Toilet Ek Prem Katha Day 3 (Sunday) Box Office Collection Update

‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ has done what many films have failed to do this year i.e show big growth on the all-important Saturday at the box office. The extreme drought like situation at theatres has ended, and it’s Akshay Kumar once again who has turned out to be the saviour of sorts for the industry.

The superstar has always been one of the few stars who the exhibitors love. A few years ago, it was only because of his constant flow of film releases and his dedicated fanbase who would increase the footfalls in theatres. Now, the multiplexes are also filling up and the trade is rejoicing for the first time after ‘Bahubali 2’ in April / May this year. Tubelight did fairly well in its first 3 days, but the expectations from a Salman Khan Eid release are always much higher.

On Saturday, evening onwards, business at multiplexes peaked with NCR, Punjab, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore just to name a few, were running at 70-80% occupancy. The smaller centres were also performing. The all-India collections of the film on Saturday is Rs 17.10 crore, with the two day total crossing the 30 crore mark in the domestic markets.

In comparison, a bigger film with a much bigger budget – last week’s release, Jab Harry Met Sejal, never managed to cross the 16 crore mark on any day, even though it took a better start of more than 15 crore on Friday. It also goes to show that a strong trend is more important than a good opening day because ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ now has a chance of surpassing the lifetime business of ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ in just 5 days.

On Sunday, the film is recording better collections than Saturday and shows until 2PM suggest the film could cross the 20 crore mark by the end of the day. There’s a partial holiday for Krishna Janmastami on Monday, so multiplex business for the late night shows could hold better than normal Sundays.

Tuesday is a big holiday for ‘Independence Day’, a major weekend that the film got for itself when SRK decided to avert the clash. ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ is  now looking at 5-day weekend business in the 70-75 crore range, which would make it a big winner at the box office.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha Box Office Collections:

  • Friday – 13.1 crore
  • Saturday – 17.1 crore
  • Total – 30.2 crore


  • Toilet ek prem katha will take north india,UP,CI,GUJARAT,RAJASTHAN FEW EAST INDIA CIRCUITS … storm this independay day .
    independence day biz will be more than sunday collections it will do 23-24cr on that day.

  • Outstanding! This is the first hindi movie since Bahubali 2 that has shown such good trend. In North it is rocking but the only concern is that business in south has severely been affected due to heavy flow of releases. In Andhra/Nizam there were 3 big releases(Rana Daggubati’s Nene Raju Nene Manthri, Lie and Jai Janaki Nayaka) on Friday, Danush’s VIP 2 in Tamil, and other significant releases in Kannada(Jani and Mass Leader) and Malayalam(Thrissivaperoor Kliptham and Clint). Anyhow, I am still happy that TEPK is showing excellent trend and this was the only thing Bollywood needed since a long time.

  • Indicine ur commentary counters ur own statements sometimes while reviewing different movies.
    Strong trend along with atleast decent if not good opening is required for films else if films open too low even den strong trend may not make much difference other words perhaps extraordinary trend may b required which will be exception. Case in mubarakan …it has a good hold ..decent trend …but it opened too low so at best may b average..certainly not a clean hit.

    • @Mani Suri, strong opening + excellent trend is always ideal (E.g: Bahubali, PK, Dangal). Steady start with good / excellent trend is also good enough (E.g: Jolly LLB 2, Badrinath). It shows acceptance for the film. But when a film merely gets an initial, but shows poor trend, it’s certain to fail. Most recent examples are Tubelight and JHMS.

  • My prediction for TEPK in
    Sunday:20.80 cr
    LBO:149-157 cr
    Hats of to Mr.Akshoy Kumar for delivering us a film that is so entertaining yet so relevent to our society.watching TEPK is a huge relief immediate after disasterous and pathetic JHMS.Now it is time for saharukh khan to retire from doing major or title role and act in supporting or minor role.Indian movie lovers are no mood to bear another torturous movie of him ,the trend that started from Ra one and has reached at its pinnacle in JHMS.

  • If anyone wants proof of how @ indicine is biased towards srk, just look at the title of the articles they post when srk’s movies does a decent business –

    Powerful performances, towering performance, blows away record, excellent collections, superb collections……

    When it comes to movies of others –

    XYZ movies first day collection, second day collection, third day collection, weekend collection.

    @ indicine……hope you guys finally grow up.

    You could have put up a better title……than such bland ones like first day, second day collections.

    All you enthusiasm is muted when others’ movie performs. Though you guys put it in the article that how TEPK finally ended the drought, the heartfelt or real excitement is completely missing from the article and the title. Bias to the core.

  • LMAO… the biggest joke that akki is saviour for distributors just because his films crosses 100 crs but nobody consider budget….. They say 3 films of akshay collected 100 crs each and 300 crs in total hence he is saviour but they never talk about the combined budget of all 3 films…


    Housefull 3 – 90 crs budget – 116 crs coll.
    Rustom – 50 crs budget – 130 crs coll.
    Airlift – 50 crs budget – 120 crs coll.

    Total 3 films 90+50+50 = 190 crs budget
    and 3 films 116+130+120 = 366 crs coll…

    which means with budget of 190 crs collections are 360 crs… collection seems high but budget is high too coz when we talk about other biggies it’s very different. …

    Sultan – 70 crs budget – 300 crs coll…
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan – 80 crs budget – 326 crs coll…
    PK – 80 crs budget – 339 crs coll
    Dangal – 90 crs budget – 385 crs coll….

    These films are far better than akki’s films combined on alone but when we add just 2 of Salman and Aamir c

    Sultan + BB – 70+80 = 150 crs. Budget
    300+326 = 626 crs collection..

    PK + Dangal – 80+90 = 170 crs. Budget
    339+395 = 734 crs collection….

    And u talk rubbishes… for a film to be a success it needs to collect double of its budget but akki’s 3 films with budget of 190 crs failed to collect 380 crs then how is he saviour ?

    Salman & aamir’s film with less than 40 crs of akki collected double of akki’s…

    So stop barking Sh!ts…

  • Toilet – Ek Prem Katha box office: While Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan failed, Akshay Kumar bailed Bollywood out of a lull period

    – Bollywood life.

    Finally media is giving Akki his due

  • Huge advance booking for Tue already – many shows in filling fast mode in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai – just wow

  • @maria:u fool,it needs 106 CR’s to breakeven n anything about 115 it wud be clean hit.
    @indicine:how much wud be its lbo figures as per u?

  • Sorry indicine in 4 days flat jhms wud be crossed not 5 days.but Monday hold is important. If it holds on around 10 CR’s jhms wud be crossed.

  • Why all this euphoria over an actor who after 5 yrs still cannot cross his own highest crapfest/ grosser ROWDY GOBBAR…!

    Toilet is another flop

    • The only thing we know now is that industry lost more than 100 crores in last 3 months with back to back flops – JJ, Tubelight and JHMS…Akki rescued the industry this year with not 1 but 2 hits…last year he had 3 :)

  • This proves how bias you are indicine..first you guys were saying..toliet has to do 140 cr pkus..and now at 70 cr in week you are declaring the film a winner..i mean come on…and just to clarify if it doesn’t it will not make me any happier or if it does, it will not make me any more sad..but the bias which you are showing is more following your site..

  • The movie is excellent because of several reasons. The story is original, plot is excellent, the direction is superb, the screenplay is wonderful, editing is taut, casting is brilliant, location is authentic , cinematography is wonderful with special mention of the lighting and the frames of the outdoors at night, the music which is apt and the songs which are used to carry the narrative forward fluidly…This is what and how movies should be made…Shree Narayan has held it all together…hats of to an excellent director who has given a film which is realistic, sends out a message subtly but most importantly is entertaining and we’ll narrated…. Superstar Akshay Kumar gives another splendid performance. Bhumi Pednekar is awesome as in her second film she has given a seasoned performance. Divendu as Ahshay’s young brother is such a delight. Anupam Kher, Sudhir Mishra and Shobha Khote pitch in good performances as well…an the whole an enjoyable film,a wonderful love story, based on the precincts of an activity we abhor..well told, sends a meaning and is hugely entertaining…

  • Tepk will become the highest grosser of Akahay kumar’s career . Distributors already started distributing sweets . Whole industry is rejoicing after epic disaster jab harry met sejal which has been rejected outright by the audience left and right. Its ahuge emberrassment for srk and his career is on downfall now flop after flops. On the other hand TEPK is loved by families, bachelors, youngsters,kids people from every walk of life. People of India has accepted it whole heartedly.TEPK will ensure huge profits for distributors and exhibitors.

  • people left theater during 2nd half, will crash on weekdays like all previous aki films even airlift can’t sustain tepk not even close

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