Tiger Shroff has potential to be the top-most star: Aamir

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan, launched the trailer of Tiger Shroff’s debut film ‘Heropanti’, and reckoned that the young actor has to the potential to go on and dominate the film industry.

“It gives me great pride and pleasure to present Tiger to all of you. I believe that he is the new superstar on the horizon” Aamir told reporters at the unveiling of the Heropanti trailer.

“I truly believe that he has a lot of potential to be the top-most star of the country, and all of us wish him all the very best,” he added.

Aamir, who was keen on launching Tiger under the ‘Aamir Khan Productions’ banner, had also spent time with Tiger during one of his training sessions.

“I have spent a little time with him. I had the pleasure of working out with him a few times and I feel he is so dedicated, he really works hard. I was really impressed to see his approach to what he wanted to do” Aamir said.

Heropanti  releases in theatres on May 23 2014.

Aamir Khan with Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon

Aamir Khan with Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon

Aamir Khan at Heropanti press meet

Aamir Khan at Heropanti press meet

Kriti Sanon, Aamir Khan, Tiger Shroff and Jackie Shroff

Kriti Sanon, Aamir Khan, Tiger Shroff and Jackie Shroff



  • I don’t think he would be a future superstar…he doesn’t know acting.
    Aamir had to say these words,he had no option but to praise Tiger.

  • Actors who could be future superstars:
    Ranveer Singh
    Varun Dhawan
    Siddharth Malhotra
    Arjun Kapoor

  • True Babaji Ka thullu. Varun, Siddhart, Arjun & Ranveer and even Aditya Roy Kapoor all have the potential to become future superstars. All of them are better looking and talented than Tiger. The least talented out of whom I have mentioned, Siddharth is also better than Tiger.

    Although his name is Tiger, even a small kitten is scarier than him. This guy is so girlish;looks as if he has undergone a partially successful sex change, from a woman to a man. Sorry Amir, though I like you this time I don’t agree with you. He will have to show some talent as a good actor, at least for me to accept him as a superstar. But for now, no.

  • sushant rajput, sidharth malhotra, ranvir singh……they will be self made superstars like srk, akki…. these tiger, arjun, varun etc are in bollywood only due to their family… these fellows are transforming bollywood into family property…. i want all these star kids to fail badly so that many struggling artists get a chance in bollywood…….

  • Vidyut Jamwal is far far better than Shroff.. i dont know y he’s catching so much limelight.. Vidyut has all the potential to become a future superstar for this he sud follow Akki’s footpath…He sud do some death defying stunts like Akki did in past to catch the limelight.

  • Hmm, who is this Tiger..future superstar? Ranveer Singh is the only name that comes to my mind…others like Varun,Sid ,Arjun, Sushant, ARK,etc still have a long way to go to even catch up to the current Ranveer Singh…lol

  • By the way nothing new in the triler same tried old formula,and this guy just look weird,his face izz just like shakibul hassan from bangladesh,yes he can become future abhishek bachan

  • Aamir had said what he feels and what he likes to say about Tiger, let the time will decide where tiger reach. I am not impressed with the trailer and tiger yet. For me Ranbir can be top most superstar but the negative thing is that media and bollywood members started to rate him higher than current superstar so if his upcoming movies will fail than it will affect his stardom drastically. Ranveer comes to next than Varun and Arjun. Sushant has the best lineup but i doubt will he become huge star.we have to wait and watch.

  • Ranbeer kapoor and singh , arjun kapoor , aditya roy kapoor and varun dhawan will be super star and siddharth malhotra and sushant singh rajpoot are normal or bed actors . sid mal look like fool when he copy to srk in every expression.

  • AMIR SIR , You r the only actor of toaday’s era who deserve the BHARAT RATN award . baaki koi door door tak aapke saamne dikhai nahi deta.

  • Guys, its just first look or trailer is out. Let the movie release and allow this rookie to show his skills. Do not judge a book by his cover !!!!!!!!

  • Trailer is good i don’t know why people only see -ve things there is good things too and movie will be hit haters only know to pls be neutral.

  • @Anupama: With the words u written, I smell jealously!!! Are u that intimidated by his looks and physique???

  • if tiger didn’t have potential,then how arjun,sidharth has the potential.for me the worst in look as well in acting is arjun kapoor,he doesn’t deserve to be a superstar.sidharth is looking always suffocated with his acting.only varun looks good,dances well,also acts.ranveer’s acting is average but he has craziness that no one has.no one close to ranbir kapoor,I like him after shahid kapoor,who has the next ruler after SRK.

  • Am sure Amir Khan didnt c Vidyut Jammwal starrer film Commando A one man army still….he bettr do dat 1st n then comment on hu’s da nxt superb action star of b-town

  • shut up all of you who says that tiger is not good actor.He is better than all stars like siddharth,varun,etc. only tiger will become future superstar of bollywood.

  • tiger and kriti are the best and both of them have potentials to be superstars…….. aamir is right

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