Paresh Rawal helps John Abraham improve his comic timing!

John Abraham replaces Akshay Kumar in comedy films like ‘Welcome Back’ and ‘Hera Pheri 3’. While the actor is not known for his comic timing and certainly no match to Akshay’s on-screen histrionics, John says Paresh Rawal has helped him improve as an actor in funny roles.

“I would like to thank Paresh Rawal because he is one of the reasons why I have improved my comic timing” the actor told reporters during the launch of a health and fitness magazine.


“If you see, most of my comedy films.. be it Garam Masala, Housefull 2 or Desi Boyz, they have been with co-stars but ‘Welcome Back’, in a strange way has me alone. I have been let out into the wild alone” he said.

While John promises a film that will make the audience happy, he also hopes that they like his work in the film.

“I have seen the film (Welcome Back), so I can only tell you that you could be probably in the saddest state of your life, but when you go and see the film, it will make you so happy. It’s a universal film. Kids will love it, grandparents will love it, everyone is going to love this film. And I hope I’ve done well for myself” he added.



  • Flop widout akshay …..!! …
    But i will support Welcome Back film in May …. To create obstacle for Bombay Helmet…….

  • Paresh rawal what a person….
    he is too good in comedy..
    hera pheri 3 confirm for 18th dec release…
    so movie will affect dilwale collection…
    Personally waiting for welcome back only for nana and anil

  • Though i will miss Akki badly but still I hope we get a good comedy film in welcome back,it should be a successful film at the box office.. All the best!

  • Paresh Rawal is a gem of an actor and a outstanding comedian . Johnny Lever, Paresh Rawal and Kader Khan are the best comedians along with Govinda and Akshay Kumar who are the best actors who can do comedy . John is improving as an actor with every film but he is very bad in comedy . He was good in Garam Masala but he was pathetic in Housefull 2 . Welcome Back can be good because Nana, Anil and Paresh Ji will play a huge role in the movie but i am not sure about HP 3 because nobody can replace Akki as Raju . I have heard he has a double role in HP 3 so let us see . I think HP 3 should not release this year because there will be 2 comedy movies in one year . I hope Welcome Back is a good movie . The standard of comedy in Bollywood is degrading since the last couple of years . I hope Welcome Back and other comedy movies which will release in the future will bring back the days of Hera Pheri, Awara Paagal Deewana, Dhamaal, Dhol, Partner, Golmaal, Malamaal Weekly, Hungama, Hulchul and Welcome . Looking forward for Welcome Back, Rocky Handsome and Hera Pheri 3 .

  • Lemme use this opportunity to express my hats off again for d 2 Bollywood Studs who if people were asked back then in d 90s can super action heroes Ajay n Akshay ever b considered Hit comedy actor that is even being missed already or a lead actor in d most successful comedy franchise series in Bollywood(golmaal)…. Am sure people would laugh or ridicule d question!!
    VERSATILITY is no mere FLUKE!!

  • S s rajamoulli film BahuBali releasing on 15th May ….!! ..
    And Welcome Back also in May …!..
    And Gabbar also in May …!! ..

    Guyz Bahubali on 15th May as it is very challengin n Path breakin film …. Rather than watchin same Glossy Low content bombay helmet……!! ….

    Waitin for gabbar…..

  • Increased my curiousity!!!
    Comedy films to watch out for
    Welcome Back
    Hera Pheri 3
    Housefull 3
    NoEntry mein Entry

  • @shaggy even if Dilwale and hp3 released on the same day it wouldn’t even sent the collection of dilwale. And hp3 will definitely postpone and is just trying to get the headlines by causing a clash.

  • john can’t make them superhit ! only A Gud Story Can make These Films hit & Also Sequel factor as both films were very popular bcos there was Akshay Kumar ! The most loved superstar of our country _/\_ !!

  • @ fake real bhai fan – watch ready only one movie and you will understand comic timing about salman. aaa, judwaa, partner, biwi no.1and many more.

  • That’s good if he can improve himself soon as he is associates with many successful movies that impressed the cine I never want them to respect to PARESHJI,only Gems like Him can do any type of comedy roles.

    @aninkya,what’s your problem?you’re completely south’s crapiest movie obsessed want 3rd class remakes like gabbar should be hit and want ANURAGJI’S Bombay velvet as flop?you’re also comparing ANURAGJI with a c-grade film makers like rajamouli who made 3rd class movies like magadheera and now seems to give similar craps.though I know no one will watch that crap except some foolish south lovers along with you just like the last biggest south crap ‘i’.I just showing you the path of good movies.OK you hate Ranbir that’s other thing but don’t hate Bombay velvet and reject south masala super craps.

  • i completely agree with you on ranbir remark his just there in bollywood due to star son he neither has looks nor acting he always copy srk.

  • @ Yuvraj :
    Don’t feel sad . We Bhai-fans should never be sad .
    Our Bhai made a film on your name , and result was DISASTER .
    Better change your name to Mr Khanna .
    oops … that was also a DISASTER !

  • Paresh Rawal cant do miracles- Johns a wooden actor who makes Arjun Kapoor look good…! Both are expressionless n talentless lumps of wood…!

  • I think its great actors like Paresh are helping out their juniors in the industry just like Anupam Kher helped our global king Sarkar during the 90’s in carrying him on his broad shoulders during superhit films like DDLJ, Darr, KKHH and Mohabbatein…!

  • Not just the men but even our leading ladies are helping out their fellow struggling male counterparts in the industry.

    Prime example is Deepika who has gracefully moved away from Some Buddhas floppistan to help 90s Global King deliver two back to back sone would say dubious 200cr grossers in last few years…! Some would say shes doing her bit for the community by helping the elderly and fragile…! Go girl go

  • Paresh Rawal is a great actor with unmatched comic timing over the past 15 years coz before then during the 90s the dynamic duo of David Dhawan- Kader Khan and Govinda were in a league of their own.

    Ofcourse some people would disagree me like our hyderabadi engineering genius Complan Boy who reckons Sarkars comic timing in the comic caper ‘Crappy sorry Comedy Express’ was the best example of comedy EVER in the history of hindi cinema…! Each to their own eh

  • Back to article

    Not looking forward to either movie as Johns not my kind of actor- he let me down afew yrs ago when he couldnt match my ludicrous expectations of his Shootout At Wadala earning more moolah than my Kings Comedy Express- a bet I lost due to his horrendous acting as Manya…! Will only see his movies if reviews are sky high otherwise its a dvd watch…!

    PS poor decision in not getting Akki Sir back as 60cr hits were guaranteed but now 30-35cr looks tough…!

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