Top Actors in Bollywood – July 2013 Ranking

Analysis and ranking by Joginder Tuteja (tweets @tutejajoginder)

Starting this month, we would be beginning this EXCLUSIVE feature that would list Top-5 Male Superstars.

  • This would be based on the approximate box office outcome (Nett collections) of their last five movies
  • Only lead roles would be considered. Cameos, special appearances and guest appearances won’t be taken under consideration
  • Dated movies won’t be taken under consideration
  • Only domestic box office performance is being taken into account

Top Actors in Bollywood

Salman Khan Actor

Salman Khan – Dabangg 2 (160 cr), Ek Tha Tiger (199 cr), Bodyguard (141 cr), Ready (121 cr), Dabangg (141 cr)
Salman Khan Total Movie Collections: 762 crore (Average per film: 152.4 cr)

Salman Khan is ‘consistency personified’. Not just is he scoring consistently, he has been scoring big as well. Each of his last five films has crossed the 100 crore mark which is a testimony to the kind of popularity he is enjoying in third phase of his career. Even though he won’t be seeing any release this year, he would still reign from the top on the basis of his recent record which is envious to say the least.

Shahrukh Khan Actor

Shahrukh Khan - Jab Tak Hai Jaan (122 cr), Don 2 (106 cr), Ra. One (115 cr), My Name Is Khan (73 cr), Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (87 cr)
Shahrukh Khan Total Movie Collections: 503 cr (Average per film: 100.6 cr)

It is surprising to see Shahrukh Khan being even challenged for his stardom when the fact remains that he hasn’t delivered a flop for ages. Yes, he hasn’t delivered the biggest grosser of the year for quite some time now which has shaken him up at the top. However as a superstar who enjoys a steady fan base and delivers consistently, Shahrukh has scored with each of his last five films being a big enough box office grosser.

Ranbir Kapoor Actor

Ranbir Kapoor – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (190 cr – Expected), Barfi! (110 cr), Rockstar (68 cr), Anjaana Anjaani (40 cr), Raajneeti (93 cr)
Ranbir Kapoor Total Movie Collections: 501 cr (Average per film: 100.2 cr)

The new entrant in the block, Ranbir Kapoor has suddenly made heads turn with record collections that his ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ has managed to manage. This isn’t a one off case though. He showed what he is capable of when his ‘Barfi!’ turned out to be the first ever offbeat Bollywood flick to enter the 100 crore club. The story started with ‘Raanjeeti’ though and he hasn’t seen a flop for five films in a row now.

Aamir Khan Actor

Aamir Khan – Talaash (90 cr), Dhobi Ghat (14 cr), 3 Idiots (202 cr), Ghajini (115 cr), Taare Zameen Par (63 cr)
Aamir Khan Total Movie Collections: 484 cr (Average per film: 96.8 cr)

When his offbeat ‘Taare Zameen Par’ turned out to be a biggie, he was hailed as a man with the Midas touch. His ‘Ghajini’ was the founding member of the 100 crore club. His ‘3 Idiots’ created a record that hasn’t been broken till date. However his offbeat ‘Dhobi Ghat’ just about scraped through. Even though ‘Talaash’ didn’t hit the roof, it came close to being a 100 crore affair. His ‘Dhoom 3’ should clear all the deficit now.

Akshay Kumar Actor

Akshay Kumar – Special 26 (70 cr), Khiladi 786 (71 cr), Rowdy Rathore (133 cr), Joker (35 cr), Housefull 2 (114 cr)
Akshay Kumar Total Movie Collections: 423 cr (Average per film: 84.6 cr)

Akshay Kumar plays in volumes which means there is always a risk factor involved when it comes to count of wins and losing affair. However in terms of the overall business that his films generate, he carries an edge. That’s the way he has built his career over 20 years and if one looks at half a dozen films of his that are supposed to release between now and 2014 end, it isn’t going to change.

The ones who can break into Top 5 in months to come:

Hrithik Roshan – (Agneepath (120 cr), Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara (90 cr), Guzaarish (30 cr), Kites (49 cr), Jodhaa Akbar (63 cr) [Forthcoming film: Krrish 3]

Total: 352 cr (Average per film: 70.4 cr)

John Abraham – (Shootout at Wadala (62 cr), I, Me aur Main (9 cr), Race 2 (102 cr), Housefull 2 (114 cr), Desi Boyz (45 cr) [Forthcoming film: Madras Café]

Total: 332 cr (Average per film: 66.4 cr)

Ajay Devgn – (Himmatwala (45 cr), Son of Sardaar (102 cr), Bol Bachchan (101 cr), Tezz (17 cr), Rascals (35 cr)) [Forthcoming film: Satyagraha]

Total: 300 cr (Average per film: 60 cr)

Saif Ali Khan – (Race 2 (102 cr), Cocktail (76 cr), Agent Vinod (45 cr), Aarakshan (42 cr), Kurbaan (24 cr)) [Forthcoming film: Bullett Raja]

Total: 289 cr (Average per film: 57.8 cr)

Disclaimer: There can be many other scientific, non-scientific, objective and subjective measures chosen. We wanted to keep it simple though! To avoid confusion and unnecessary arguments, all figures above are from the producers/distributors.

Post your own thoughts / analysis in the comments section below. Irrelevant or senseless comments will be deleted.



  • @Indicine: How many errors is permissible in an article? At the end of Shahrukh Khan profile, you have written Salman Khan Total Movie Collection (Instead of Shahrukh). Aamir Khan was not the lead actor in Dhobi Ghat, which should push his rank higher (probably at no. 2). And Hrithik’s forthcoming film is Krrish3 and not Dhoom3

  • The thing here to notice here is—

    Salman last 5 movies are from 2010-2012 i.e 3 years

    SRK last 5 movies are from 2008-2012 i.e 5 years

    Aamir last 5 movies are from 2007-2012 i.e 6 years

    Ranbir last 5 movies are from 2010-2012 i.e 3 years


    Akshay kumar last 5 movies are from 2012 i.e 1 year

  • Very good article! KHANS all the way then a sudden rise of a kappor :-)
    Please do correct the error.. In HRo’s forthcoming films you have mentioned Dhoom3 instead of Krrish3 :-P

  • I find some mistake: Hrithik Roshan was not in D3 and I c two total movie collective for Salman, but I can’t Shahrakh khan total movie collective.

  • When u say that –
    Only lead roles would be considered. Cameos, special appearances and guest appearances won’t be taken under consideration

    Why r u considering Dhobi Ghaat then ?

    Fanaa should be there instead of Dhobi Ghaat and Aamir will climb up the ladder to No.3

  • There are Movies that gain money and box office records
    and there are movies that gain respect, love , world wide fame and also a V.good box office nos inside and outside, sometimes a records too
    but the most important thing is the respect , the love and the movie’s good memory and good value

    so to me my top 4 are

    1- SRK ‘he has them all’
    2- Hrithik
    3- Aamir
    4- ranbir

  • Why not add up the international collections too!!!And then we will see who the real top star actually is!!!Just having the desi craze will not really help bcoz the desi craze has seen shifting from one sector to another.First it was romance and now it is actless action movies.But the international audience will show a perfect rating too.So please next time add up the overseas collections too to see who is the overall best star!!!!!

  • What’s the hell? ?hrithik is not in top 5 where as amir,ranbir and akki are there. .hro’s movies win in both critics and boc. .moreover k3 craze is more than other movies. ..hro is a global star like srk and amir .still he is not here. .disappointing! ! !

  • this list lost its acceptance bcoz of its irregular comparison….how can u judge the stardom on the basis of last 5 movies?? Some one has 5 muvis in 2 yrs, someone has in 3 yrs and someone has it in a single yr itself….if this ll be the criteria, then i don’t think that stars like akshay,ajay can get the top spot ever….
    And its baffling that u have not taken the overseas collection in account as if those collections r coming without starpower of the concerned star…

  • Author is an Akshay Kumar fan …

    He has counted Dhobi Ghaat for Aamir Khan

    But he has not counted OMG for Akshay Kumar … If he will do that Housefull 2 will be out of the list and there won’t be much difference in Hrithik n Akshay

  • ankur u r absolutely,u already said it what i wanted to say.
    so,if we take the average, akshay is best.because to give the average of 85cr.with 5 movies within the gap of 10months is more than impossible to others.
    thats why he is khiladi.
    ouatimd,boss and thupakki will change allthese rankings in coming days.

  • Wow.Salman khan at the top again.Big round of applause for him.Salman fully deserves this but Aamir khan should be at second position bcoz “DG” was like a documentary and not a mainstream movie while Pratik babbar was the main lead.Anyways that’s Aamir khan for u.Different from others and follows his own path.Only 2 universal commercial movies in the above 5 and both ATBB.His upcoming commercial movie “Dhoom 3” will put him at the top or 2nd position.Meanwhile Salman khan is fixed and unmovable from that top position.

  • If there is any actor who is giving neck to neck competition to the three mighty Khans, it’s only Akshay, Akshay and Akshay!

  • If u see the verdicts of 5 movies of this top 5 stars then both Ranbir and Aamir should be above Srk
    Salman -2 ATBB and 3 BB
    Srk – 1 BB and 4 hit
    Ranbir – 1 ATBB,1 BB,2 superhit,1 Flop
    Aamir – 2 ATBB,1 superhit,1hit,1 below average
    Akshay -2 BB,2 hit,1 flop

  • @king…so this is ur real face?? In past, u used to act like u r a diehard srk fan…bt now it is proved that u r a shameless sallu fan, who acts as an srk fan to save himself by getting bashed by srk fans….just change ur id name frm “king” to “slave”, bcoz u din’t deserve this tag..

  • people will forget mathematics once krrish 3 releases , they wont be in a condition to do ranking and count collections. let diwali 2013 come, records will be shattered like no other. MARK MY WORDS, YOU HEAR IT HERE ! i am saying this with 200% confidence !

  • ranbir was no where to be seen till yjhd happened and straight way he is at no. 3 , what a joke ?? hrithik’s jodhaa akbar is way back from 2008, when screen count was hardly around 1500-2000. same with aamir too. both of them do very less movies but sensible. they deserve higher rankings. salman,akshay,srk and ranbir have atleast 2 or more releases every year, this is not a fair comparison. to find a place in these rankings, one needs to do more films a year, is that a feature to be counted ?? disgusting. same thing was done in case of actresses too. priyanka chopra and vidya balan deserved better rankings while katrina and kareena were given the better ones.

  • all other superstars last five movies are only 2 yrs …but hrithik roshan movies shown are from last 6 yrs to present so he is not in top 5…

  • when will people start giving more importance to the film’s content and acting rather than only box office collections????? when will a super talented guy like farhan akhtar who lived his character in bhaag milkha bhaag find a place in the top rankings ??? is there no value of talent and acting in this industry ??? is everything measured on the basis of money collected ???

  • what a load of actor??lol Does he even know the meaning of ‘acting’ in the first place? He can never be an actor in his entire worthless life, just an entertainer for some mindless people..

  • please consider the size of release (screen counts). then aamir will become no. 2 or 3 because his dhobhi gaath released around 400 screens.

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