U Me Aur Hum Movie Review

Quite a few reasons to watch U Me Aur Hum..

  • The movie marks the directorial debut of a very talented actor, Ajay Devgan.
  • Following in Aamir Khan’s footsteps, Devgan too has acted, directed and produced the movie.
  • Ajay’s co-star in the movie is his wife, arguably one of the best actress in the film industry today, Kajol.
  • Its also Kajol’s first movie since the 2006 blockbuster, Fanaa.

Does U Me Aur Hum live upto expectations? Is Ajay a good story teller?

First, the story of U Me Aur Hum

U Me Aur Hum is divided into 2 parts. The first half is basically a simple love story on how Ajay (Ajay Devgan) woos Piya (Kajol). The second half tells us that marriage is not just sharing happy moments together but being there for each other at the time of distress. It’s also about fullfilling eachother’s dreams and promises made to eachother.

On a cruise, Ajay falls head over heals in love with Piya at the first sight. Although his first impression was disastrous, Ajay doesn’t give up and tries everything possible to woo Piya. And by hook or crook he succeeds in paving his way to her heart. The two soon develop a strong and special bond of love but not for long. Lies and deceit puts an end to their newly blossomed yet strong relationship.

But love brings them together again and despite the failing relationships of their friends, the two tie the nuptial knot. Soon their marriage becomes the ideal marriage for their friends to look upon and learn. Call it fate or anything; their successful married life starts to tumble and they face a lot of emotional crisis. What leads to the fall in their successful marriage? Will they get back to each other and live happily ever after?

U Me Aur Hum Review

For a directorial debut, Ajay Devgan has done a good job. The story of a boy falling head over heels in love at first sight with bits of humor and a few songs, make for a entertaining first half. While the first half is a light entertainer, the second half is an intense drama, handled equally well by Devgan. But the problem with the second half is the length, the movie drags endlessly in the second half. Atleast 15 mins from the movie could have been easily edited off for better impact. The writing could have been better too, you hardly feel for the lovers when they part. Also the supporting characters are highly irritating, especially in the first half.

Scenes from U Me Aur Hum that stand out (Possible Spoilers)

– Typical Bollywood-istyle romance in the first half.
– The baby drowing scene in the second half – Brilliant!
– When Ajay finds Piya, lost on the middle of the road, right in front of her house!
– When Ajay confronts Piya in the second half.

The music by Vishal Bharadwaj is very good. The title track ‘U Me Aur Hum’ and the dance number ‘Jee Le’ stands out.. Background score in the second half is great. The cinematography is brilliant.

Its Kajol who stands out yet again with a brilliant performance. Always lively on screen, fantastic expressions, great smile. Kajol is the soul of U Me Aur Hum. Ajay Devgan known for his hard hitting roles, is good in a romantic role, although a bit off in highly emotional scenes. Karan Khanna in a comic role, is irritating. Isha Sharwani looks gorgeous, performs well. Sumeet Raghavan is a great actor also the only supporting character worth-a-mention. Divya Dutta is average, looks plumpy. Sachin Khedekar is good.

Overall, U Me Aur Hum is a good movie but not without it share of flaws. The latter part of the second half tends to get boring. But its Kajol’s brilliance that makes U Me Aur Hum worth a watch. At the all important box-office, the advance booking is good but Krazzy 4 will be a tough competitor. Item numbers by Hrithik, SRK and also the fact that audiences usually prefer comedies these days could go against U Me Aur Hum.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • Great review.. of U me aur hum

    Am expecting the movie to be a good watch.. Hope the second half is good..

    I luv Kajol. She is the best! Will watch U me aur hum for her :)

  • I’ve seen the movie on Wednesday, 1st half is boring, and it’s not a deep love story, it’s about someone who falls deeply in love with a waitress on Cruise until she madeup her mind and accepted to marry him after she falls for him too. 1st half was a bit boring as there’s no good songs in the movie as well.

    The story of the couple starts from the 2nd half, in the 1st half I was going to sleep in cinema, then I was “awake” to see what happens after marriage. I won’t tell the story – I don’t want to spoil it for the people who wants to watch it – but the 2nd half was good.

    Kajol’s performance was excellent. If this movie had some good songs, and the 1st half was interesting, I would expect it a hit movie. I think for the audience would be only “average”

  • Thanks for your review Fathiya. The audience reaction, whoever has watched it so far has been quite mixed.. Hope i enjoy it.

    How did u like Ajay Devgan in the movie?

  • I admire Ajay Devgan but in serious rolls e.g. Omkara, The Legend of Baghat Singh as well as his roll in Kaal, but I don’t like to see him in comedy movies as he’s not a comedian. He got sad eyes and serious face expression. He’s a very good actor, I wish him all the best and to direct in future a better movie.

  • I have watch the movie today on friday, i have just went to see it for time pass but it came out to be a good movie, i liked it very much, ajay & Kajol as usual acted very well, movie is a must watched for couples and youngsters……
    The story becomes slow at post interval but it picks up later, i beleive Devgans have made a good package…

  • Hi every one, i caught the first show of the movie… and believe me the movie is worth watching. I mean really superb ideas presented in very natural style, cool direction and marvellous performance by one and all. I will watch the movie agian to make sure not even a single dialouge is missed. Great for all those in love and also for those who dont believe in love… in short a real and practical love story.

  • hey…..d lovers out dere….
    D movie U ME AUR HUM….is as sweet as d name is….its all bout how u n me transforms into one i.e HUM….
    D wish list…d book of possibilities…n how d sweet affection grows into a deep deep bond….has been very well captured in d moviee….
    i was lost in its sweet ambience…n i can say u all will too….so do give it a watch…..

  • Hello friend, Hollywood & Bollywood movies always releases on Wednesday in Bahrain, but in India is on Friday, so we see Hindi movies 2 days before release day in India, only Jodhaa Akbar was released in Bahrain a week later.
    I asked my brother who’s the managing director of Bahrain Cinema Co. about the reason, and he said that when the movie arrives early, so they show it on Wednesday. That’s the reason

  • I and my boyfriend are truly in pure love, but circumstances are stopping us to get married because he is younger than me and that he has to go for his further studies. He feels sad that we have to get separated for reasons and hurdles that will come in the future, beacuse we do not know whats going to happen later. Do u think , I can take him to watch this movie. Will it help us.

  • Hello Geethika,

    This movie won’t help u in anyway ’cause your circumstances is completely different than the story of this movie.

  • hey! thanks 4 the review n comments…..i guess the movie will be a gus 1…..i wanna know if it is comedy in any way….i hope i will be able 2 watch it soon…i just hope it wont b a waste of money or time……best of luck 2 me……

  • « Movie Review : RaceMovie Review – U Me Aur Hum

    Its an excellent movie by debut director ajay devgan.

    Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people – the tagline of the movie itself puts me in daze. Dr. Ajay Mehra (Ajay Devgan) is a psychiatrist consultant, who when on a cruise tour, meets and falls in love at first sight with a waitress Piya (Kajol). Unfortunately for him Piya is not that easy to get. After alot of wooing, Piya finally gives in to his charm, and they settle down for a happy married life. But then Piya is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It is from here that the movie becomes a special and not an ordinary run of the mill movie. What makes it different is that the movie not only shows the trials faced by an Alzheimer’s patient, but also the tribulations faced by the people around her. A beautiful and meaningful story of love is what U Me Aur Hum is all about.

    Kajol has given one of her best performances till date. She always outdoes herself, and I think that is what makes her one of the finest actors in Bollywood. Ajay Devgan has played the role so realistically that it is difficult to say where Ajay Mehra (Ajay Devgan’s character) ends and Ajay Devgan starts. This movie has just made the already known fact more strong, that Ajay Devgan surely is one of the most versatile actors. The supporting actors namely Sumeet Raghavan, Karan Khanna, Divya Dutta, Isha Sharvani and Sachin Khedekar have played their roles with utmost ease and each have done justice to their roles.

    Music by Vishal Bharadwaj is situational, and that makes it very special. Lyrics by Munna Dhiman is to look out for, because it is very different. The song that truly stands out is the title track, both musically and lyrically.

    Ajay Devgan has made his directorial debut with U Me Aur Hum. And I must say, he has done an excellent job. For any director, it is easy to make an Art/Intellectual movie flawless, but to make a bollywood commercial movie flawless is indeed a very difficult job, and Ajay Devgan has surpassed all such expectations. Ajay Devgan has proved that he is not only a great actor, but an equally superb director.

    Some might say that the movie is on similar lines as the hollywood flick THE NOTEBOOK, and that if you have seen THE NOTEBOOK, U Me Aur Hum might not be that great. But trust me, it is only after watching U Me Aur Hum will you understand that these two movies are way too different.

    So even if you have watched THE NOTEBOOK, do go for this movie, because trust me, you will not regret it. All in all, I would say that this is a movie that will be remembered and will give you chills, long after you have stepped out of the cinema theatre.

  • Amazing movie.. if taray zamin par was about an adult and a kid this is about two adults… First real romatic movie in bollywood… sooper many sceens were so touching… i decided from today onwards i wont fight with my girl friend…

    another notable point about the movie is direction. is it too good like amir khan, ajay u did an amazing job… congrats

  • Rajiv, if this movie is the best one which you’ve seen from Bollywood, then it means that you’ve never watched best movies!! Or, probabley you watched only few ones during years, therefore, you considered this average movie as best one. A part of the story was taken from Hollywood movie “Note Book”

  • The movie surely tends to test your patience but with proper guidance of tolerance and pranayama from our very own Baba Ramdev, the movie would stop ravenously cramming your brain cells.

    Making it simple for some of you fools-“plzzzz dont waste money on this bizzare nonsense

  • Hi Guys, story of this movie is very much similar to my own life and believe me I had to cry within to watch it. It just got into my nerves. Its marvelous and I have no words to express it. Thanks to Devgan for making such a beautiful movie and presenting it so well.

    A must watch for all who are in love and those who wants to know what is love.

    10 out of 10.

  • Hey guys
    The movie is good…. Surely worth a watch.. Do try it out it won’t be a waste of money or time.. Its certainly better than krazzy 4.. This is just my opinion..

  • hey guys i wathced this movie in edm iad find it was a fatastic movie ever produces,
    ajay and kajol has done a awsome job.

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