Top 5 Greatest Actors of All Time (NDTV)

NDTV had a poll for the ‘Top 5 Greatest Actors of All Time’. The question was asked to random people across the country, who were allowed to choose any actor from all of India. Below are the results, based on votes from 30,000 people!

  • 1. Amitabh Bachchan
  • 2. Aamir Khan
  • 3. Salman Khan
  • 4. Shahrukh Khan
  • 5. Dilip Kumar

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  • @ahmed
    I don’t at all hate salman he used to be better than srk.I believe
    he neglects his acting capability.recently i saw tere naam he was
    Damn good there.But the same I can’t say about him the director can’t gets the best out of salman.srk is also a good actor.but the truth is both have unconventional style of acting which doesn’t appeal to everyone.I liked salman’s wanted but its just simple that I feel Aamir & Hrithik are better actors than him & srk.Thats why I put them above him & I am not all talking about stardom.Am a neutral one so no favoritism.

  • How come dilip saab is in 5th position ahead of srk. Dilip saab is an institution in himself and the best method actor in bollywood history and many actors including amitji followed him. So With all due respect to big b ji, i think dilip saab should be at no.1, followed by shehenshah big b, followed by ajay d( 2 national awards, exceptionally talented, natural and easy actor) and aamir khan,hrithik and then our sallu bhai. Srk is predominantly a one dimensional actor with limited acting abilities.

    So my list on the basis of acting abilities is

    1. Dilip saab
    2. Our shehenshah amitabh ji
    3. Ajay/aamir
    4. hrithik
    5. The ultimate megastar of bollywood salman.

    Top 5 on the basis of popularity in india.

    1. salman
    2. Big b
    3. Srk

    But i think it is unfair to compare today’s actors with legends like rajesh khanna, dev anand, dharmendra, sanjeev and many other such actors. Its again like comparing sachin with bradman.

  • Hahahahah srk in the list of best actors….what a joke…he is just a self proclaimed king who is naked and hams ..thats all

  • the joke of the year
    salman amitab and amir a before srk
    they made me fall aback
    dilip behind salman and amir

  • this must be the joke of the year
    salman amitab and amir a before srk
    they made me fall aback
    dilip behind salman and amir

  • indicine
    you are biased why dont you publish the official poll of the 100th year of hindi cinema in which shahrukh khan screwed amir amitab salman alltogether with huge margin
    srk 53 percent amir 11 percent and where hrithik gone unnoticed why do publish craps by
    this amateurish newsmen who knows nothing
    srk made history before 20 years ago no can beat him even hollywood bigges didnt beat him how come local unknown like salman amir this is utter bulshit

  • Indian un pharh janta its not popular actor list its great actors list
    if its base of popularty then my list
    and its base of great actors then
    dilip kumar

  • my list
    1 shahrukh khan
    2 dilip kumar
    3 amitabh bachchan
    4 amir khan
    6 raj kapoor
    7rajesh khanna
    7 dharmendra
    8 hrithik roshan
    9akhsay kumar
    10ajay devgan
    11salman khan

  • just the list of of actresses show you how fake and gullible these lists are
    in the best actresses of all time
    karenna and katrina preceded both madhuri and kajol
    oh my god
    where is bazigar ddlj kkh gupt kabi kushi my name is khan
    where is dil to pagal hai devdas dil etcc
    kareena cant act
    karishma is far better
    showiing body and nudity isnot acting

  • ha,ha,ha…..who cares about india, i challenge anybody to take a worldwide poll anytime and no.1 will be only srk!!

  • for those ch#tiyas who are saying srk can do only romantic roles….then what was baazigar, darr, paheli (hit overseas), swades (hit overseas), kabhi alvida na kehna, don, don 2, ra one, chak de india and my name is khan??? Go find out on wiki what genre these movies are and then talk!!

  • addition.. dilse (hit overseas), karan arjun to above list!! And who cares about polls, indian audiences doesn’t know the difference between acting and popularity (especially single screen c#utiyas), Srk has got record no.of awards as an actor speaks for itself.

  • only for ahmed – ” tu 21 v satabdi ka hai is liye salman ne teri li hai or tune salman ka chuusa hai “bag dk bose.

  • I agree with the list except for Salman. He is a great entertainer for sure..but not a good actor.. I think in near future Ranbir Kapoor shud be added to the list..@indicine: Salman ds not deserve to be in this list..

  • you agree or i think s0(if only hindi cinema)
    1.shahrukh khan
    2.amitabh bachan
    3.ajay devgan
    4.hritik roshon
    5.dillip kumar
    7.raj kapoor
    8.nana patekar
    9.nasreeudin shah
    10.mithun chakroverty

    in India (all language)———————–
    1.shahrukh khan
    2.Mahesh Babu(telugu)
    3.Rajnikanth(tamil cinema)
    4.Amitabh Bachan
    5.Ajay devgan
    6.suriya (tamil)
    7.kamal hasan(tamil)
    8.hritik roshon
    9.dillip kumar

  • LOL LOL LOL… Salman and aamir above SRK and Dilip Saab?? I will laugh all day at this Joke.. No one can beat SRK in acting.. He is only superstar who knows proper acting not Lallu.



  • As Per Acting Skills with out considering the stardom….

    1.Dilip Kumar
    2.Amitabh Bacchan
    3.Shahrukh Khan
    4.Aamir Khan
    5.Hrithik Roshan

    As Per Stardom With out Considering Acting skills….(In India)

    1.Salman Khan
    2.Shahrukh Khan
    3.Aamir Khan
    5.Hrithik Roshan

    As Per Stardom With out Considering Acting skills….(Worldwide)

    1.Shahrukh Khan
    2.Hrithik Roshan
    3.Aamir Khan
    4.Salman Khan
    5.Akshay Kumar

    Discussion Closed….

  • Listen…we Salman’s fans dont care that If he win this kind of polls or he got 101 position on these polls.
    More than half world loves him.You hate him or love him but never can ignore him. Whole world knows that he is the best actor,rockstar,most handsome being human, a billions dollars Star born and King of Bollywood.
    Even No one is able to stand in fort of Salman Khan in any kind of terms acting, style, fan following, charm, personality etc…No one means, No one.

  • Rajesh n Marz,, you both are need to treatment. Lolx if your srk is realy god of acting then he 100% win this survey.. But your srk fall in 4th position in this survey n listen Amit ji deserve to 1st position n Aamir deserve to 2nd position all time peoples most like them than srk. It’s reality. Srk any time not deserve to 1st, 2nd, 3rd position because of peoples know him only for romance.. Only romantic actor is not deserve for Greatest actor of all time.

  • where is Rajesh khanna?without his name list could not be completed b’coz he was man who is above all this polls and comparisons by media b’coz wat he achieved is everyone know and even if u compare in terms of continuity there is no match even in hollywood with Rajesh khanna he was man if he get this award then this is a honour for this award not for him even amitabh bachhan is and will small B when u compare him to RAJESH KHANNA SORRY but this is true if u want proof then go and ask your elders or check any official website

  • i dont know why people are taking srk as good actor.. if stammering in every movie is the acting u people talking about, then i agree .. and come on!!!! all the anti salman , who were busy writing off the ek tha tiger got nice opportunity to talk shit about salman.. since they already know that ETT is an all time blockbuster they are showing their frustration here.. in my list..
    1.aamir(me perfectionist)
    3.salman (thanks to his charisma)
    5.ranbir (most talented of younger generation)
    ps: i know dilip sir was the great actor but i’ve not seen his movies and i’ve no right to judge him.. and about srk not including, atleast i dont call it acting..(though his devdas work was superb)

  • If you start a poll of which is the best news channel in india with same 30,000 people then u wont see NDTV on top.., then why u r giving importance to “Not the Best” list when its created by not the best people in that business..??
    If there was no censor board in india then jism 2 will b the highest grossing film,then will u say that sunny leone is the best actress..?? Grow up guys.. Acting is an art which not many of superstars possess…!!

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