Dr Cabbie Trailer – Salman Khan’s International Production

Here is the trailer of Salman Khan’s first international production – Dr Cabbie starring Vinay Virmani, Lilette Dubey, Adrianne Palicki, Kunal Nayyar, Mircea Monroe, Rizwan Manji and Chris Diamantopoulos. 

The film, directed by Jean-Francois Poulliot, also marks the debut of Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabelle Kaif.

The super funny trailer shows Deepak achieving his vision of becoming a renowned doctor in Canada. The trailer takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride of laughter, chaos, tears and fun as Deepak ends up as an unemployed Indian doctor driving a cab in Canada.




  • Srk, aamir and salman should be banned from bollywood due to overacting and overrated. bored after watching so many overrated khan movies.

  • only if salman had the guts to try something like this. if he can produce films like this, why can’t he try acting in these type of films too ?

  • U people takes each and every thing of salman as negative,if he does cameos in small films u started saying that he cant pull audience by doing item numbers,he does all this things with heart to help some one in need not like other stars who charge even for one second cameo, we r proud of salman for helpinng not only poor but also his freinds youngsters and every one:
    sallu u rockzz

  • Chillar party is a very good film which is made by heart not for boxoffice numbers thats the first outing of being human now this one and i think this would b also gem just like chillar party

  • proud to be a salmanian.. fabulous trailer.. it is a good mix.. while salman will continue to rule n dominate with mainstream commercial cinema n his production house will explore different dimensions in cinema.. way to go salman.. u rock!

  • Don’t underestimate the power of Salman Khan, the superstar of both big screen and small screen. He is a national award winning producer!! Won for his very first film, Chillar Party! While a certain star can only bleat about national award!!

  • Great movie. It will win Oscars for Best original screenplay, best sound editing and best cinematography.

  • @Anand,only ghanta and kela award winner”s fan could comment like you.bhai’s grunting dialogue delivery and worst acting couldn’t help to win at least one award.I mean to say that salman couldn’t get award for his own acting.

    in that sense SRK’s Ra One also got national award for best technician film.however bhai won best supporting actor in filmfare due to acting with SRK in K2H2.poor actor!!!!!no one is interested in national award because those are fixed as even saif ali khan got it,lol.

    but low IQ peoples like you couldn’t find the difference between SWADES and hum tum,what because you’re a bhojpuri fan.if SWADES is bad film then chiller party is worst film.we know bhai’s power very well as his fans only belongs to some small bhojpuri villages.as jai ho couldn’t earned in multiplex.also before 5bb,bhai gave so many back to back disasters.some jokes in the world persists like jai ho is a value based movie,ha ha..people answered well to this 3rd grade film.

    yeah this film will just like bhai’s great film marigold as it produced by bhojpuri bhai,lol.look at a bhojpuri @dxt namm how he proud by saying I’m proud to be a bhojpurian,my laugh knows no bounds.

  • @sss : Either you hate him or love him but cannot ignore him. A Salman production movie (where he is not starring) can effect your mind so much then imagine what his full fledge starring movie can do you. Dont worry, Golden Kela organizers will award you ‘Biggest Bawra’ next year for your mindless (even real bhojpuris are more sensible n intelligent than you) comments !!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,I’m insecure!!!!!!!!just see the comment before my comment there was 2 id named @Anand,@sr***fan,why these 2 or 1 salman fan brought SRK into matter alsthough SRK didn’t have any relation with subject and that tends me to give this comment,so better you eat your comments that well suits to you not me,btw I’ll never forgot about bawra and kela award winners wghere KING KHAN is highest time FILMFARE winner and the best among best actors not a non actor like bhai,lol.

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