U Me Aur Hum Movie Review

Quite a few reasons to watch U Me Aur Hum..

  • The movie marks the directorial debut of a very talented actor, Ajay Devgan.
  • Following in Aamir Khan’s footsteps, Devgan too has acted, directed and produced the movie.
  • Ajay’s co-star in the movie is his wife, arguably one of the best actress in the film industry today, Kajol.
  • Its also Kajol’s first movie since the 2006 blockbuster, Fanaa.

Does U Me Aur Hum live upto expectations? Is Ajay a good story teller?

First, the story of U Me Aur Hum

U Me Aur Hum is divided into 2 parts. The first half is basically a simple love story on how Ajay (Ajay Devgan) woos Piya (Kajol). The second half tells us that marriage is not just sharing happy moments together but being there for each other at the time of distress. It’s also about fullfilling eachother’s dreams and promises made to eachother.

On a cruise, Ajay falls head over heals in love with Piya at the first sight. Although his first impression was disastrous, Ajay doesn’t give up and tries everything possible to woo Piya. And by hook or crook he succeeds in paving his way to her heart. The two soon develop a strong and special bond of love but not for long. Lies and deceit puts an end to their newly blossomed yet strong relationship.

But love brings them together again and despite the failing relationships of their friends, the two tie the nuptial knot. Soon their marriage becomes the ideal marriage for their friends to look upon and learn. Call it fate or anything; their successful married life starts to tumble and they face a lot of emotional crisis. What leads to the fall in their successful marriage? Will they get back to each other and live happily ever after?

U Me Aur Hum Review

For a directorial debut, Ajay Devgan has done a good job. The story of a boy falling head over heels in love at first sight with bits of humor and a few songs, make for a entertaining first half. While the first half is a light entertainer, the second half is an intense drama, handled equally well by Devgan. But the problem with the second half is the length, the movie drags endlessly in the second half. Atleast 15 mins from the movie could have been easily edited off for better impact. The writing could have been better too, you hardly feel for the lovers when they part. Also the supporting characters are highly irritating, especially in the first half.

Scenes from U Me Aur Hum that stand out (Possible Spoilers)

– Typical Bollywood-istyle romance in the first half.
– The baby drowing scene in the second half – Brilliant!
– When Ajay finds Piya, lost on the middle of the road, right in front of her house!
– When Ajay confronts Piya in the second half.

The music by Vishal Bharadwaj is very good. The title track ‘U Me Aur Hum’ and the dance number ‘Jee Le’ stands out.. Background score in the second half is great. The cinematography is brilliant.

Its Kajol who stands out yet again with a brilliant performance. Always lively on screen, fantastic expressions, great smile. Kajol is the soul of U Me Aur Hum. Ajay Devgan known for his hard hitting roles, is good in a romantic role, although a bit off in highly emotional scenes. Karan Khanna in a comic role, is irritating. Isha Sharwani looks gorgeous, performs well. Sumeet Raghavan is a great actor also the only supporting character worth-a-mention. Divya Dutta is average, looks plumpy. Sachin Khedekar is good.

Overall, U Me Aur Hum is a good movie but not without it share of flaws. The latter part of the second half tends to get boring. But its Kajol’s brilliance that makes U Me Aur Hum worth a watch. At the all important box-office, the advance booking is good but Krazzy 4 will be a tough competitor. Item numbers by Hrithik, SRK and also the fact that audiences usually prefer comedies these days could go against U Me Aur Hum.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • Hi guys,

    watched this movie today…and just wanna say WOW!…

    What a fantastic storyline…For all you who didn’t like it well …. All i will say is that sometimes you have to move away from the same old boring love stories or commedies and try something new…..This was a mix of genres…So cleverly packaged…..Hats off to both the Devgans for their remarkable performances…Especially Ajay as this was such an amazing directional debute…WELL DONE!…

    It does kinda drag at bits but the movie as a whole outweighs its minor errors………. The mian issue highlighted in the movie was one which not many people have knowledge about…Where a psychological dissorder can change a persons entire happy life………………..Not just theirs but of the people arround them…which gives us another reason to watch the movie…………… So all you people out there go and watch the movie…Rest assured coz it will be worth the money! …Especially if you have a certain interest in psychlogy…….

    This movie teaches us that true love does not just occur until a person can respond, but until the time that a person can give therefore love can blossom for as long as you want it to…wether that be a day or a lifetime…… And by not giving up on something comes the new breed of hope and accomplishment in its entirety……………..

    Hope everyone enjoys the movie…and it does REALLY well overall….(“,)…………

  • CHEATING has been done is making the sets. someone copied the design from Aksharaya calendar and used in the film in hospital shots. Very sad. pathetic approach.

  • this fathiya i think is sick and she has no mind to judge the best movie.
    good movie !and Ajay was the best ,is the best and will be the best always

  • Hi Guys,
    I have already put my comments for this movie earlier. I found it AMAZING. 10 out of 10.

    But somehow I feel sad that there are few people around who are comparing this movie with a Hollywood movie ” The Notebook”. There are even some reviews over the internet which reckons it as a remake of The Notebook. I COMPLETELY DISAGREE TO IT. Poeple who say it a remake probably doesn’t even know what is a “remake”. A movie just based on some storyline does not make it a copy of any movie for that matter. There is NOT even a single scene in this movie which has been copied from the hollywood movie. I strongly feel all the efforts that Devgan has put in this movie are genuine. Nevertheless the couples have acted superbly and undoubtly should be rewarded for their performance.

    But its sad that we Indian always look high on Hollowood than our own film industry and it can be seen from many of the other reviews. Surprisingly those who review this movie as bad have acknowledged KRAZZY 4 as a great movie. Comeon at least that makes me sick… That is total Bull Crap.

  • Dear undisclosed:
    I’m one of the commentators who commented on this movie on the 1st day of the release. The movie is not a remake of “The Note Book” but Ajay Devgan has taken the idea and made a different movie out of that idea. What’s simiar to “The Note Book” is that his partner is sick and keeps forgetting things, and that the true love is supporting and should not leave the partner no matter what. I’ve seen many Bollywood movies which ideas were taken from Hollywood movies, some movies 50%, and some 25% and some 90%. You Me Aur Hum only 20% of the Hollywood movie and not all.


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