Krazzy 4 Movie Review

Krazzy 4 has created quite a buzz.. A few reasons to catch the movie..

  • Undoubtedly, the main attraction of Krazy 4 is the item numbers performed by two of the biggest superstars in Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan and Shahrukh Khan. Rakhi Sawant too has an item number! All this in itself is worth the price of your ticket!
  • The lead actors – Irrfan Khan, Arshad Warsi, Rajpal Yadav, Suresh Menon – are a bunch of extremely talented actors.
  • Jaideep Sen, the debutante director of Krazzy 4, has been in the industry for a long time and assisted Rakesh Roshan in quite a few movies.

Story of Krazzy 4

Krazzy 4 is about four crazy people. Raja (Arshad Warsi) is very short tempered, he simply rips apart anyone who upsets him. Dr Mukherjee, is the captain of the Krazzy 4, obssesed to be in control of the situation, but doesnt realise he has lost control of his own mind. Dabboo (Suresh Menon) can hear, understand but doesnt talk even though he can, noone knows why. Gangadhar (Rajpal Yadav) believes he is a freedom fighter, fighting for his country for a cause that is long gone. Dr Sonali (Juhi Chawla) treats the Krazzy 4 in a mental hospital. She believes with a bit of patience and time the four can be a part of the society.

All hell breaks loose when, on the way to watch a cricket match, Dr Sonali is kidnapped and the Krazzy 4 are let loose. What happens next forms the rest of the movie…

Krazzy 4 Review

Let me make one thing clear. Krazzy 4 isnt an out-n-out comedy. Dont enter the movieplex expecting funny one liners, over the top mannerisms or non-sensical dialogues. Krazzy 4 is a situational comedy more like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, Golmaal (Hrishikesh Mukherjee movie, not the recent one). Although not even a patch of those classics, Krazzy 4 ensures you leave the movie hall with a smile. The length of the movie is just 2 hours. The first hour is highly entertaining and keeps you glued to your seats. Unfortunately, the second half disappoints. A few scenes like the Juhi Chawla and the cop scene and the sequences leading to the climax are simply hard to digest. The cinematic and creative liberties taken in last few reels of Krazzy 4, ruins the impact of the movie.

Debutante director Jaideep Sen has executed a few sequences with brilliance but its the script that lets him down, a director to look forward to in the future. The music by Rajesh Roshan is average. Break Free stands out, but unfortunately it belongs to Ram Sampath and not Rajesh Roshan! Cinematography and Camera work is good.

Amongst the performances, Rajpal Yadav rocks. His mannersims and comic timing is top notch. Arshad Warsi has a meaty role and delivers a good performance. Irrfan Khan is great in a limited role. Suresh Menon has no dialogues for most parts of the movie, expresses well through his eyes and expressions. Juhi Chawla is a treat to watch. Dia Mirza looks good, acts ably. Rajat Kapoor does well.

Now the Item Numbers.. Hrithik Roshan simply outshines the rest of them. Simply Mindblowing!! You gotta watch it on the big screen to believe it. Shahrukh Khan too dances to the same ‘Break Free’ song, the sets though outshine the item number, they are huge! Rakhi Sawant’s item number is good too.

Overall, Krazzy 4 is a above average movie. Good performances, well-made first half, average second half, super item numbers, few truly hilarious sequences make it worth atleast a watch at your nearest movieplex. At the box-office, the item numbers by two superstars should ensure a good opening. Could just cross the Hit mark.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ Worth a watch.



  • In my opinion, you have overrated the movie. The script is a very loose one and it is hard to digest what happens in the end. You simply just can’t get the logic out of whole movie. I guess director anticipated the fate of film…hence he had to rope Srk, Rithik ,Rakhi for item nos.

  • How can someone come up with such a poor script. The film leaves your mind in unstable and highly disturbed state.

  • First things First,the Person who has Reviewed this Movie doesnt even know the Basics that this Movie is a Complete Cut Copy Paste(Rip Off) of The Hollywood Movie”The Dream Team”, In the Original Movie The Krazzy 4 go to Watch a Baseball Match and in this Movie the Krazzy 4 go to Watch a Cricket Match.Their Way of Dressing is the Same and the Way the Krazzy 4 Behave is also the Same.Now it is Proven that the Item Songs are Also Copied.So this Movie is Not Original in any Way, The Movie can be Watched only for Talented Actors like Rajpal Yadav, Arshad Warsi, Irfan Khan and Suresh Menon.

  • For those in a hurry to catch the movie review, its one of the crappiest Hindi comedies ever if it
    could classify as a comedy to begin with!
    Wonder what inspired Rakesh Roshan to endanger his hard earned name with a blooper like
    First of all the director seems to be confused on whether to make a comedy or a sentimental tale
    with fits of comic scenes stitched in-between all desparately trying to make you laugh but none
    even coming close to making you smile…
    In fact its one of those rare movies of late that at times make you fidgety in your seat and make
    you feel like running out of the hall…such as the “ek Rupaiyaa” song…
    Some real great bollywood actors have become victims of poor script, direction, cinematography
    the SRK number is respectable and the Hritik ending number the saving grace but too short to
    save it..

  • There is nohting in the film you can enjoy except item numbers of SRK and Hrithik.Rakhi’s is also not that good.

  • I’v Watched Krazzy 4 And To Be Honest Im Quite Dissapointed.
    It’s Supposed To Be A Great Comedy…
    I Suppose The First Half Isnt That Bad. But You Dont Really Undertsand The Second Half. It Surely Confused Me.

    If Anyones Looking For A Good FAMILY Comedy To Watch, I Suggest You Go For ‘Dhamaal’
    You Laugh All The Way!
    This Also Stars Arshad Warsi…One Great Actor!

    But Yes, Watch ‘Dhamaal’ It Will Make You Laugh So Much!
    Especially Javed Jafferi’s Role!
    Its A Fabulous Film

    Much Better Than Krazzy 4…
    I Actually Was Really Dissapointed!

    , x , Priyanka , x,

  • totally crap tbh. SHYT!
    dont watch it! i agree with priyankas review….watch dhamaal…thats BLOODY BRILLIANT.
    krazzy 4 was dissapointing….total crap =/ x

  • krazy four is an intresting movie . i like this movie .I feel it ultimate . And in that movie hrithik has done the best dance and make the movie more intresting.THANKS…………….

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