Uday Chopra loves Kites!

Actor Uday Chopra was one of the first few to watch Hrithik Roshan’s much-awaited Kites, that releases next week (May 21st).

Chopra, active on the social networking site Twitter,  tweeted last evening saying “Gonna watch Kites tonight…yay!!!… eat your heart outs!!!”

Early today morning at around 5AM IST, the actor admitted that he liked Kites immensely “Kites is just simply awesome…@ihrithik (Hrithik Roshan) and @Delamori (Barbara Mori) are fantastic… it’s one of those films that holds you and just doesn’t let you go”.

About a month ago, Anurag Basu and the Roshan’s had shown the film to Shekhar Kapur and the renowned director too had only good things to say about the film “Hritik and Barbara Mori absolutely sizzle in Kites. Their on screen chemistry is ‘wow”, saw it last night”

Well with the London premier on May 18th, the verdict on Kites should be out soon. We’ll keep you updated.



  • Can’t wait for this movie to release.. hope that there won’t be any delay, as I read on masala website.

  • @indicine : do u think it will be able to recover the money , i have heard it has huge budget and need around 70-80 crore to be just hit . is it true???

    good to see u replying , now i will keep asking

    • All depends on the content.. If the movie is good it should work. Also, overseas will be the key for Kites which isn’t expected to do too well in smaller centers.

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