My children don’t have my habits, I thank god for that: SRK on Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan said that he wants his children to be healthy and thanked god that none of his children have his habits.

“I would like them (Aryan, Suhana, AbRam) to be healthy and happy. Do whatever they wish. They should do whatever make them happy and be healthy. I never ask my children to become an actor, engineer. They can be whatever they wish to be,” SRK said.

“None of my children have my habits. I thank god for that. They are good kids. The only commonality between Suhana, AbRam and me is that we get dimples,” he added.

Khan has 3 children with his wife Gauri – Aryan (17), Suhana (14) and Abram (1).

Shahrukh Khan with kids

Shahrukh Khan with kids



  • hello indicine team this is second article of srk on fathers day.was it really necessary???. pls update about holiday’s second weekend collection which is more important than the above article.

  • It is sad that we will not see rivalry between SRK’s kids and Salman’s….

    Aryan will be romancing Aamir’s daughter i guess…

    Akki’s son aarav will debut with Suhana…

    And Floppy and Flop kumar’s kids will be predicting 60crs for it…and again they will be thrashed after their predictions…

  • Sharukh khan always gives good message to his fans. He respects his rivals Aamir khan and Salman or atleast he gives the message that he respects them. On other hand Salman and Aamir gives direct hateful comments against Sharukh, which pass the wrong message to their blind fans. Inturn what happens is, their fans mind is filled with hatred. On the contrary, Many die hard Sharukh fans respect and loves Salman and Aamir. It wouldn’t be never ever happening if Sharukh khan showed hatred against them openly. Sharukh make fun of himself and jokes about them on Award function but never ever showed hatred openly against any of his contemperory actors. That is a sign of intelligent human being. Most of people in the world are good human being but it doesn’t matter at all. It’s more important to be a mixture of Good+intelligent human being, only then we would learn to forgive, forget and adjust in life

  • Our king celebrated father’s day with his kids by watching KICK trailer in the same theatre where it was launched and our king even whistled at salman’s entry …

  • thats the real gentleman. hats off sir.
    self made star. down to earth. loyal husband. powerful father. rocking actor. and so on…words would be less to describe such a legend

  • Indicine have written that:
    Srk has three children with his wife Gauri
    The latest Abram was not with Gauri,he was born of a surrogate mother..

  • SRK rules bollywood…..ulimate family man and SELF MADE GLOBAL SUPERSTAR IN BOLLYWOOD with no god fathers….really an institution of acting and inspiration to all

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  • Our king looking little worried coz maybe he must have seen kick trailer secretly on his nokia lumia phone

  • we bhai fans and perfaketionist AMIR FANS HAve nothing to do just to spoil articles of indicine on srk because we hate him for no reason except that he is bettter than our fav zero actors altogether

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  • @vikram : what are you trying to say? If in real srk has no bad habits then your comment ‘Bade dil wala or jigar. Only actor to accept he has bad habits’ is nullled !!!!!!!! Lol !!!!!!!

  • @soroop : Atleast Aamir and Salman are straight forward and shows openly whom they like and whom they dont unlike srk who pretends to love everyone but in reality he likes only those people who are beneficial for him. When the time comes to Srk to give benefits to other he plays an ignorant !!!!!!!!!!

  • Chup bhi kar bhai SRK……Needlessly talkin…..People who do good stuff or who r good fathers doesnt boast or talk about it……Most of the fathers are d best in their own way…….So cut the Crap…..Post 2nd weekend and Monday Collection of Holiday……Trailer analysis of KICK…….And news about upcoming flicks…..!!

  • @arush y r u jealous of srk? There r already news of holidays collection but nobody care about it. Even akshay fans don’t care they r only trolling on srk page.

  • @Hrithik. Showing hatred openly would give wrong message to fans. Being straighforwad doen’t means showing hatred openly. I want to slap or abuse someone so I did, that is called straightforwardness? Rapes are happening in India only due to straightforward thought from some morons. They want to rape so they raped, that’s called straightforwardness? First thing the human shud learn is, where to draw the line, understood?

  • Its true that his kids dont have the same nasty habits as himself like being ride, obnoxious at Awards Ceremont all in the pretence of ‘entertainment’ aswell as being drunk n disorderly in public places like Wankhede 2012…!

    Still its a shame the same cant be said of his so called fans aka employees of Youtube like ‘sss khan’ who spends his entire day in an highly intoxicated state spouting vile here on this public forum…!

  • @suroop its not straightforwardness but pure cowardice by those morons who rape.

    No need to tag them as being anything more- only cowards do what they do- nothing ‘straight forward’ about it whatsoever….!

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