Top 10 Tuesday Collections of Hindi films in 2014

‘Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty’ started slower than both 2 States and Gunday, but is holding up much better as the word-of-mouth for the Akshay Kumar starrer is probably the best of 2014 after Queen – a film that doesn’t even make it to the Top 10 list, even though its Tuesday collections were better than its first Friday.

Jai Ho remains the highest grossing film on Tuesday this year, although its collections were rapidly decreasing with every passing day. Jai Ho collected Rs 9.46 cr on Monday and dropped by 21% on Tuesday, Holiday on the other hand held up much better with drops of less than 10%.

Holiday has a great chance of recording the highest Wednesday collections this year, as all other films were in the 5 crore range. Holiday is likely to collect around 6.5 crore today.

Top 10 Tuesday Collections of Hindi films in 2014

  • Jai Ho – 7.52 cr
  • Holiday – 7.1 cr
  • 2 States – 5.58 cr
  • Gunday – 5.23 cr
  • Main Tera Hero – 4.53 cr
  • Heropanti – 3.8 cr
  • Ragini MMS 2 – 3.75 cr
  • Yaariyan – 2.96 cr
  • Bhoothnath Returns – 2.92 cr
  • Dedh Ishqiya – 2.74 cr


  • All must note that for Holiday to get these collections,the occupancy needs to be the same as Friday since on weekdays ticket prices decrease!!!

  • Hope it is rock steady today!!!
    By the way
    Housefull 2(1st weekend) – 42cr
    Holiday (1st weekend) – 41.32cr

    Housefull 2(1st monday) – 6.5cr
    Holiday (1st monday) – 8cr

    Housefull 2(1st Tuesday) – 5.5cr
    Holiday(1st Tuesday) – 7.1cr

  • I still think, it would be very hard for Holiday to touch 100 cr. except a very good 2nd week and 3rd weekend. Where as, jai ho with 56 cr. weekend hardly over passed 107 cr. With a bit better trend, Holiday will do 90+ cr.

  • final collection- 110 cr
    no offence to akki fans but post ipl release is the forth best release period after eid,christmas,diwali
    and still the collection under 120 is very poor compared to last years post ipl release YJHD(180 Cr)
    110 cr lifetime collection is nothing as it was achieved in first weekend only of dhoom 3 and chennai express … top five stars presently
    4). Aamir
    the reason i have put akki and aamir together is that aamir alone on his stardom cant even reach 100 cr( best example talaash) same goes with akki. but SRK and HR today hold strong hand at BO and can give 100 cr easily holiday or non holiday ( agneepath n Ra.One yes. as the film had the worst WOM ever but still went on to collect 130 cr all languages ) i have put salman on no.3 bcoz Jai ho opened good. and stardom is all about opening. Top three stars can break any box office record given a good release date with 2 or 3 open weeks. Dhoom 3 is an exception bcoz even if vivek oberai had starred in it with all the advances it would have still collected 170 cr +

  • Ranbir kapoor and ranvir singh are nothing before sid – varun dhawan. Ranbir kapoor over hypes his movies by spreading fake publicity of affairs with heroines before his movie release. Nargis affair during rockstar,deepika affair,katrina affair..,,etc etc. While ranveer singh is just a non-actor whose movie becomes hit due to deepika. Sid – varun are biggeat stars. Ek-villain and humpty sharma will be huge. Main tera hero, htp ,soty are better movies than ram-lila,barfi.!!

  • Holiday will score.. as I have said earlier movie is suble and deserves better collection then this..
    @aeeyy: sorry bro ur comment does not make any sense..

  • These are very good numbers i am really for Akshay . Because Akshay deserves this . Holiday is a brilliant film . I would say the best film of 2014 on par with Queen . I expect 120 CR from Holiday and in the long run to beat Rowdy Rathore that looks tough but not impossible .

  • @vikram SRK on his own stardom cannot reach even 75 crore. MNIK barely crossed 70 crore. SRK has very low stardom.

  • CE would be 200+ crore blockbuster even with Vivek Oberoi in lead so not a big deal. SRK cannot make MNIK cross even 75 crore.
    Top stars are

  • I have watched 7 films this year so far. .ranking will be
    2.dedh ishqiyaan
    5.jai ho

  • Holiday, jai ho and gunday are best movies of 2014 till now
    waiting for bombay velvet and bang bang now

  • This weeks release FUGLY is’t for the family audiences…so Holiday will do good business at this weekend also..

  • Holiday is currently rated 8.4/10 on IMDB with over 2100 votes…

    Films are made for people not for these few dozen of critics most of whom are manipulative ones…
    Critics as the name suggests are their for critisizing a film and to bring out the negative points out of it…
    Audiences have loved it,THAT WHAT MATTERS!!!

  • Four days for Kick trailer to be released at a Mumbai single screen packed with Salman Fans. Imagine the craziness! Wanna come.

  • @wick rum
    Which SRK non holiday film has crossed 100crs?????

    Ratoon:115crs Diwali
    Don 2:110crs christmas
    Jthj:120crs diwali
    Ce:228crs EID
    His last film which released on non holiday was MNIK and it collected 72crs..
    This is the STARDOM of king khan??
    HR Agneepath:123crs Republic day

    Akki HF 2:115crs non holiday

    Salman jai ho 112crs rep. Day

    Aamir Talaash(offbeat film) 93crs non holiday

    Ajay 100crs Singham,102crs bol bachchan non holidays

    While OUR KING always utilizes the holidays…

  • Holiday may not cross 100cr bcoz of Humshakal. 2states is lucky. But Akshay deserve 100cr.His movies better than Salman or Sharukh.
    But Emraan Hashmi is better than all actor.
    Waiting for Raja Natwarlal.
    Indicine ..when will Raja Natwarlal teaser release? Any update!

  • Theory of SRK Fans:
    If SOS would’nt have released,then JTHJ would have done over 200crs..
    105crs of sos plus 120crs of jthj..
    Then i can also say that if CE would’nt have released OUATIMD would have done over 290crs,65crs of it plus 228crs of CE!!!!

  • I never hate SRK,I hate SRK fans and their non sensical ideologies…they force me to write ill of SRK…
    They always post rubbish comments and then expect a nice sensible comment from u praising SRK otherwise u are the worst human being and moron…

  • Still it can’t cross jai ho akshay best film in last five year can’t cross salman flop film shame on akki fans

  • @ranveer sing
    Your comment is true upto some point..
    RK and RS both make use of these affairs and link ups while promoting..
    But RK is a gud actor,but i don’t like RS…kill dill will be a flop surely..
    Varun is better than him,and Sid is luking gud in Ek villain..

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