the same pair that he last directed in 2013’s surprise hit ‘Ram Leela’.

The casting of the rumoured real-life couple has ended years of speculation over who would play the role – after actors like Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgn and Bhansali’s first choice Salman Khan were all considered to be strong contenders to play the epic role.

A source close to Bhansali tells us that the director was keen on casting Deepika, but couldn’t get the required dates as Deepika had already allotted bulk dates to Karan Malhotra’s ‘Shuddhi’.

However, the dates have now been worked out and Bhansali will soon realise his dream. Not with his dream-pair of Salman and Aishwarya, but the duo who shared excellent chemistry in Ram Leela.

Ranveer and DeepikaRanveer Singh and Deepika Padukone



  • Ranveer-Deepika makes a good pair. I would’ve prefered Hrithik-Deepika. Seems like SLB was waiting to cast a real life love birds on screen. First he wanted Salu-Aish and now Ran-Dee. Hmmm…

    BTW indicine, so isn’t Deepika a part of Shuddhi? Who will be there in Shuddhi? Any news?

  • ranveer is good but not that experienced to carry such a huge film and role on his shoulders. i think ajay was very good choice for this film

  • Making a historic movie with upcoming actor/star is not that good idea. We have witnessed that except Hrithik’s Jodha Akbar all other stars historical movie has flopped. When super stars can’t make a historical movie successfull how could a upcoming star will able to do it. This pair hardly will earn 100 cr like Ram leela. With big budget require to make a historical movie i dont think this movie will attain any status more than Hit.

    The best bet to go would be Salman-Kareena, Hrithik- Deepika/Ashwarya or SRK – Madhuri Dixit/Kajol…

  • Happy for both of them. .ranveer will again prove his strength after two great performance in lootera(best performance) and ramleela(was gud.but did some over acting.)
    well,some people are prefering hr-dp. .but hr would not have done it as he refused shuddhi also which will come at the same date. .
    As for shuddhi,i just cann’t say anything. .nothing has been confirmed so far except release date. .hr opted out from shuddhi. .and slb took its advantage and signed popular dp and clashed wid shuddhi. .

  • Sorry But I reaaly feel this film will be an Epic Disaster… I don’t want to hurt any one here.. but this is what I feel..

  • good jodi but i don’t think so ranveer will carry such a challenging role . @ nipun agree and ugly with you

  • wish good luck to ranveer singh,I found a small mistake in his every film that is dialogue delivery,if he improves then this also got result like ram-leela.

    today’s actors are too weak except very few like ranbir,ranveer,varun etc.but varun couldn’t fit at all to these kind of movies and I think ranbir doesn’t have any interest as he has so many remaining actor is ranveer.bansali took him again as his last one becomes successful.

    it fair to took new actors instead of old actors,so don’t be jealous other actor’s fan especially some hr’s fan.

    all the very best to the film also to Deepika padukone.

  • Govinda is the legend KING of comedy and akki is nothing in front of him.someone has misconception that salman knows comedy,I mean when a statue becomes comedian by giving same pathetic expression,lol.

    surely Govinda was the main entertaining actor during 90’s.some puny 8hit giving actor amir and 4-5 hit giving sallu is nothing in front of Govinda’s acting and he said SRK as one of the greatest star In world that India ever produced.also sallu fans don’t forget this Govinda helped a lot to your bhai after returned from jail,even spoon fed salman also got help by someone,lol.

  • disaster! the film required a superstar like salman, shahrukh, hrithik.. anyways no more interested in watching it.. the budget for slb movies are always very high.. even for a small movie like ram leela the budget was way too high.. n since bajirao mastani is his dream project u can well imagine the budget.. thus i feel the film required a superstar.. n ranveer sucked big time in ram leela.. overacting n irritating

  • Pair is good no doubt about it but i am outcome won’t be huge, i don’t low what kind of movie SLB is making and where he is spending too much money for ex-60-70cr on Gujaarish, Making and promotion cost of Ram leela 85cr, god know how much money he will spend on his dream project may be 120cr and still his movies are not like that we can say yes costing high is worth. Atleast i can’t feel that. Lets see will they repeat Ramleela success with that film and one thing when BM will released at that time both Ranveer-DP will dating with different partner.

  • @sss : Govinda came in your dreams n told you something which entire world does not know. It was Salman who recommended Govinda for partner. Keep posting such jokes on indicine !!!!!!!!

  • very dissappointed really,Ranveer is not a big superstar and i dont think he can take the responsability to do a movie like this…i hope mr sanjey will change his mind because this project beeds actors like Ajey,Hrithik or Salman otherwise it will strugle to colect 50 cr

  • @hrithik our complan boy is always in dreams he is still sleeping mode and won’t wake up in near future. Yes Govinda is king of comedy.

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