Top Actors in Bollywood – July 2013 Ranking

Analysis and ranking by Joginder Tuteja (tweets @tutejajoginder)

Starting this month, we would be beginning this EXCLUSIVE feature that would list Top-5 Male Superstars.

  • This would be based on the approximate box office outcome (Nett collections) of their last five movies
  • Only lead roles would be considered. Cameos, special appearances and guest appearances won’t be taken under consideration
  • Dated movies won’t be taken under consideration
  • Only domestic box office performance is being taken into account

Top Actors in Bollywood

Salman Khan Actor

Salman Khan – Dabangg 2 (160 cr), Ek Tha Tiger (199 cr), Bodyguard (141 cr), Ready (121 cr), Dabangg (141 cr)
Salman Khan Total Movie Collections: 762 crore (Average per film: 152.4 cr)

Salman Khan is ‘consistency personified’. Not just is he scoring consistently, he has been scoring big as well. Each of his last five films has crossed the 100 crore mark which is a testimony to the kind of popularity he is enjoying in third phase of his career. Even though he won’t be seeing any release this year, he would still reign from the top on the basis of his recent record which is envious to say the least.

Shahrukh Khan Actor

Shahrukh Khan – Jab Tak Hai Jaan (122 cr), Don 2 (106 cr), Ra. One (115 cr), My Name Is Khan (73 cr), Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (87 cr)
Shahrukh Khan Total Movie Collections: 503 cr (Average per film: 100.6 cr)

It is surprising to see Shahrukh Khan being even challenged for his stardom when the fact remains that he hasn’t delivered a flop for ages. Yes, he hasn’t delivered the biggest grosser of the year for quite some time now which has shaken him up at the top. However as a superstar who enjoys a steady fan base and delivers consistently, Shahrukh has scored with each of his last five films being a big enough box office grosser.

Ranbir Kapoor Actor

Ranbir Kapoor – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (190 cr – Expected), Barfi! (110 cr), Rockstar (68 cr), Anjaana Anjaani (40 cr), Raajneeti (93 cr)
Ranbir Kapoor Total Movie Collections: 501 cr (Average per film: 100.2 cr)

The new entrant in the block, Ranbir Kapoor has suddenly made heads turn with record collections that his ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ has managed to manage. This isn’t a one off case though. He showed what he is capable of when his ‘Barfi!’ turned out to be the first ever offbeat Bollywood flick to enter the 100 crore club. The story started with ‘Raanjeeti’ though and he hasn’t seen a flop for five films in a row now.

Aamir Khan Actor

Aamir Khan – Talaash (90 cr), Dhobi Ghat (14 cr), 3 Idiots (202 cr), Ghajini (115 cr), Taare Zameen Par (63 cr)
Aamir Khan Total Movie Collections: 484 cr (Average per film: 96.8 cr)

When his offbeat ‘Taare Zameen Par’ turned out to be a biggie, he was hailed as a man with the Midas touch. His ‘Ghajini’ was the founding member of the 100 crore club. His ‘3 Idiots’ created a record that hasn’t been broken till date. However his offbeat ‘Dhobi Ghat’ just about scraped through. Even though ‘Talaash’ didn’t hit the roof, it came close to being a 100 crore affair. His ‘Dhoom 3’ should clear all the deficit now.

Akshay Kumar Actor

Akshay Kumar – Special 26 (70 cr), Khiladi 786 (71 cr), Rowdy Rathore (133 cr), Joker (35 cr), Housefull 2 (114 cr)
Akshay Kumar Total Movie Collections: 423 cr (Average per film: 84.6 cr)

Akshay Kumar plays in volumes which means there is always a risk factor involved when it comes to count of wins and losing affair. However in terms of the overall business that his films generate, he carries an edge. That’s the way he has built his career over 20 years and if one looks at half a dozen films of his that are supposed to release between now and 2014 end, it isn’t going to change.

The ones who can break into Top 5 in months to come:

Hrithik Roshan – (Agneepath (120 cr), Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara (90 cr), Guzaarish (30 cr), Kites (49 cr), Jodhaa Akbar (63 cr) [Forthcoming film: Krrish 3]

Total: 352 cr (Average per film: 70.4 cr)

John Abraham – (Shootout at Wadala (62 cr), I, Me aur Main (9 cr), Race 2 (102 cr), Housefull 2 (114 cr), Desi Boyz (45 cr) [Forthcoming film: Madras Café]

Total: 332 cr (Average per film: 66.4 cr)

Ajay Devgn – (Himmatwala (45 cr), Son of Sardaar (102 cr), Bol Bachchan (101 cr), Tezz (17 cr), Rascals (35 cr)) [Forthcoming film: Satyagraha]

Total: 300 cr (Average per film: 60 cr)

Saif Ali Khan – (Race 2 (102 cr), Cocktail (76 cr), Agent Vinod (45 cr), Aarakshan (42 cr), Kurbaan (24 cr)) [Forthcoming film: Bullett Raja]

Total: 289 cr (Average per film: 57.8 cr)

Disclaimer: There can be many other scientific, non-scientific, objective and subjective measures chosen. We wanted to keep it simple though! To avoid confusion and unnecessary arguments, all figures above are from the producers/distributors.

Post your own thoughts / analysis in the comments section below. Irrelevant or senseless comments will be deleted.



  • if amir had guest appearance in dhobi ghat then who was in main lead ? lol then amir has also guest appearance in 3idiots. he has same time in both movies

  • To know their real status post the collection figures from BOI,then except salman everyone else will be changed from their positions amir will raise up,ranbir will be washed out & ajay devgan will be added to the list and also you can see much difference in the collection figures.

  • dear writer,
    aren’t you aware that there was a saif ali khan released in this year named Go goa gone?

  • Top Bollywood stars worldwide from producers figures not BOI fraud. Top two stars are shahrukh and Salman even though I hate them both one can’t act and the others hammy they rule. Then come the second class heroes or b tier.

    Producers Figure as I don’t believe BOI fraud which doesn’t even have a valid tracking system.

    Shahrukh Last 5 Movies
    Jab Tak Hain Jaan – 235
    Don 2 – 229cr Including Regionals
    Ra.One – 240cr Inc Regionals
    MNIK – 223cr
    RNBDJ – 165cr

    Salman Last 5 Movies
    Ek Tha Tiger – 332cr
    Dabangg 2 – 270cr
    Bodyguard – 253cr
    Ready – 185cr
    Dabangg – 218cr

    Ranbir Kapoor –
    YJHD – 291cr
    Barfi – 183cr
    Rockstar – 115cr
    Rajnineeti – 128cr
    Anjaana Anjaani – 78cr

    Aamir Khan –
    Talaash – 181cr
    Dhobi Ghat – 23cr
    3 Idiots – 385cr (This movie is more due to an excellent script)
    Ghajini – 196cr
    Taare – 120cr

  • Akshay Kumar deserves Way More

    Salman Khan-Dabangg+Ready+Bodyguard+Ek Tha Tiger+Dabangg 2(2010-2013)

    Shah Rukh Khan-MNIK+Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi+Don 2+Ra.One+Jab Tak Hai Jaan(2008-2013)

    Aamir Khan-Talaash+Dhobi Ghat+3 Idiots+Ghajini+Taare Zameen Par(2008-2013)

    About 3-5 Years Span for these Superstars…….NOW CHECK THIS OUT


    KHILADI 786(2012)-70CR
    ROWDY RATHORE(2012)-135Cr
    HOUSEFULL 2(2012)-115Cr

    All in ONE FREAKIN YEAR………FEB 2012-FEB 2013…………….thats AKSHAY KUMAR for you

    And you keep him at Number 5……………….What is this all about…….Does anyone of these So called Superstars have the Balls to Get the Average of Over 100Crores if they Release all these Flicks in 1 Year…..With Non-Holiday Weekends,IPL,Elections and bla bla bla………History Speaks it all……AKSHAY KUMAR IS THE BEST……..No matter what people Say or Believe…!!

  • Ranbir is ahead of srk in domestic. barfi box office collection is 121cr and jab tak hai jaan 110cr. they have put wrong collection to improve srk position. so ranbir is on 2nd position

  • Hrithik is out of 5, and hro fans say Krrish 3 will create history. Only Chennai Express and Mental can break records. Only stardom is valid, franchise is invalid

  • For those who want to exclude Dhobi Ghat from the list, please note that DG was touted as an Aamir Khan film and OMG was touted as a Paresh Rawal film.

  • @joginder tuteja u proved that you are srk fan first u say that only lead roles can be considered then how you included dhobi ghat prathik babbar was a lead actor in dhobi ghat.aamir was done comeo in that film.then what about billu srk has done more than 20min cameo,I know if you include fanaa in place of dhobi ghat,then aamir would have been no2,to make srk no2 you have included dhobi ghat these proved that you are srk fan stop this double standard remove dhobi ghat and include fanaa

  • this is what consistency do 4 you srk have consistent from last many and didnt had a dud in his record,just 1 movie can take him no 1 spot and that will happen after ce release which will collect 160 cr on box office

    CHENNAI EXPRESS departs in 21 days

  • @romance express, thats because he does very less films as compared to the other actors, even aamir is at 4th place coz he does less mvoies, or else aamir would have been no. 1 ! don’t be a fool. Hrithik’s last film was agneepath which was releeased in jan 2012, and its more than a year till now, he had no releases. while actors like salman,akshay,ajay,ranbir and shahrukh had multiple releases in this one year.
    this kind of monthly comparison taking last five movies into consideration is pure biasedness and is favourable for those who do mutliple movies. why can’t analysis be done year wise ?? the one who would have the biggest grossers in order, in that way rankings should be done. or by taking the average in the year per film.

  • akshay is doing 5 films in a year.still he is in top 5 .with the ave of 85.
    thats why he is king.
    while others r doing only one movie in a year.ave is just 100cr.
    what will happen to others if they do five movies in a year.

  • @bollywood all domestic col are official, jthj col 122cr officially, wait for ce release, srk jump to the 1st position mark my words, srk is the king of bollywood.

  • @Hrithik fans, I am not a Hrithik hater, but you guys should realise that Hrithik is nowhere near to Akshay and the Khans. With a single release each year, Hrithik couldnt manage to get a Blockbuster.
    I hope Krrish 3 manages to collect 200 cr which will be good for Hrithik.

  • @overseas and domestic
    Some mistakes in analysis bro!Below is the corrections including different regional languages & different(1st,2nd & 3rd phases) phases.
    DON2=242 CRORES

  • 1. why take dhobi ghat for aamir but not billu for sharukh and OMG for akshay? that too after clearly saying ‘special appearences are not counted’. i can bet aamir’s screen time in DG was less than srk in billu.

    2. tez 17 cr and joker 35 cr? as far as i know both collected an equal amount. (21cr for boi that gives distrubutors numbera nd 23 by other sources)

    3.ranbeer’s inclusion has its flaws. verdict wise rockstar wasnt even a hit. he gets big projects with big budgets with some not even clesan hit verdicts (like rockstar/anjaana anjaani). also a multistarrer rajneeti has bene included for him whose entire collection cant be credited to ranbeer. thats not the case with any of the others “except akshay whose inclusion again is supect)

    4. in the cases of oldfer movies an 8-10 percent inflation adjusted amount shud have been taken.

  • also rabeer has just one more hit outside of the films mentioned above. 9ajab gahzab…) that itself gives him an unfair advanatge as by chance most of his big grossers are recent. for instance even if you did this countdown 2 months back – every one else’s spot will not change but ranbeer will not only move down but totally out of the coundown. its all based on yjhd.

  • @JM, no offence to akshay or his fans, but you are saying hrithik is no where near to akshay and khans, which is totally pointless, on what basis are you saying that ?? rowdy rathore was a masala south remake on the lines of salman movies, you see where he is now, ofcourse that movie had to be successful, try making a difficult movie like agneepath which was a flop in the past, he made it a huge hit. if akshay is such a big star, the craze for ouatimd is not even one fourth of the craze for krrish 3 right at this point, both of them are sequels to successful films. while trade,industry and people are going crazy krrish 3, the hype of ouatimd is nothing extra-ordinary. wait for krrish 3, you will know what is the star power of hrithik. hrithik still has the second biggest opening. i don’t have anything against akshay, i wish him all the best for ouatimd but please don’t say hrithik is behind, he is of same level as khans from the very beginning.

  • @sumeet: yes bro exactly. .
    @JM:hro is nowhere infront of khans and akki? ? ?
    No way. .
    Stardomwise he is same with the khans and better than akki. .
    Agneepath oversees collection is better than that of rawdy rathore.agneepath also created the 2nd highest opening .
    Moreover i don’t think akki could have done that agneepath role as his expression and acting is not so effective. .see the craze of k3. .. ..anyway good luck to outimd. .

  • In Bolywood Salman is may be best..but in World is not him…is SRK no one can beat him in Overseas ! if Salman is superstar ,so SRK is Mega Global Star !

  • What a joke of an article. Cant be bothered to ridicule any one actors fans here as this is another attempt to provide cheap publicity for Thakurs upcoming train journey aboard Chennai Depress.

    PS bhai roxXxXx again but thats nothing NEW so no points to the author for stating the bleeding obvious…! ;-)

  • @sumeet what is so difficult in remaking agneepath???it was a cult classic and people still remember it and love may be flopped at bo that time but that doesn’t mean film was bad.agneepath was remake of a cult film,,so it was bound to be huge tell me,,if someone remakes andaz apna apna,,will it be a risky project??? will definetly a big hit.
    now let me tell you about difference between krrish3 and OUATIMD.krrish3 first two parts,,kmg and krrish both were blockbusters..where as OUATIM was just a hit.and buzz for OUATIMD will be seen during release.don’t worry about that.
    well honestly,,right now both akshay and hrithik are at same position..both can deliver huge hits with perfect script and specially PERFECT RELEASE TIME(which is the biggest problem for akshay films IMO).
    no need of akshay-hrithik fans fight..we should be friends not enemies.

  • That is the magic of 21 years of consistency! SRK has never ever been out of top 2! Haters say he is over. But forget that he always gives hits and even his so called low grosser is always among top 5 hits of the year.

    Salman Khan has had an amazing run since Dabangg. Back to back blockbusters are no joke.

    Aamir Khan has excuse calling all failed films as art films and will now depend on YRF and Dhoom franchise to bail him out.

  • Mr. Joginder Tuteja, it’s high time you remove the mask of being a neutral journalist and admit that you are a srk fan boy! Really there’s no shame in doing so!

    Who provided you with these inflated figures of srk movies?…JTHJ-122 cr? Seriously? WTF! Refer BOI mate!

    Manipulating figures just to position srk above Aamir? Counting Dhobi Ghat but not counting Dulha Mil Gaya and Billu just because they might throw srk out of the top 5. HAHAHAHAHA you never cease to amaze me man!

    And Indicine please don’t publish such manipulated articles which do more harm than good.

  • Nice article…
    Can you please update this article after Dhoom 3 releases ?
    I want to see what happens after Chennai Express, Besharam, Krrish3 and Dhoom3 releases.
    And at that time please remove Dhobi Ghaat from Amir’s movie.

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