Trailer of Mohenjo Daro reaches more than 30 million people worldwide

The theatrical trailer of Ashutosh Gowariker’s ‘Mohenjo Daro’ had a massive launch on Monday. The makers decided not to hold a press screening of the trailer and instead opted to release it on the Star TV network – which reaches out to a huge section of the audience.

A press statement says, the trailer was viewed by more than 30 million people worldwide on Star Network channels. The trailer was played as a three minute full trailer via a roadblock on their network channels at 8:57 PM Indian Standard Time.

Written, produced and directed by Gowariker, the epic adventure-romance is set in the city of Mohenjo Daro in the era of the Indus Valley civilisation which dates back to 2600 BC.

“We are extremely thrilled with the positive response to the motion poster and first look posters of ‘Mohenjo Daro’ and couldn’t wait to share the trailer. Television still continues to be one of the best and fastest way to reach out to viewers across age groups, segments and length and breadth of the country and in this case globally” Ashutosh Gowarikar said in a statement.

“We thought it would be an ideal platform to release the film’s trailer which deserves to be seen by all as part of a special roadblock across the Star Network. We also made the trailer available across digital platforms as well as part of the launch” he added.

The trailer has also received more than 1.6 million views on Youtube in less than 15 hours after its launch.

Starring Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in the lead, ‘Mohenjo Daro’ is scheduled to hit theatres on August 12.

Meanwhile, the trailer has become the second most commented trailer page on our website – crossing the 500 comments mark. It has also received more than 1.6 lakh views in less than a day.

Stay tuned to read more on the trade and audience response to the theatrical trailer of Mohenjo Daro.



  • For many, it was “below expectations”, “something was missing” etc etc, but I loved it completely.
    It is going to be as epic as Jodha-Akbar or even beyond that.
    2 years of continuous brainstorming is finally going to be paid off.
    All the best Hrithik, his fans and Team Mohenjo Daro.
    Will catch it in the first weekend itself.

  • The people who are disappointed with Mohenjo Daro trailer comparing it with Baahubali should get one thing in their mind that Baahubali was a fantasy movie . So the director had the freedom of taking as many creative liberties as he wants . But Mohenjo Daro is based on a real city . They cant show unrealistic war sequences in Mohenjo Daro or Hrithik to jump from one mountain to another like Krrish .

  • Even the response from neutral and genuine movie-goers is terrific.
    My friends, colleagues all are highly excited and they are eager to catch it at the earliest.
    Not sure about lifetime as it will largely be dependent upon content, but opening day and opening weekends records (on a non-holiday) are going to be thrashed for sure.

  • Though its not happening first time. recently we have seen many trailer launched on star network like Bajrangj bhaijaan,prdp etc.
    I saw the MJD trailer and it was superb. The first 60 second is ordinary but the next two minutes was great. I hope it will be a treat to watch on big screen. I agree that they can choose a better villain. Nevertheless Ashutosh gowarikar masters in period dramas.

  • Nice strategy this by UTV.
    Trailer is not well made, it is good though.
    But Gowarikar’s movies always criticize for the trailer, but his movies turns out to be good mostly.
    Mohenjodaro will be good too.
    On YouTube it has 1.3 million views till now , after mammoth views on TV.
    Mohenjodaro Background music is Amazing.

  • Now all eye on Rustom trailer. Let’s see what it has in store. Will be an interesting clash as both films needs highly positive wom for success.

  • Master plan for the epic movie.. This is just the beginning..!! The buzz for Mohenjodaro is unprecedented..!! All time huge buzz arnd the movie.. Hrithik is coming to destroy the box office records for sure.. All hail the Hrithik n his Mohenjodaro team for the stupendous work..!!

  • Seriously Average Trailer,everyone (hrithik fans)saying liked trailer when watched 2nd,3rd time ….. its only becz u ppl had high expectations for the trailer and it was not up to the Mark…. Mark my words RUSTOM trailer will be one of the best trailer of 2016

  • 2 months back people were bashing UTV and AGPPL badly that they have been very lazy in their marketing activities . Now people have to eat their own words . They have played very well . The Motion Poster, Hrithik’s Poster, Pooja’s Poster and finally the trailer everything has made a huge impact . TV is a pretty effective medium for showcasing the first look of big movies . Jai Ho and BB were also shown on Star Gold and now MD has taken it to an another level . I am loving the response on Indicine . Positive, negative or mixed the comments section is increasing and you must be really happy seeing this . Happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rustom will be a disaster mark my word. Rustom budget 80cr but it will collect only 60cr+. So, disaster by floppy Akshay.

  • Jadoo ko papa chahiye for big hits…mohini jaadu is in danger zone as its a big budget film

  • Hrithik Roshan Unfollowed Akshay kumar on Twitter :-P Such an amazing star..big LOL on him! Maybe Akshay didn’t fulfilled his begging Of postponing Rustom!

  • Good marketing strategy by the MD makers.

    Waiting for Indicine’s review and the trade and audience response to the trailer.

  • Honesty the trailer is ok.. Nothing extra ordinary.. Hrithik was gud as usual so pooja but I didn’t like kabir badi in the trailer.. Seems like mismatch for the antagonist role.. one thing that stands out is the bgm. .. another ar rahman magical music.. All the best team mohenjodaro…

  • The ad looks bad
    Nothing historical
    Only masala movie in old days ..
    And no reason to be in old days

    The ad doesn’t explain what the is movie is about at all
    Mojenjo Daro in sind language .. means land of death .
    The founded city was named with this name few years back .according to the foundings. .. in Pakistan where Mojenjo Daro is today …
    In the movie they are calling the city . City of death while they are alive and living in the city in their time !!!!!
    That’s a big time joke to the industry and researchers for bollywood movie makers ..
    This is not the way historical movies are made .. in high class Hollywood films. .

    This ad proves bollywood Needs a lot of work to reach there …

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