Holiday Tuesday Box Office Collections: 2nd best Tuesday of 2014!

Akshay Kumar’s Holiday has done very well on Tuesday, with less than 10% drop in business from Monday. The film is heading towards a 67-68 crore first week and looking at the trends, it could cross the 100 crore mark in its second week or in its third weekend.

The first Tuesday of Holiday is about 25% better than 2 States, even though the latter took a better start on its opening day.

If Holiday holds up well this weekend, it should cross the lifetime business of Jai Ho (112 cr) to emerge as the highest grosser of the year.

Holiday Box Office Collections – 5 days

  • Friday – 11.62 cr
  • Saturday – 12.39 cr
  • Sunday – 16.58 cr
  • Monday – 7.85 cr
  • Tuesday – 7.1 cr
  • Total in 5 days – 55.54 cr


  • Boss collected more than #Holiday on 1st day but Holiday has surpass Boss lifetime collection with 57cr within 5days.It means content speaks louder!!!

  • Holiday is a great movie after 3 idiots.
    Holiday will cross 100cr easily. take a look here.
    1st week – 68cr
    2nd weekend – 6+7+9=22cr
    Rest of the weekdays – 12cr
    Rest Of the weeks – 15-20cr
    Total – 115-120cr lifetime

  • Akshay sir is the only superstar whose films have 7.5+ ratings on imdb continuously over the last 3years despite people like Rajeev Masand who insulted Akshay sir on twitter try to rate his films low!!!

  • jai ho 112 cr —> below average

    Holiday 90 cr —> hit (predicted)

    dont know why people compare Salman and Akshay…. Akshay is much smaller star than Salman… 112 cr for Salman is below average and 85-90 cr is hit for Akshay…

  • Hoilday sure surpass JAI HO collection.But AKKI’S Its Entertainment in danger position because of KICK and SINGHUM.If Its Entertainment is good movie then Singhum2 is very danger position because effect collection from IE and KICK. Above 3 movie my fav but espcially KICK my fav……

  • Holiday clear first test with flying colours that’s to collect decent in tuesday but here it collects huge if we compared to its opening day collection. Holiday is slowly and steady reaches to 100cr and its almost look certain will pass Jai ho collection. Its too remarkable considering to decreasing stardom of Akki now a days but now holiday bring Akshay again in top form. At the end content win. Unfortunately due to some personal commitment i am not able to watch this film until next sunday i.e. till 23rd. After than will watch for sure.

  • These collections will be nothing before collections of ek villain and humpty sharma ki dulhania. Sid – varun movie will collect better than salman,ajay and akki movie. Kick,holiday,action jackson,singham2 collection will be nothing before ek villain and humty sharma. Sid – varun starpower is more than sallu,akki,ajay.

  • @Ali Khan if film verdict is declare by the value of star name then heropanti,queen,yaariyan etc film would’ve been declared as all time blockbuster.I think you have no idea of film verdict. so don’t comment on about a subject which you don’t know.

  • interesting points. holiday production cost 80crores, promotion and marketing cost 15crores. total budget 95 crores. according to indicine if it collects 90crores it is a hit. lol.
    now, jai ho production cost 45 crores, promotion and marketing cost 20crores. total budget 65 crores. jai ho collected 112 crores. verdict- semi hit. strange.
    now it is said by indicine that jai ho was sold for exorbitant prices. around 90 crores if i remember. ok agreed. hence it was a semi hit. no problem. now when holiday is made on a budget of 95 crores and even if it collects 90 crores it is a hit according to indicine. why? because of satellite rights, music rights etc etc. does not make sense at all.

  • 100 crore is sure for this film.i like this film,good content nd fantastic performance by akshay

  • my above comment has nothing to do with akki. i hope it collects more than jai ho. my problem is with the double standards a film’s verdict is declared. and i am also glad that holiday too just like jai ho has not manipulated and declared fake official figures. they have left the trade to do its job. kudos to the honesty. last year too many fake collections were declared. jai ho could have easily manipulated 10-12 crores and made it a hit. but they chose not to. and had jai ho not sold at exorbitant prices it could have been a hit anyway.

  • @Ali Khan: Just like 227(CE) for SRk is a blockbuster and 140 (Dabang) for salman is All time Blockbuster…

    I know my comment does not make any sense and so does yours…stop comparing them.. and go watch Holiday I bet u will love it..

  • finally sm recognition for film high on content. people should respect n support sensible films rather than fight n abuse upon collections.

  • who says it will not surpass jai ho?? Where r salman’s fans???? Niw tell will it cross jai ho or not?? Haha..

  • Why mainly akkifans and salmanfans hate rajeev masand? ? Only becoz he gives bad ratings to craps like joker,RR,K786,Boss,OUTIMD,ready,bodyguard?

  • Where are those stupid people who were saying that #Holiday is another flop by Akshay kumar n said that anohter 70 Cr movie for Akshay.Now is declared that #Holiday not only hit but also there are chances to become best movie of the thy ear till date.This is the tight slap to those Nonsense people who say Akshay is nothing in front of Khans ,he has yes he has Superstar No confusion

  • A.R.Murugadoss is so happy with the success of holiday that he has decided to make its sequel holiday:rise of the sleeper cells

  • kick can’t cross holiday fig. its entertainment will be bigger. hny also can’t cross kick. pk may cross due to hirani.

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