Top 5 Greatest Actors of All Time (NDTV)

NDTV had a poll for the ‘Top 5 Greatest Actors of All Time’. The question was asked to random people across the country, who were allowed to choose any actor from all of India. Below are the results, based on votes from 30,000 people!

  • 1. Amitabh Bachchan
  • 2. Aamir Khan
  • 3. Salman Khan
  • 4. Shahrukh Khan
  • 5. Dilip Kumar

Watch the video below



  • @prince. Hahahaha….. Nice piece. But dont forget that best ‘actors’ may or may not break box office records but best ‘stars’ most definitely do. Rajni kanth may not be the best actor ever, but his unparalleled stardomship is the still the best.

  • @nana firstly you should see the films of srk then talk..baazigar darr anjam josh swades ashoka chak de india mnik all are different roles..nd also he is the king of romance…no actor in bollywood has played diff roles as compared to srk..go get knowledge then talk

  • @emperor its 179.9(15day total) check still need 20 cr more looking tough bcs joker releasing tomorrow..i think it ll end lifetime 195..

  • 1.srk
    2.dilip kumar
    3.amitabh bachchan
    4.amair khan
    5.hrithik roshan
    forget salman yaar yahaan par greatest actors ki baat chal rahi or salman is shit!

  • sallu is not entertainer, he is a bhaand, everytime doing item nos. in all his movies, itemboy ha,ha,ha,ha!!

  • @tashan,sam
    How does it feel to be outside naachgaana where akshay
    is not considered as a big star as think u think ???

  • This list is totally absurd…talking about greatest actors and not including rajesh khanna and sanjeev kumar and also hrithik roshan is very disappointing….why cant 2 actors share the same spot and include some more actors instead of 5

  • hrithik roshan deserved to be in the list…he is the only actor in indian cinema, who can act fantastically well, dances like god, everything he does is with perfection…no other actor in who can match his immense talent..i m sure few years down the line he will take the number 1 position

  • Rajesh, Srk’s Josh, ashoka, anjam and swadesh is flop movies.. Only chak de india is good running.. Only one difference success movie not mean that Srk is greatest actor of all time.

  • @nana, yeh illiterate people like u can never understand that movie. Becoz u don’t know what is the meaning of the word acting and what is the meaning of the word peace :P
    All those top 5 are the legends, so learn to respect :P


  • Marz, I greatly know what is the acting who has great played.. And who was the deserve an greatest actor of all time. I don’t want to learn about that from you.

  • @marz i think nana gone mad or he has a brain in his knee..nana you are the biggest joke of this planet..and i am talking abt acting not box office success you dumb man..

  • @venkat: Then r u saying that rajini is the best actor than kamal hassan?? This is the list for great actors , and i m speaking about acting dude..!! Not about movies which make money. Answer my question- “if salman’s movies are included in action genres,then which kind of films does jackie chan do”???
    If lady gaga earns more money than michel jackson,then is she the greatest superstar???

  • @nana for your kind info dilip saab won 9 filmfare srk won 8 amitabh 4 amir 3 for best dont argue you got the answer who is all time great actor

  • Only 10 actor in india
    1 : amitabh bachan
    2 : amrish puri
    3 : khader khan
    4 : kamal hasan
    5 : dany
    6 : nasir uddin shah
    7 : dilipkumar
    8 : raj kumar
    9 : pran
    10: srk and amir

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