Film’s memory more important than box office: Ranveer

Ranveer Singh“Lootera” received critical appreciation and a mixed response at the ticket window. For the film’s lead actor Ranveer Singh, a film’s memories are more important than its box office business.

Directed by Vikramaditya Monwane, “Lootera” released July 5.

“I think the most important thing is a film’s memory. I don’t think collections are the most important thing,” Ranveer told reporters Monday on the sidelines of the period drama’s success party.

“The film should be like by anyone who sees it. There are enough people who watch films, which are in the so-called Rs.100 crore club, but when they come out, they say the film was not so good.”

“Everybody watches such films, but all of them don’t like it. Whoever watches your film should love it or like it, like they have ‘Lootera’,” added the actor who teamed up with Sonakshi Sinha in the movie.

Sonakshi, who has a host of films like “Dabangg”, “Rowdy Rathore” and “Son of Sardar” that raked in over Rs.100 crore to her credit, feels box-office collections and critical acclaims are equally important.

“They are both equally important. I am fairly lucky that so early in my career I have been able to see both of them – box-office collections and ‘Lootera’ got so much critical acclaim. I am happy that it happened so soon in my career. I am thankful,” said the actress here.

Ranveer will next be seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Ramleela” and Yash Raj Film’s “Gunday”, while Sonakshi is part of Tigmanshu Dhulia’s “Bullett Raja”.



  • 1ce bhai was told that andaaz apna apna is considered as cult classic today……..
    his reaction- aise cult classic ka kya fayda jo paise na kamaye, paisa hai to sab kuchh hai, cult classic gaya tel lene…

  • Exactly. .completely agreed. .box office collection may make profit,but some film memories always stay in ppl’s heart. .3 idiots,veer zara,ddlg may secured good on bo. .but that won ppl’s heart also. , .
    But ett,dabang? ? ?noone will say these are their fav movies. .i am not a hater of any actor.just telling the truth. .

  • I mean nobody says ett,dabbang,dabbang2 are their fav movies. .while everybody likes 3 idiots,ddlg,veer zara etc. .

  • ranveer…..plz convey ur msg to our dumb remake khan and his fans, who evaluate each movie based on its collections….and they don’t even think abt the content as they r habitual to watch mindless masala craps…lol

  • Articles about looterA n xzone is here to comment against salman., then what was oso, rab ne jodi, main hoon na, n what was that pa one n other old major army one, I even already forgot its name n couldn’t watch movie more than 10 mins, r u comparing these movies with like titanic avatar or man of steel., haha, bro all Bollywood movies r masala., so u better dont shout too much., Bollywood all movies are masala genre with songs n fights or comedy., its not real flick like Hollywood movies or Korean n Chinese movies, so bro suc it up., don’t blame a actor for remaking coz he is remaking buying their rights not like other movies where they copy paste even the expressions n songs n fight n style, posters, everything ., if u need the fact u can check in utube

  • @harihari radheshyam….din’t u read my full comment???
    I had mentioned a word “crap masala”…so don’t even compare craps like “ett”,”bodyguard”,”dabba 2″ with classics like “mhn”, “oso”….rest all u knoW..

  • @nipun, ETT will be remembered for it’s records and dabangg will be remembered for re-inventing the genre of sholey and trend-setting. but nobody will rember , don 2 and JTHJ. neither for their quality or for B.O. and people have already made there mind that yash ji’s last movie as veer zaara.

    p.s. oh! will be remembered among with some films like plan 9 from outer space.

  • In this era it’s all about statics and success rate if u want to sustain u have to compete with that . last yrs movies like kahani,oh my god , burfi all r of good movies and r gone well at boxoffice too . audience is there to support good movies and 2013 is still waiting for a memorable movie

  • @nipun ppl want to see classics lik qsqt,mpk,hahk,hddcs,lagaan,rdb,sarforsh……not overtop and out of world cheap masala luv stories….dtph,itch itch hota hai…oso rab ne…

  • I don’t agree. As far as public response is concerned, Lootera isn’t a movie that will be remembered. Maybe, Ranveer remembers it to console himself.

  • ranveer is just hiding the failure of movie by saying this ,,haha if his next 2 movie doesnt work at boxoffice he will be out of bollywood,,he knows this,,,,you dumb ass…

  • @beingxzonefan Lol you such an ’empty brain zone’ that you thought your idiotic comment was actually even funny…! You loser- you keep harking on about how your Thakurs movie will break Sunny Leones opening weeking record of Jism 2 or John Abrahams SAW lifetime figure but here you pretending its all just about content…! Really like you remember nightmarish Don 2 or cartoonish Raavan Returns As or incest horror show in JTHJ…! All you remember about these so called classics of yours is how each sorry sordid film failed to beat the 1234 sorry I meant 123 cr collection of Ready…! ;-)

    Take that and stick it in your ’empty brain zone’ and as ‘harihari’ said: “suc it up” because thats the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the TRUTH….! :-)

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