Tubelight Day 1 Box Office Opening

Salman Khan’s Tubelight has opened to average response at the box office on Friday morning. The occupancy for the morning shows is fairly good, but compares poorly to almost all Salman Khan films in recent times, including Jai Ho which managed to get a very good initial at mass centres.

The average occupancy at centres that we tracked was a little lower than 35%. At most centres, occupancy-wise, Tubelight has taken the 3rd best opening of the year after S. S. Rajamouli’s Bahubali 2 and Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees (which was involved in a clash, but also released on fewer screens).

As far as the initial is concerned, there were signs all the way through that the hype for a Salman Khan Eid release was missing. The teaser did not get a good response, the trailer was better but when we did the survey in theatres, most weren’t overly excited about the film. To add to it, barring Salman Khan – who himself wasn’t in his usual commercial elements – there was hardly anything in it for the masses.

The level of opening suggests the film could just about manage to cross the 20 crore mark by the end of its first day. To post a bigger number, business has to grow evening onwards, but the reports which are mixed, could stop the film from getting that extra push.

Opening response to Salman Khan films since 2010:

  • Dabangg – Extraordinary / Record Breaking
  • Ready – Excellent
  • Bodyguard – Extraordinary / Record Breaking
  • Ek Tha Tiger – Extraordinary / Record Breaking
  • Dabangg 2 – Excellent
  • Jai Ho – Very Good
  • Kick – Excellent
  • Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Excellent
  • Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – Extraordinary / Record Breaking
  • Sultan – Extraordinary
  • Tubelight – Average


  • Kudos to indicine…What a review guys..This is what a review is called..Perfect… Maintained a balance between the pros and cons…Hats off indicine…Loved the review..Now time to go watch salman Sir’s movie..#Bharat dekho tubelight

  • you are the biggest liar in the planet indicine you are the one who said teaser are good everything is rejected since day one . and 20 cr is not possible i think it will collect 17-18 cr

  • on reviews by indicine
    @indicine why are you cover him by saying that he is top of his game it’s need great courage to this movie?? even a small kid tell you that similarities of these types of social drama movie’s like bajarangi bhaijan pk and dangal that salman want to cash again that why he was in hurry to bring it on this eid. they bring all ingredients in this movie to make it huge like same singers rahet and atif asalm bring once again after bb almost every singers are same than recent trend like hero is not looking like hero for ex… pk, dangal, bb was also followed by kabir than patriotism, emotion every recent blockbuster recipes followed by salman even half sweater trend in bb, sultan, dangal was also followed with a child who replace harshali. we had already some examples that how salman cash back to back south action recipe which was ended with jai ho ??? so why you give lame excuses?? this is not courageous move this is a safe money making moves by makers. common yar u r one of the best sites so this is not suited you

  • Underwhelming but that’s not the worrisome part. WOM is mixed to negative and that could prevent the film from utilizing EID holidays..

  • i know indicine will flated the figure today for your bhojpuri non actor i am hoping that eid will be sunday then will see his power

  • Now its clear for everyone.. Why hrithik/srk/akki films takes an average opening.
    Despite being, big budget and starring a superstar at his best, a dull subject film can not attract audience in big numbers.
    Any superstar can take a record opening with right film at right time.

  • Hahahahahaha,
    “As far as the initial is concerned, there were signs all the way through that the hype for a Salman Khan Eid release was missing.”

    Everything has been said in this single line… EID RELEASE, ROFL… HE IS NOTHING WITHOUT EID…

  • Early estimates 20cr+ ? Whaat ? Even Raees had such kind of opening that too with a clash . #Dissappointing to see this a salman fan . I haven’t seen the movie yet but have read most of the reviews and the movie is getting mixed reactions . I don’t know why but I am getting a feeling that tubelight will earn as much as #Prdp or even less . Well I can judge a movie only when I watch it . If It ain’t good then we need to move on and wait for #TZH

  • Oh no i thought the megastar will break bahubali opening record but its struggling to beat even raees..

  • As I said earlier, Tubelight will fall below expectations. Now this has exposed the stardom of Salman Khan and the creative skill of Kabir Khan.

  • WOW… the dull phase continues….With poor reviews and average WOM, this is gonna be a huge underperformer….If it would have crashed with a bettr film, it wouldnt have even cross 160 Crore but now due to solo release and Sallu-Eid factor, 200-210 Crore should he achievable with the higher limit being 215 Crores….

  • On behalf of all Salmaniacs ,I want to say sorry to all my Aamirian n Srkians brothers n sisters…Guys we (Salmaniacs) underestimated u guys a lot in the last 2 to 3 years or so…Judging by the audience n critics ratings, Tubelight should achieve a minimum 250 crores only…This wasn’t Bhaijaan or Salmaniacs Eid…It was destined to be disaster Eid…Feeling depressed ? n a bit let down on Tubelight…I m a die hard Salmaniac n I promise i won’t underestimate Aamirians n Srkians in the future…God bless Salman Khan n Salmaniacs for life…Have a great day n TC guys…?

  • its ok.. every good thing ends..salman fans landed back to earth successfully now.. learn to respect everyone

  • Kabir Khan, who made Salman Khan ACT in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, seems to have given up after a point of time in Tubelight. ‘Tubelight’ Salman soon deteriorates into a caricature that you can’t feel anything for. Salman tries his best to bring about the emotions that Laxman feels. For most part of the film, his face is either contorted in a constipated grimace or has a smile plastered on it. You can see that Salman is ‘acting’. Nothing is effortless. One saving grace: Khan is not made to take off his shirt in Tubelight.

  • This leads to Salman trying to move mountains and stop wars by sticking his arms out and grunting earnestly, over and over. These are supposed to be emotionally hardcore scenes depicting naive wholesomeness and a good heart. They come across unbearably farcical, crippled by what is possibly the worst performance of Salman’s chequered career. Tubelight means well, an anti-war movie that illustrates the pointlessness of battle and the importance of not actively hating those you are at war with, and while its simplistic message is timely and admirable, the film is rendered unwatchable because of the leading man.

  • In terms of opening Tubelight has been the 2nd worst for Salman in this decade after Veer . I have always said every film has its own destiny . Tubelight was expected to be record breaking in terms of opening, weekend and lifetime collections but Bahubali 2 changed everything . But still trade expected Tubelight to be the 3rd 300 CR Grosser for Salman . Anything can happen but for TB to do this it needs massive jump in the next 3 days . From Dabangg to Sultan it has been a fairytale story with 10 back to back successful films . Will Tubelight break this record . The makers are responsible for not creating enough excitement among people to watch . The teaser, trailer and the songs were missing something and this might be an acid test for Salman Khan . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ?Tubelight Movie Review: A Realistic non-Masala film dealing with Unconventional Subject

    By Anand

    Finally, it’s Tubelight day. The long wait for the film is over and watched it today. Well, without giving away plots and stories away, let me give my opinion on the film.
    Although Tubelight is set in the backdrop of Indo-Chinese war in 1962, it is very much relevant in today’s situation in India in particular and global situation in general. It smartly deals with some hard-hitting subjects like having FAITH in yourself can help you overcome some of most difficult situations, how the War is futile for anyone involved and how hyper-nationalism destroys peace and harmony.

    The subject of the film is very real but the characters are too realistically executed that it leaves hardly any spaces for some cinematic entertainment for the audiences. The Director Kabir Khan, hailing from a documentary film background, has hardly taken any cinematic liberties, call it good or bad.
    The film is thoroughly emotional portraying the lives of the armies and those of their families they have left behind. There are some emotional scenes which were not required but looked enforced. In my opinion, the film would have done well without those scenes.
    It also shown how I’ll-equipped Indian armies are and how it costs the lives of many soldiers in the border areas. The film drags in some parts.

    PERFORMANCE WISE, Salman has done a superb job as per the level of his performance in Tere Naam, barring for some of his emotional scenes which were not perfectly executed. Sohail did a superb job. Any criticisms towards his acting are totally unjustified.

    All supporting actors, Zeeshan Ayyub, the late great OM Puri, the cute little child and Zhu Zhu all have done amazing jobs. SRK Cameo was very impressive. No criticisms to any!

    MUSIC really works well in the movie and the cinematography is a top notch. It’s indeed a treat to watch.
    DANCE steps were really choreographed well. EDITING could have been better

    Overall, this is a very good film and a must watch for those people who love to watch realistic films. In this regard, you can even disregard the reviews of some critics and watch the film. You have to congratulate Salman, rather than criticizing him, for choosing a subject he has never attempted before. He has hugely underplayed his onscreen image and stardom; and handed him over to the director.
    This is not a typical masala film or even a film with masala elements. It looks like more of an offbeat film. Those people who get used to watching Salman doing a lot of actions and larger-than-life roles and those critics who expect him to always do such stuffs may not connect with Tubelight.
    Kudos to Salman for trying an unconventional subject and choosing a subject that undermines his on-screen persona.

    My Rating: 3.5/5*****

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