Tiger at 125 railway stations across India!

The makers of Ek Tha Tiger are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to grabbing the attention of the audiences. Yashraj Films has gone all out with its posters and advertisements; the latest novelty in the campaign is the railway promotions. Keeping in mind the fan following of Salman, YashRaj has introduced a whole new approach to communicate and reach to their fans.

Salman Khan is promoting the action packed romantic film at 125 railway stations across India in the form of announcements. He has recorded a 15 second sound clip that’s being played as an announcement on the railway platforms. This innovation by Yashraj has been very well received as the railway commuters can’t stop raving about hearing Salman with his quirky humor while catching their daily train. “It was such a pleasant surprise to hear Salman Khan at the railway platform instead of the regular announcers one fine morning while rushing to work” said Bhavna Seghal, a daily commuter.

Released on the 15th of August, this Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer, has already smashed most box-office records.



  • Ritiesh,Do I have the right to reply although you did not speak to me,but if you know that salman donates 5% about his money then no need to reply to you ,islam is about intentions as the girl said not just deeds,intentions only allah knows,do not exaggerrate praising the value of what he does,and some one here wrote that shahrukh khan was asked before if he helps needy people and he said yes but he does not love to speak about that as it must be hidden,and yes I remember hearing him saying that,there is big difference between both,salman acts as if he is the first one to do charities and exaggerrates showing that using media,sorry but I have no respect to this pretending person

  • bolly8own,if you want to lie ,try to decorate your lies,you want to defend for salman,ok you are his fan your problem but putting shahrukh khan so even after shahid kapoor and ranbir kapor and all these flop actors,is this joke or what pr jealousy baby

  • Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg, Wanted sirf Sharukh fans k liye bakvas film hai Public k liye nahi…… public sab janti hai…. Salman is a real man of Bollywood

  • put amir at seventh position with shahrukh khan and then this can be the right order of top indian stars in vulgarity and cheap movies from one to seven

  • u people may talk nonsense about salman bt still it doesn’t matter to me..he was my fav,still is and forever will be,,and people r telling that srk does charity but doesn’t claim,,may be it is true…bt salman khan ka jaisa charity usne kabhi nahin kiya hai aur kar bhi nahin sakta because for this, one must have a big heart..salman doesn’t care about money..he does only for charity..he does movie so that he could run his charity….salman khan invests money each and evey month with a heavy budget which is not easy to hide in front of the media…..salman doesn’t claim that he gives money to the poor people……if salman khan’s movie fails,he jst worries because he wouldnot have any resource to run his charity……..he is neither arrogant nor greedy…that’s why people love him so much……Salman khan is in the heart of billions..i have watched ek tha tiger twice in theatre still planning to watch…..

  • hadeel
    i know srk is a good person but salman khan is the best….what do u know abt salman khan???if u want to defend srk,u r allowed,bt don’t talk crap about salman khan………..

  • sunil,where i spoke crap about salman ,I just said the truth,come to Egypt and watch if you want to make sure,but salman fans are the ones who insult shahrukh always,i really began to hate entering on all indian sites as you always insult him and to know you so insult all india as he is India for us,for the whole world,and shahrukh khan is the best always,there is no argument about that,he is the peoples lover not the just the members like other actors

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