Tu Jo Hain Song Video – MR. X

The first song promo from Emraan Hashmi’s upcoming film ‘MR X’ is out. The song is a romantic number picturised on Emraan and Amyra Dastur. Ankit Tiwari has composed the music. Watch!

Song Video: Tu Jo Hain
Music Director: Ankit Tiwari
Lyrics: Mohnish Raza
Singer: Ankit Tiwari



  • ewww…what is this???
    worst composition by ankit tiwari till date.

    mr x looking worse with each new promo

  • it will b an extraordinary achievement if mr x is able to cross ranbir kapoor supporting role film roy’s lifetime collection(46cr)

    all the best to legend emraan

  • boring song
    when it’s come to emmi…. We always expect more from emraan
    obviously he is king of songs…
    I mean look at his old songs
    toh fir aao, ya ali, tu hi meri shab hai, tu hi mera mera, jhalak dik laja, jannat songs…
    all his movie songs were good
    but last his 4-5 movie not even single songs good..

  • emmy is trying every new trick in the book to get a hit.this time he got ankit tiwari-the man behind youngistaan chartbusters like tu hai ki nahi,gaaliyan,sun raha hai tu… to compose song for him.

    but look at the end result-absolutely horrible song

    hahaha nlw wat excuses will emmy fans gv for the failure of yet another legend emraan movie

  • disapointed i was expecting great song like old emraan movie but this so g is not good nowrx is also looking boring and video sucks emraan is not looking in form.

  • @Arjun kapoor fan … If roy is guest appearance of ranbir, then ungli is guest appearance of emraan.
    Better care for arjun Kapoor flops.. And his contribution to his hits is null.

  • The song is bad, the composition is bad and the singing by Ankit Tiwari is also bad . There was a time Emraan’s movies used to have brilliant songs . But since the last couple of years the quality of songs are deteriorating . I don’t care much about the songs but there are many people for whom songs play a very important role . Let’s hope Mr. X becomes a success after back back to failures . Let’s wait and watch …….

  • @Arjun Kapoor fan …
    Why r creating a issue here ?? ..
    R u mad ? Did i or emmi fan create such scene on tevar article ?? ..
    Lets wait for Arjun movie n see the result !! ..
    My rating for trailer of movies ..
    Tevar 0/5
    roy 0/5
    Mr x 4/5
    byomkesh 3/5 .

  • @some buddha mukherjee

    I was gonna say something horroble to you but knowing that retardism has replaced floppistan inside your empty air head I figured you would take it as a compliment so trying reverse psychology I want to say ‘our Arjuna (yes our as in yours mine and Boney Sirs) is the best thing to come to come out of the Kapoor klan/ name since Prithviray Kapoor…!

  • Vfx are the greatest ever seen in history. It should be nominated for Oscar in best vfx.
    Mr X will be the highest grossing film of 2015. 400 cr in India and 700 crore worldwide.

  • @Arjun Kapoor Fan ….
    Besharam song Dil ko jo hall is directly copied from Awarapan song Tera Mera Rishta Shamelessly. Listen to songs of Tevar,Aurangzeb ,Gunday …all r worsts….

    Guyz those who r saying song is bad etc.. Listen to it repeatedly.. It is gud…. N film genre doesn’t compat such songs… Looks like this @Arjun Kapoor fan is too desperate to spread negativity… My stern reply to him is emraan is in industry from 11 years… And arjun kapoor career has lasted for just 2 yrs…..
    Lets wait for his next .. And i promise this @arjun kapoor fan tough time on this site during Arjun Next ….!

  • @Arjun Kapoor fan ….
    Can’t believe half of the cmnts on this article are urs n all of hatred…
    Here is stat for u ..
    Arjun 2 hits..
    Emraan 12 hits..
    So just bug off … U idiot

  • I think most of the people have heard the mp3 of song.
    But i have watched the video. …

    Here’s my review —

    1) Good locations.
    2) excellent backdrop
    3) nice background scenery.
    4) amyra looks super hot.
    5) emraan lip-sync is amazing.
    His eyes emote everything. (in short emraan ‘s Eyes are Better actor than Arjun, Sid,Ranbir combined) …

    My rating
    with Video (4/5)
    mp3 (3.5/5)

    @Arjun Kapoor fan … Atleast learn to give honest opinion …
    Tevar bhojpuri masala is gud for u.

    But not an ambitious sci-fi which atleast has good acting, good locations , and good camera-work n picturisation…

    Thumbs down to u n ur fav actor..

  • Song video is just brilliant. .. Shocked and Surprised to see a whole lot of negative cmnts..
    Emraan ‘s Body language n eyes do all the talking..
    Emraan -amyra chemistry is on fire… Which was missing in RN ..! ..

    All the best emraan ..
    Waiting for Mr.X 3D .. Is on watch list now…

    And last point.. Atleast attempting a sci-fi film in India is quite a challenge..becoz this genre is ridiculed like Ra1,K3 …
    Hats off emraan for attempting it..
    Ppl who love watching ghatiya Tevar will not like it..

    Had it been Arjun Kapoor film , this Chameleon @Arjun Kapoor would have liked it..
    Hahaha… But Arjun is a non-actor… Not even equal to Foot of emraan.

  • Song is Okayish. But a little better than likes of Tu hai ki Nahi, Dil darbadar etc. It is not that bad as projected by some Fatso Kapoor Fan.
    But video song is cool. Just see the last scene and the cinematography here.

    And tell me one actor who has kissed underwater n that too invisible ???
    This film has 3D version and atleast it looks stylish n not tapori film like Tevar,Kill dil,Dawat,Fanny,Aurangzeb,Gunday,Ishaqzaada. Haha..

  • Dont know what fuzz is about, it’s a good song. And the VFX are good of invisible Emmy but the goldfish VFX look really really wierd. Don’t worry guyz, some bhuddha will continue to spread negativity so people would skip this and Gabar to watch Byomkesh and Bombay Velvet. I would like to remind him if Gabbar performs badly that the performance of Brothers will decrease by at least 20% which was due to good performance of BAby

  • I liked the song, one of the best and romantic song of 2015, after a long time i saw emran hashmi’s movie song and missed his old style song, nice song.
    And the people who barked that it is worst composition actually they don’t know about music they only knows Arjun Kapoor’s bakwas movies Chuutiyapa haha…
    Ankit is very talented and he composed very well.

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