Top 10 Second Weekend Collections of 2014: Holiday by far the best

For films released in 2014, Akshay Kumar’s Holiday had the best second weekend and that too by some distance. Holiday was about Rs 4 crore ahead of 2 States and managed to collect around Rs 5.7 crore more than Salman Khan’s Jai Ho.

The business was also double than a film like Queen, which had a fantastic second weekend at the box office on limited screens and also way better than films like Heropanti and Gunday.

The Week 2 record is currently held by 2 States (Rs 24.71 cr) and Holiday has already collected around 22.5 crore with 3 days to go before the end of its second week.

Top 10 Second Weekend Collections of 2014

  • Holiday – 19.27 cr
  • 2 States – 15.42 cr
  • Jai Ho – 13.6 cr
  • Queen – 10.6 cr
  • Heropanti – 8.18 cr
  • Gunday – 7.78 cr
  • Main Tera Hero – 7.47 cr
  • Ragini MMS 2 – 5.4 cr
  • Hasee Toh Phasee – 5.15 cr
  • Bhoothnath Returns – 4.78 cr


  • Rajesh and aakash
    I think it depends on personal opinion. For me, holiday is one of the best movie I have ever seen. Maybe not for you or others as we are all dfferent with different tastes. But saying it is only trending well due to IPL is too far fetched. Sites like box office India and various others had already speculated that it had very Lil chace of doing well after the first day opening with only 30-40 % occupancy. But it is declared a hit due to such good wom as the collection never dropped.
    As for the critics… Many of them has personal bias against akasahy kumar. Take Rajeev masand for example. He had personal issues with akashay and never give any of his film a decent rating. I think he even gave 1.5 to 3 idiots as I remember correctly.
    8.3 or 8.5.. The fact is very few of akashay movies are over 8.. Which only justify the positive Wom this film is receiving
    I think we should give credit where its due… Anyway.. Thanks for your time guys..

  • @Johnny Johnny, Your Akki sir’s film OUATIMD was announced for Eid release but what happened, we all know that!! hahahahah
    A small star can’t release his movie on such prestigious holidays.

  • Queen was just THE BEST! i would give it 5 star, 2 States 4 star, Heropanti 4 star, and nothing special about Hasse to Phase.. I even can’t recall anything of the film!! not a film which touched my heart.. what I believe is the following: if we watched a film and it just didn’t stick in our mind and we forgot it by the time.. it could never be a good film.. we never forget what we enjoyed and really entertained us. I didn’t see Boothnath returns so can’t say anything about it. The same with Jai Ho, Main Tera Hero & Gunde..a one time watch only, nothing special about them.

  • Wooooo….was n awsm muvi haters,,, go watch it ,u can see that in several teary eyes while ‘naina ashq na ho will b on

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