The Great Khali Interview

Actor and WWE Wrestler Dalip Singh Rana popularly known by his WWE Ring name ‘The Great Khali’ would be seen this week in a movie titled Kushti which also stars talented actors like Rajpal Yadav, Om Puri and Sharat Saxena. Kushti, a comedy directed by Rajeev Kumar, releases tomorrow (14th May)

Tell us about your experience working in the movie Kushti.

  • It was amazing working in the film. I really enjoyed working with all co-stars and we really bonded well on the sets. We used to eat together and they used to talk to me as if they knew me from a very long time. Director Rajeev Kumar has worked very hard on the making of the movie.

What role do you enact in this film?

  • As the title suggests Kushti is based on wrestling and the movie revolves around wrestling mania in a rural village in India. I play the part of a wrestler in the movie.

We have heard that you had a wrestling match with Rajpal Yadav?

  • Yes we did have to shoot for a wrestling match and it was fun doing it. Rajpal is a talented actor and it was a wonderful experience working with him. Having a “Kushti” match or a chat with Rajpal is a big comedy in itself .

There are speculations that earlier you were a bit apprehensive to work in this movie.

  • Firstly I am associated with WWE and also I had a difficulty in finding free dates as I had prior commitments. I agreed to do the film on the insistence of Venus Ad Films who are producing the movie under their banner.

Are you acting in the movie “Rama”?

  • Yes I am doing a movie titled “Rama -The Savior” Its a children’s movie and I have done a hip-hop dance number with the kids in the movie.

So will you be acting in more Hindi movies in the future?

  • Yes I am interested in doing more and more Hindi movies and I am flooded with film offers. But my first priority remains WWE who has made the person that I am today and it leaves me with very less time to act in movies.

What do you prefer working in Hollywood or Bollywood?

  • I am very attached to my motherland and it gives me immense satisfaction to work in Bollywood.

What all Hollywood movies have you acted in?

  • In the year 2005 I have done a movie “The longest Yard” and in 2008 I acted in a movie “Get Smart”. I have also done a movie with actor Brad Pitt.

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