Top 10 Opening Day Collections of 2015

With Badlapur, Varun Dhawan has emerged as one of the most bankable young stars in the industry. The Rs 7.2 crore opening of Badlapur is probably bigger than the opening of his last film ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’, when factors like genre and adult rating are taken into consideration. Also, Badlapur released on just 1650 screens. The average collections per screen is the highest of 2015 so far.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Roy is the only film to cross 10 crore on Day 1 this year, followed by Akshay Kumar’s Baby which took a start at the box office earlier this year. Tevar, Shamitabh and Hawaizaada looked like failures on Day 1 itself.

  • Roy (2400 screens) – 10.41 cr
  • Baby (2650 screens) – 9.3 cr
  • Badlapur (1650 screens) – 7.25 cr
  • Tevar (2900 screens) – 7.05 cr
  • Shamitabh (1600 screens) – 3.5 cr
  • Alone (1700 screens) – 3.5 cr
  • MSG – The Messenger (1600 screens) – 3 cr
  • Khamoshiyaan (1300 screens) – 1.92 cr
  • Hawaizaada (650 screens) – 0.61 cr


  • Yes..he’s my favourite among the youngistanis.
    His and Nawaz’s performance is the soul of the film,without their performances the film would’nt have been half as good as it is.
    Sid Malhotra also got a chance to portray a similar role in ek Villain but he was expressionless for the most parts,was really lethargic in fighting scenes.

    ABCD 2 has a good chance of 100crs..looking forward to it.
    Also waiting for Dilwale..
    And I hope he works with Akki in BABY 2..

  • You got to give some credit to the director “Sriram Raghavan”. He really is a unique storyteller. THE way he reel viewers into his films….is pretty good. He has made two good films in the past…Agent Vinod was a disappointment though…He simply tried too much in that film…couldn’t find a rhythm.

  • Baby was among the best flick seen in recent times…..It is a disgrace to Indian Cinema that films like Baby,Shamitabh,Ungly dont collect a lot and Mindless potboilers earns Huge money…..This demoralizes The Directors to try something new

  • I am just wondering if Ranbir’s extended cameo ensures such good numbers then definitely his solo releases could collect more than 25+ crores even on a normal working day if the songs are chartbusters.

  • SHAME on Arjun fan ……!! ..

    Arjun kapppr should retire now….

    Work as spot boy in Akshay Kumar,HR , Khans films …….!! …

  • @ Indicine I just wanted to ask you how did you liked my article which was posted yesterday on the Q & A Article ? Please do reply . I am waiting to hear from you . I hope you like it .

  • @ indicine where is article of release date of akki sir Airlift film , where is brother films shooting finished party photos .

  • Wow super collections , varun is my favoriate after akki sir . Only baby has only good film of this year love u akki sir . Collections doesn’t matter to film like baby .

  • The first day collections always belongs to King SRK.
    Salamir fans never ever dare to say their stars will break SRK’s first day record.
    After 2015 they will have to chase 60 crore first day most probably…

  • Badlapur is shocking .
    Never thought about a revenge saga like that.
    Varun dhawan is brutal . His madness for vengeance is something that hard to describe.
    Nawaz sir is pitch perfect in evry frame.
    I have seen lots of revenge oriented films but this one is special.
    Superlative performance s by the duo.
    Hats off mr. Raghaban .

  • Saint Ram Rahim defeated Greek God

    in terms of manipulation ! lol
    But INDICINE is giving trade figures, not producer figures

  • Biggest opening day of 2015
    1. LOL 150 crore
    2.Fan 35 crore
    3.Bajrangi bhaijaan 34 crore
    4. Prem dhan lol ratan 30 crore
    5. Brothers 28 crore

  • nd akki fans were shouting for less screens on baby.see this.
    i already have said that – varun dhavan has that potential after ranbir kapoor to become a superstar.
    srk hrithik ranbir nd team.

  • and akki fans shouted for less screens at time of baby.
    see this.
    i have already said that varun dhavan has potential to be a superstar after ranbir kappor.
    srk hrithik ranbir team.

  • i predicted 7.5 crore so i am more correct than anyone on indicine this time. varun is going on salman way if we forget sk’s first biwi ho to aisi after that salman gave six straight hits hope varun will do same.

  • Indicine team Badalpur was released solo on around 2900 plus screens..I have counted the shows on bookmy show and compared with Roy which was released on 2400 screen bcoz it had MSG as competitor + Baby which was released on 2400 screen bcoz it had DKD as competitor. In fact Badalpur started with 28% occupancy but dropped to 23% day one average occupancy..Movie is too vulgur and voilent…so such A rated wont sustain beyond first weekend BT OH Sunday has a big match

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