Tiger at 125 railway stations across India!

The makers of Ek Tha Tiger are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to grabbing the attention of the audiences. Yashraj Films has gone all out with its posters and advertisements; the latest novelty in the campaign is the railway promotions. Keeping in mind the fan following of Salman, YashRaj has introduced a whole new approach to communicate and reach to their fans.

Salman Khan is promoting the action packed romantic film at 125 railway stations across India in the form of announcements. He has recorded a 15 second sound clip that’s being played as an announcement on the railway platforms. This innovation by Yashraj has been very well received as the railway commuters can’t stop raving about hearing Salman with his quirky humor while catching their daily train. “It was such a pleasant surprise to hear Salman Khan at the railway platform instead of the regular announcers one fine morning while rushing to work” said Bhavna Seghal, a daily commuter.

Released on the 15th of August, this Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer, has already smashed most box-office records.



  • Lol, now film makers understood that its ETT is not doing well, that is why they are promoting even after the release of ETT lol.
    And till now ETT did 94cr not 100cr. Official collections are given only by BOI

  • Indicine, what do you think; will ETT be able to smash the 200crore record of 3 idiots? You told that after the end of the weekend verdict will be clear and it would be able to predict the all time collections of the movie. I’m waiting to know that prediction.

  • @anupama, it can not– it’s impossible.
    Reason– the story.
    And it’s one time watchable that’s it.
    For breaking the record of 3 idiots the movie needs to have a good story and entertainment.

  • @marz aap apnai aap ko chupanai ki sooncho …aur yeh kya ETT nai 6 din mein ra.one and don2 lifetime collection ka satiya naash kiya that is the megastar

  • I just want to say that it is not boxoffice collections that make an actor be called a legend,for example me and about 25 persons of my friends and family entered the movie although we are not salman fans,but the name of the actor is made by the value of movies he makes ,the values that he spreads,the effect he makes on you with his films,you guys watch now agneepath of amitabh,do you say that this movie was flop in boxoffice so it is a bad movie or you watch it as a good movie,amitabh made some few flop movies but he is still a legend ,the name of the actor is made through his lifetime of work,not through only five years or even less ,the real star is the one who respects audience with good movies he makes that respects your mind not movies that make you in coma then forget about when you get out of the theate,movies that you only watch because it is holiday,the real star is character,is value not only some numbers that can be easily made by some fans who repeat watching his trivial movies to make them superhit although they sleep in the theater,the real star is history that we respect and salman will never be so,just wait for 5 years,there will be no one who will remember or respect salman as he did not respect us,shahrukh khan made a name of himself ,not just because of one movie that you call it a flop in boxoffice,flops with shahrukh are of 115 crores and with no big holidays like eid,then shahrukh khan is nothing,shahrukh khan already made his name as the third legend in bollyowd after amitabh and rajesh khaana .Amir khan is also on his way to make that name because he is a respected star that introduces movies which respect your mind,he respects us so we respect him and he always lives in our hearts,some years later there will be no fans who will fight together,ther will be only certain who have their names to defend for not fans or boxoffice

  • @eman : salman dsnt respect fans.. R u crap. He is the bigest star who cares for his countary, look hw much he helps the needy people.. N wat abt his movies
    maine pyar kiya , hum aapke hain kon , andaz apna apna , hum dil de chuke sanan , dabang, wanted. Wat u think abt dat. N yea it is true dud ek tha tiger goona cross ra one n don 2 life tym collection in 6 days wid a avrg story. Haha only God knows wat wil happen when he’l get a script like 3 idiot s ?

  • you again speak about boxoffice collections,ok no problem and who told you that he helps fans from his heart not just for media ,who told you that amir or shahrukh khan do not do,me myself read some years ago a tweet of paralyzed girl who spoke about how much shahrukh khan supported her and saw a picture of him on facebook at cancer hospital for chidren and on pinkvilla site there was a topic about him in hospital visiting children with anemia,just topic not pictures or any thing,he even does not do that under the name of charity,very easy to do good things,very difficult to do them sincerely for Allah not for media,and when people will remember salman after some years if they even remembered him,they will say he was doing some charities or they will say he was a bad actor ,I can not stand watching his movies,do not lie and say that people will watch his movies because of his charities that only Allah knows his intention of doing,it is not only deeds,it is also intentions,that is true islam,when you donate for needy people with your right hand,do not even your left see how much you donated with,ok

  • @eman world knw tht srk is most selfish person in bollywood history…..srk only as romantic hero not much thn tht…..he uses ppl and thrashes after tht…..after fight wid salman most celebs told srk is selfish and hav one goal in life just be sucessful and pull down others…..in some many award function he made of aamir,akshay,sunny deol and salman…..aamir keep quiet for yrs and answered him best possible way….by callin him d….

  • @marzi dude u need get this fact straight salman khan ett is already breaking records and the story is being compared to the Bourne series wat else can u ask for

    Salman truly roks

  • @eman ur frustration in different way thts all….in simple i wil tel u srk is chatur ramlingam in 3idiots…always worries abt top spot and sucess and aamir is rancho himself in 3 idiots…aamir follows excellence

  • can you tell me the evidence that shahrukh khan is a selfish person,shahrukh khan was made fun at him at awards before from Ranbir,ranbir the young star,he made laugh at him in my name is khan and shahrukh khan was sitting and laughing about that,ranbir made fun at him also when he won the best actor award ,when he was at kkr match and knew that akshay was there ,he himself went to say hello to him although they had fights and were enemies and went to celebrate with him after the winning oof kkr,he wished all the best for salman in ek tha tiger and apologised to him in koffe with karan ,salman refused it and said it was for publicity although he accepted vivek apology and no one told you the real reason of disaggrement between them then do not speak but me as a usual person if any one apologised to me I will accept I will not think if he does that sincerely or not,it needs very big gourage to apologise and bigger courage to accept apology,after this interview in which shahrukh apologised to farah ,she phoned him and every thing became well,salman is weak person and bad one ,shahrukh khan is neither selfish nor arrogant saying I do not have enough talent and I am not handsome but i just have luck

  • @eman r u maid of srk? am talkin of aamir and srk..why u brin salman in btw….srk is selfish dont time wil prove it….i think srk is chatur of bollywood

  • @eman i knw value of movie if u knw meanin of cinema u dont abuse salman and his fans…..aamir told i enjoy salman movies and whistle..becoz its is entertainment….every movie hav diff section of audience…evn i dont lik salman but abuse hi fans…..

  • I spoke about shahrukh khan and amir ,I respect both but my lap went out work and I recharged it and good that my comment came fast before I even read your comment,you think as you want not even my problem,salman is arrogant and all his interviews prove that ,all his behaviours ,hitting aish,katrina and saying I really feel sad for shahrukh khan,refusing shahrukh khan apology and doing charities to prove that he is good ,he is very selfish and his fans are just cheaters,I defend more about shahrukh as most salman fans love amir because he is salman friend,hate shahrukh because he is salman enemy,this is how they determine who we must love and who we must hate,we love salman then we love who he loves ,hate who he hates ,and only salman,made him as his enemy,refused peace,ther is no thing that can make you hate shahrukh khan,only because the enmity between both you hate him and then say he is selfish and try to prove it and even you do not have evidences and misunderstand what he says,shahrukh khan ,without any exaggerration,the most respected and kind man ,not only in india but the world ,I travelled alot,all the people love shaahrukh and praise india because of him,salman will end after some years as I said ,get life please and wake up,I will not reply again as I speak about facts,facts do not need defence,they already defend about themselves.Shahrukh khan is legend,if you do not accept that with your brothers,salman fans,then that is your problem

  • I agree with eman,I am the biggest hritik fan in the world but salman fans lie,always lie ,they make from some one trivial like salman big star calling shahrukh han names,not only shahrukh khan but also his fans,even if I wrote how they insult him,my comment will be deleted because of the dirty insults,I love shahrukh khan but he is not my favourite

  • @eman i dont support salman..i dont lik his either…i dont lik srk becoz he is arrogant and selfish…srk uses media to spread negative things of other it is proved so many times wen ghajini released srk frds givn negativ review aamir himself admitted it same happnd wid akki wen singh is king released srk done same thing….srk is worst human bein in whole world…his sucess due to luck….nothin else

  • @eman i think ur paid service of srk…..come to south india i wil shw wat exactly legend or superstar means….

  • facts spoken abt srk by aamir in so many interview…still u want factd i wil he disrespected famous director shankar who made robo wid rajini sir…..thn he made ra.1 which is flop….look at he appointment s.s rajmouli of south director for interaction see the diffrence in attitude becoz ur loyal fan of srk u guys abuse anyone actor? Grow up dude

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