Top 10 Tuesday Collections of Hindi films in 2014

‘Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’ started slower than both 2 States and Gunday, but is holding up much better as the word-of-mouth for the Akshay Kumar starrer is probably the best of 2014 after Queen – a film that doesn’t even make it to the Top 10 list, even though its Tuesday collections were better than its first Friday.

Jai Ho remains the highest grossing film on Tuesday this year, although its collections were rapidly decreasing with every passing day. Jai Ho collected Rs 9.46 cr on Monday and dropped by 21% on Tuesday, Holiday on the other hand held up much better with drops of less than 10%.

Holiday has a great chance of recording the highest Wednesday collections this year, as all other films were in the 5 crore range. Holiday is likely to collect around 6.5 crore today.

Top 10 Tuesday Collections of Hindi films in 2014

  • Jai Ho – 7.52 cr
  • Holiday – 7.1 cr
  • 2 States – 5.58 cr
  • Gunday – 5.23 cr
  • Main Tera Hero – 4.53 cr
  • Heropanti – 3.8 cr
  • Ragini MMS 2 – 3.75 cr
  • Yaariyan – 2.96 cr
  • Bhoothnath Returns – 2.92 cr
  • Dedh Ishqiya – 2.74 cr


  • @nipun i think main tera hero was the best in this list . And by the way dedh ishqiya was certainly better than crap kites.

  • Where are those stupid people who were saying that #Holiday is another flop by Akshay kumar n said that anohter 70 Cr movie for Akshay.Now is declared that #Holiday not only hit but also there are chances to become best movie of the thy ear till date.This is the tight slap to those Nonsense people who say Akshay is nothing in front of Khans ,he has yes he has Superstar No confusion

  • It is very sad to see the collections of such senior actor like akshay kumar movies are being compared to new bies. The fact is media is just trying to hype holiday movie with 7 crore collection on Tuesday etc Come on SRK had crossed 100 crore twice with competition…Jab tak hai jaan and once upon a time in Mumbai dobara (with only 5 open days). And also everyone witnessed what will happen if srk makes a masala movie and releases during EID!!.

    The fact is SRK is the only actor who maintained stardom since the beginning of his career. Aamir Khan only from ghajini and Salman Khan from wanted movies.

    During 2006 period akshay was comparing himself with srk later on he just have up. And we all know the arrogant ajay devgan calibre in himmatwala…

  • A.R.Murugadoss is so happy with the success of holiday that he has decided to make its sequel holiday:rise of the sleeper cells

  • @Sick Rum then what were Ghajini and D3 you dimwit..both crossed 100 and 200 cr with ease!!! that too with Aamir being the would say that D3 was a multistarrer..but again it made 275+ crores because of Aamir alone..even D2 was the highest grosser ever solely because of HR!!! if Abhi and Uday were such big stars, then Drona and Pyaar Impossible should have been ATBBs!!! :D

    Since you are burning with jealousy from the inside coz of Aamir Sir’s success, better drink Eno or Lime juice to cure yourself!!! :P

  • According to me 2 states is the best film of the year followed by holiday and queen.2 states was released in just 2100 screens and that too in ipl and election period.also its ticket prices were little lower than holiday.2 states was declared a superhit by everyone just like queen.but I really hope holiday also becomes a superhit and collects 140-150cr

  • but still Lootera remains the best movie ever, it recieved an Oscar on Planet Mars.
    Aliens were crying after watching Sona’s performance.

  • come on akshay.. hope u break jai ho’s record and holiday become a big hit.. all the best from salmanians!

  • @indicine you say that every comment is reviwed .. so if you have a look on the article ‘Dilip Kumar autobiography launch Photos’.
    there is a comment which uses the word ‘Jhaant’ word for SRK.
    this is how you review comments ? Jhaant review karte ho tumlog .. kasam se.

  • @Vikram:
    check the real ranking here:

    Just because you say Srk is 1 and Aamir is 4 doesn’t mean it’s true. Now if someone says Abhishekh Bachan is #1 and Vivek Oberoi is #2 should we believe them? Your opinion is only as much valid as this “someone”.
    So check the official ranking by BOI or indicine, and enjoy.

  • Bollywood did not started in 2010 baba je ki ullu before 2010 aamir and salman are giving flops after flops and the epic flop was ma aur msc khanna

  • @arjun kapoor
    Is it true??
    Great news…
    Looks a blockbuster title Holiday:Rise of the sleeper cells

  • We want to see Captain Virat Bakshi once again…
    I think Sonakshi should be retained,coz i don’t want a new heroine and once again a romantic angle in a thriller….sumeet raghavan should be retained,he supported akki very well and the villain should be menacing one,freddy daruwala was disappointing…

    Ek hi waqt pe thok do saalo ko…Shoot!!!

  • @varun-sid
    Thy are still kids who are learning ABCD in nursery class,whereas HR has post graduated….

  • @aditya mnik release 2010, n that time there is not 100cr craze but talash failed to cross 100cr in 2012, Lol , although mnik was clean hit n atbb where talash was semi hit

  • I said dedh ishqiyaa is best among 10. But look,13 ppl have disliked my comments. Blind idiots,accept the fact.

  • To babaji ka ullu,sid_unoriginal, aditiya First MNIK was not released in Maharashtra (that lost about 30 cr) and it was released in feb ( a month considered dull for box office if you don’t know this ask any box office expert) so if it had released in Maharashtra then MNIK would have the first movie to collect 100 crs on non holiday. Second I have mentioned Ra.One in the list which everyone knows had even worst wom then himatwala still it went on to collect 130 cr all languages. dhoom 3 was an exception bcoz even if vivek oberai had starred in it with all the advances it still would had collected 170 cr+

  • And again to idiots who fear SRK name … If SRK would had promoted rnbdj shamelessly like aamir after the death of many innocent people on 26/11 … Rnbjd despite being a non holiday release would have been the first movie to cross 100 cr as the movie collected 85 cr. Adding just 14-15 crores would have not been a big deal if SRK had promoted the movie

  • @lootera nipun… you are too good… keep entertaining the readers mate…. i can’t stop laughing….

  • MNIK was heavily hyped, released 2 years after Aamir’s 114 crore Ghajini, still failed to cross even 75 crore, forget 100 crore. Due to small stardom of SRK.
    A heavily hyped film MNIK failing to cross 75 crores after Aamir did 114 crores in 2 years b4.
    Salman crossed 150 crores in the same year!

  • @vikram : I can sympathise with you & srk as all unfortunate incidents happens only to Srk else he wud have broken Avataar records !!!!!!! :-p

  • @Romance Disaster and @Sick Rum.. MNIK releases when 100crs was not a craze!!!??? Bring in more jokes please..

    also both you looneys will use the age old theory of If SRK promoted heavily then 200 crs guaranteed theory..also with respect to Talaash, Aamir intentionally didn’t promote it as it was a movie for niche audience and he did not want to cheat them..wherein our King promoted Bar.One and MNIK to the hilt by bragging that he will break the 3I record of 202crs..and then kept chasing it until Jeetendraji who postponed OUTIMD, DP and Rohit saved him with Chindi Express..

    also Talaash has been declared HIT by the trade..Bar.One verdict is still under doubt even today..
    regarding didn’t have a bad WOM compared to Himmatwala in the first collected so much because of the never ending promotions and hype generated by our King who hoaxed that the innocent people will Bar.One chocolates after each show!!! :P

    Also coming back to your stupid theory..Don 2 despite the negativity of Bar.One and release in the Christmas had better WOM than Dabangg 2(i liked Don 2)..still Dabangg 2 collected 150+ crs compared to Don 2’s 108cr..this itself shows how much fear people had watching our King’s hamming and overacting.. ;) :P

  • Yes unfortunate accidents happens with us but only two fortunate accidents happened with you that turned out to be very unfortunate talaash ( after which ringuians became laash) and jai ho

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