Top 10 Second Weekend Collections of 2014: Holiday by far the best

For films released in 2014, Akshay Kumar’s Holiday had the best second weekend and that too by some distance. Holiday was about Rs 4 crore ahead of 2 States and managed to collect around Rs 5.7 crore more than Salman Khan’s Jai Ho.

The business was also double than a film like Queen, which had a fantastic second weekend at the box office on limited screens and also way better than films like Heropanti and Gunday.

The Week 2 record is currently held by 2 States (Rs 24.71 cr) and Holiday has already collected around 22.5 crore with 3 days to go before the end of its second week.

Top 10 Second Weekend Collections of 2014

  • Holiday – 19.27 cr
  • 2 States – 15.42 cr
  • Jai Ho – 13.6 cr
  • Queen – 10.6 cr
  • Heropanti – 8.18 cr
  • Gunday – 7.78 cr
  • Main Tera Hero – 7.47 cr
  • Ragini MMS 2 – 5.4 cr
  • Hasee Toh Phasee – 5.15 cr
  • Bhoothnath Returns – 4.78 cr


  • This shows that people have liked Holiday now 100 CR is on the cards . Holiday deserves to collect 100 CR and also ahead of Jai Ho . Well done again you have bounced back after two failures .

  • haha… All films are crap except mth. Mth was
    a well made film. A crap film trailor released
    this sunday. Another disaster releasing this
    diwali. And a crap remake releasing on
    gandhi jayanti. There is some respite though
    due to classic hskd. Hskd will be better than
    this craps and remakes.

  • no one interested in humshakal so akki got one more week
    holiday is definitely clean hit.
    after watching kick trailer it’s entertainment will be gives huge disaster.
    bad release date 8th Aug.

  • Finally a hit for Akki after back to back flops. Now after Holiday all next films will be flops after flops.
    Its Entertainment will be sure flop write my words. People liked Holiday as it was something new from Akki. But with IE Akki goes back to Joker and TMK territory, so flop sure.

  • Varun Sid Tere Chacha Mama ne hi dekhi hogi Mth……Maybe thats the reason it collectd jus 55Cr…..Holiday isnt any random Masala flick…..It has its heart placed at d ryt place…..Salute to Indian Soldiers who fight for us at the borders……Yu call movies teling stories abt our Army as Craps…..God Pitty Yu……Holiday was fabulous…..!!

  • now against Akki sir bhonkney wale kidhar hain nazar nahi aaa rahe 60cr my foot….
    biggest grosser of 2014 banne wali hai movie ….
    and ye kuch nahi only 1 years akki sir ko chance mile Eid Diwaali ya christmas pe releasing karne ka so Akki sir biggest grosser of all time bhi denge….

  • i am very happy … Holiday going very well at the boxoffice . And also for kick shatered all and every record on youtube .

  • Congrats to akki but in term of profit and verdict 2 states is still d biggest hit of d year.but hope holiday becomes the biggest hit of d year till june

  • Now it’s proven salman launched arjun is a bigger star than him. lol just look at the collections. Kick bhojpuri can never break dhoom 3 record. salman is lallu ace khan is number 1. SRK collected 230 cr with clashes, saullu collected 180 cr with solo run. Think what will ace khan collect if he released pk on eid 450 cr in india 500 cr overseas. But he gives eid to small khans – SRK,saullu

  • @floppy
    I have doubt over its entertainment bcoz of its release date sandwiched between kick n singham 2,but after it akki has a mass entertainer in Gabbar…
    Title is catchy enough for masses,akki’s look is solid,fresh pairing with shruti…
    Gabbar Singh Rajput will rock…

  • i saw holiday yesterday and honestly say it was a very average movie. infact below average. only akshay’s action is ok nothing extraordinary. illogical story. below average performances. honestly the movie does not makes sense. a man alone destroys sleeper cells and the police, government is sleeping. wtf. 12 armymen kill sleeper agents and nobody knows anything. the police the government no one??? but the sleeper head knows it. wow! infact police is doing nothing. akshay kumar alone is the law. and how come if you wear a suit you must have attended a marriage. totally crap movie. if you akki fans think this is good movie god help your taste. totally bakwas movie.
    and as far as collections are concerned holiday has the best release date which is post ipl. and open weeks. summer vacations are on. people have no choice but to watch it. there are no other movies. too many loopholes in the movie. now i know why akki movies flop because he signs pathetic movies like holiday. but this time he got lucky.

  • Even with one of the best release dates our ch akki is chasing 2 states record. lol n babaji ka ullu mnik did 75 crs in 2010 while gunday which released 4 years later which much bigger opening n screens collected 74 crs. Stop making a fool of yourself. Admit the fact our ch akki is smaller than arjun ranveer

  • there is no chance Holiday will become the biggest hit so far coz the budget of the movie is more than the compine budget of Queen and 2 States (the biggest hits of the year so far) but may be below average.

  • @aakash

    8.3 imdb rating proves otherwise
    Holiday’s imdb rating is even more than classics like 3 iditots, a Wednesday etc….. Kind of tell you how much people liked that movie.
    I am not a typical akashay fan( infact I loathe many of his movies) but holiday is one of the best movie I have ever seen….. And all of my friends feels the same way.
    There is a reason why it is holding up so well despite weak start. It has the best WOM for a movie this year.. A great entertainer and HIT….. I want to hail akashay for his performance and script choice.. And a salute to indian army .. The are our true heros.


  • salman and aamir kick biggest dispointing movie sure dekh lena maine kick dekhi hai south waali

  • @arun Holiday has been voted by only 3,000 votes while 3 Idiots has been voted by over 1,12,000 people. And its rating is 8.5, more than Holiday’s 8.3.
    Same with A Wednesday, it has 15,000+ votes and 8.5 rating, more than Holiday. It is a much much better film than Holiday, original film and better acting than Holiday.
    Both above movies were both critically acclaimed and received audience praise, Holiday has only public praise, not critical accalim. Just because a movie is about soldiers that doesnt mean it suddenly becomes great.

  • @arun- there is no hatred. i am just stating a fact that holiday is at best an average movie. and whatever little collection it has made is due to post ipl release, solo release, open weeks, summer vacations and people had no choice but to watch it. holiday is a wannabe intellectual movie with no logic and below average performances by the cast.

  • Holiday is trending well, will touch 100cr in this week, lifetime looking 115-120cr. So start was slow but end is great. Movie is beneficial for all associate with it whether producer,actor-actress or distributer and specially for audience as they loved the film.

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