Top 5 Greatest Actors of All Time (NDTV)

NDTV had a poll for the ‘Top 5 Greatest Actors of All Time’. The question was asked to random people across the country, who were allowed to choose any actor from all of India. Below are the results, based on votes from 30,000 people!

  • 1. Amitabh Bachchan
  • 2. Aamir Khan
  • 3. Salman Khan
  • 4. Shahrukh Khan
  • 5. Dilip Kumar

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  • I’m agree with Amitabh n Aamir position.. But where is hrithik ?? He deserve in top 5 list. By the way my list
    1. Amitabh bachchan
    2. Aamir khan
    3. Dilip kumar
    4. Salman khan(because of his ett success)
    5. Hrithik roshan

  • Hey we know that today Salman Khan is the lifeline of Bollywood not even SRK has 5 blockbuster in a row – you can shake, roll it, twist it up, criticize it, blow it apart fact are facts – they speak for themselves – but what happen to Raveer Singh two years in the industry and suddenly he is an expert, he did not criticize Salman but he tore down Yash Raj film which is one of the first with a Salman and it blew the critics out of town, Yash Raj gave this chap a start and what he does first chance he gets he pulls down their films, if I was Yash Raj I would dump him forthwith, he ain’t that great – he is a loser who is jealous of what Salman and Yash Raj together has accomplished what they could not do with either him or SRK. They were making their films with the wrong Khan. When you Mr. Singh has been in the industry for 20 years like the others come talk to me. Obviously you are not too brainy – they say those who think they are experts – an expert is one who spurts –

    • Sarifa, assuming your talking about Ranveer Singh’s tweets on Ek Tha Tiger, those were fake. I spoke to him and he confirmed he is not on Twitter. All the accounts are fake.

  • Srk don’t deserve top 5 spot.He is so over rated.OMG disgusting.instead of srk Hrithik should be in top 5. But anyway agree with the other members name in the list.Well deserved.

  • amit jee definately- it shows the popularity of some1. salman khan in list because mass population of india loves. he is heart throb & yes list is right. salman also gives hahk,hddcs,khamoshi,tere naam,saajan, love,pyar kia to darna kya,mene pyar kiya, he is versatile actor by his wrk in judvaa, andaz apna apna, no entry,dabangg, veergati,ett,wanted etc so no complaint he is d most verstaile then any srk ever.

  • The list is almost ok but small changes should have done like
    1.Dilip kumar
    2.Amitabh bachchan
    3.Amir khan
    4.Salman khan
    5.Hrithik Roshan
    Just becoz the article is about the top 5 greatest actors which means who are great.Great in the sense who can make a simple film into a great film critically or commercially.So i do believe that the above actors in my list are the best crowd pullers for a film and they deserve it.But a cunning actor like srk releases his films in 4000+ screens hence failed to create wonders can never be in a list of greatest actors.

  • @rocky18 listen man I dont even want to reply to your comment and this last time. i dont what blockbusters you are talking about. if you dont believe me go check indicine amithab profile you will know what I am talking about. and sholay’s main lead was dharmji and hema malini, but still it was all time earner not all time blockbuster. all time blockbuster is the one that does more than three times of its budget. khans are the most successful superstar of all time end of discussion.

  • Dilip kumar is,there is no doubt bcz he is institution a complete university till new generation. even amitab learnt from him as too all khans and all bollywood stars as tv stars.only media wants to put amitab on no one its not fair. 1. to 10. position to dilip sb. 11.amir khan. 12. amitab. 13.salman khan. 14.balraj sahani. 15.naseer uddin shah. 16.srk. 17.dharmindra. 18.sanjiv kumar. 19.rajinder kumar. 20.anil kapoor.

  • Congrats for the to those all top five actors. This list proves they are the true kings and legends of bollywood :)
    I would like to say a big big thanks to these to actors for giving their best shot for entertaining the people :)

  • For me the list should be like this
    1. Dilip Kumar
    2. Amitabh bachchan
    3. Salman Khan
    4. Aamir Khan
    5. Hrithik roshan & Dharmendra

  • Acting and boxoffice collections are totally different…..
    Even in guzarish hrithiks acting was jaw dropping excellent…but the movie got flopped but hrithik won peoples heart with his brilliance acting…
    Same with srks mnik…though it did brilliant business oversease but still it is considered as low in india…but srks excellent acting won peoples hearts…
    .same with srks chak de india, veer zaara and swades and don2…all were excellent in terms off acting…
    Same with hrithiks koi mil gaya and jodha akbar also his acting brilliant…
    I know other actors also did good acting but its nothing compare to these movies…
    My list as follows..
    4)rajesh khanna

  • @nana its survey for 30000 people not 120 crore dont take it seriously..we all know now srk is the god of acting

  • @Rajesh agar aisa hota toh salman no1 hota aur uske aas paas bhi koi nazar nahi aata salman is the king of king.uske fan following ka koi ant hi nahi.

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