Tiger at 125 railway stations across India!

The makers of Ek Tha Tiger are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to grabbing the attention of the audiences. Yashraj Films has gone all out with its posters and advertisements; the latest novelty in the campaign is the railway promotions. Keeping in mind the fan following of Salman, YashRaj has introduced a whole new approach to communicate and reach to their fans.

Salman Khan is promoting the action packed romantic film at 125 railway stations across India in the form of announcements. He has recorded a 15 second sound clip that’s being played as an announcement on the railway platforms. This innovation by Yashraj has been very well received as the railway commuters can’t stop raving about hearing Salman with his quirky humor while catching their daily train. “It was such a pleasant surprise to hear Salman Khan at the railway platform instead of the regular announcers one fine morning while rushing to work” said Bhavna Seghal, a daily commuter.

Released on the 15th of August, this Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer, has already smashed most box-office records.



  • chetan,shahrukh khan is not arrogant or selfish ,all the people know that,media said that salman was searching for the boxoffice of Don 2 and created accounts to attack it and when there was a problem between shahrukh and amir before 3 idiots release because of fans war ,shahrukh khan went to see the movie on its opening day and hugged amir ,after that amir insulted him and said the dog comment,media speaks alot and you believe what you only want to believe,you hate shahrukh khan then he is a very bad person ,every thing bad can come from him,a star at the size of shahrukh khan always jokes with akshay and loves him promoting for his movie,did you see any star doing that for a star like him who breaks records too,he loves hritik too and helped him doing krish ,krish is shot at shahrukh studio,hritik is also a star who made 100 crore,the problem is with salman and amir ,they claim to be good friends and try to demolish shahrukh ,salman shot an item song in sos which will be released with shahrukh next movie and amir delayed his movie to launch it 2 weeks after shahrukh ,they want to demolish him,I am one of the girls who met shahrukh khan in the real life and the word kind is very less to describe him,i am not indian,I knew about shahrukh khan from just 2 years,he is a child.I can not walk and when he met me ,he dealt me like his daughter and gave me hope in life,I can not hate this man atall ,he is the kindest I have ever seen,I look at him as my dad ,you will keep hating and we will keep loving

  • marz n eman have gone mad after the record collections of ett.. they are talking rubbish.. only making excuses all the time.. ra.one released on diwali.. don2 on christmas.. and many of srk films have released on diwali.. ready did not release on any holiday.. what the hell u guys are talking about.. salman khan is the most loved superstar

  • Good to see salman fans speak only about numbers not the movie value,salman will finish soon like he started soon,I will come here inshallah after some years and meet you if you had a face to meet me,akshay kumar and hritik also break records,indepedence day of india and the eid week are big holidays,no excuse for him to make small records

  • Now i am gonna explain why haters hate srk coz.
    1)he jokes on others
    2)He has more awards.
    3) selfish

    Now i am gonna explain everything

    I agree that srk jokes on others but when and where? at awards program but why? coz to entertain the audience. whats the reason for other people to joke or insult him in front of media? is that to entertain the people no. then whats the reason? srk jokes for a reason but what about others? Making jokes at award shows and making jokes in front of media is 2 different things.

    How would u feel when someone insults u in front of media by calling u a dog or how would u feel when someone teases u infront of media?
    How would u feel when someone makes fun of the movie infront of media for no reason?
    Of course u guys will feel frustrated and thats how srk feels, who can control their anger when someone is going on insulting and teasing u that too in front of media? srk is a normal human being like us, not god.

    Srk has more awards than anybody in Bollywood so that why u think he buys award or becoz ur favorite star is no where near srk when it comes to award?
    Srk got 4h highest civilian award for his acting- can u say he buught that award too? Okay leave srk, think about aamir– he got 3rd highest civilian award in india for his acting– can u say he bought award? what about legends like amithab bachan, dilip kumar etc?
    What about srk’s international award? he bought that too?
    Just give me a reason to prove what makes u guys think srk buys award.

    And what makes u think he is selfish? Coz he says everytime that he is the best? Yes of course he is the best and he has proved it with his acting talent and his hardwork, he is not saying this without a reason, is he? And on the other hand he helps others which we never ever come to know about it. After the results gets declared then only we come to know that he helps. He proved this with his Unesco award and that he is the first indian to get it, Now its something that indians should be proud that one of our indian got this award and instead u guys degrade him coz ur favourite role model did not get it.
    A selfish person is the one who cares for himself do everything for himself and not for others. Now tell me, do u think he is selfish? He did not do anything for others?
    If u disagree then give me a proper reason with enough evidence.

    And now each and every fact is proven, if some disagrees then give me a reason. If there is no reason and still u hate him then thats becoz u are jealous.

  • @eman people are not judged by what movies they do. there are judged by their personailty.
    erybody know that srk is the most selfish and jealoused actor in the world. salman’s being human is known by poeple world wide that why people love him more than cheapster srk
    @marz people dont hate srk they just hate his fans who thinks srk is god, but to tell you the truth he is been thrased from top spot. now he is not even in the leage of aamir and salman. dont worry
    about your fake facts because nobody cares about it.

  • @marwan you talk about not numbers but movie quality. aaki and hrithik. how about cosecutive 19 flops of akki. tell me any last good script from aaki. rowdy rathore no story and what housefull 2 and 1 man should be speaking cheapster. i like hrithik since you metioned him with salman which unfair for salman’s stardom. how about the story of kites, prem ki dewani, yadeein, and etc.
    let me tell you salman’s quality films maine pyar kia, hum aap kay hain kuan, pyar kia to darna kya, andaz apna apna(iconic movie). tere naam, recently iconic dabanng. he has four all time block busters which akki or hrithik will never have

  • ahmed how old is akshay and hritik compared to salman,salman introduced successful movies (in boxoffice) only since two years,and even they are successful without no good story,is this who must be called star for you

  • @Mohammed salman is 46, akki is 44 and hrithik is 40. what a big difference. mere ko lagta hai tere lehaas say yaa dono ranbir or imran say bhi young hain. salman ka success do saal say nahin balkay uski pheli film se hai jo all time block buster thi so dont be jealous

  • The difference ahmad is that I said that salman always flops except for the last two years (when he was 44),then wait for just 4 years for Hritik and see what he will do with good movies not just disaster and salman will finish after some years later ,accepted or not because he is bad actor and introducese shit movies,hritik will be next shahrukh khan after some years as shah became next amitabh,he will be so in our hearts not in our pockets

  • Ahmed ,i am not indian I am egyptians but to know shahrukh is the kindest person in this world,I saw him in reality ,very humble and respected and also kind,here in egypt shahrukh is the most famous and lovable indian star also in all the arab countries ,is movies my name is khan and Ra one were the first indian movies to be shown here after more than twenty years,most of our respected actors and actresses love him and dream of working with him,and he is very respected,I remember hearing him before asked if he does good work to help poor people and he said yes but I do not love to speak about because it must be secret between person and Allah,and here no one cares about salman except for some few people,but india is shahrukh khan,and box office collections show no thing,here crap movies with no stars succeed because people want entertainment and stars movies succeed too but not like these movies,they then succeed when they are shown on TV,people keep speaking about and keep watching,amitabh and shahrukh are indian name for non indians and this was made through a londg history not just some years are needed for some actor to be a star and you say salman began to build himself in 46 years ,you dream guys,just 4 years and he will be 50 ,the name of the star is already determined

  • I am indian but live in egypt and what you say is completely true hadeel,I always watch amitabh and shahrukh khan movies with my egyptian friends ,they love them so much

  • @hadeel and ramadan listen guys this is salman’s page if you guys dont like him than dont visit his pages simple as that. please visit srk’s pages. offcourse salman is no.1 star right now wether you guys like it or not. just like i HAVE said before aamir and srk are two other biggies but now salman is no.1 and rulling.

  • I don’t know wat’s termed as so called quality cinema? But I know if the ‘rain main’ is a masterpiece so
    Is titanic lord of the rings return of the kings, the avengers, the lion king, the dark knight, the exorcist silence of the lambs the godfather pulp fiction & the last American virgin. India is a democratic country n u have every right 2 worship ur role model n ur type of movies but than u cannot abused fan of the other movie stars n other genres. In my opinion avatar is as intelligent as inception n Jim Carey is as much respected n popular as Robert denero. Now I have been witnessing salman khan movies since ages wat I must admit about him is there is certain modesty n constant improvisation in his acting, he has proved himself in diverse genres n he has evolved from a lover boy to comic actor to a macho man of Bollywood. Wat comes 2 his rescue despite of his limited acting potential is his human aspects n certain humbleness in his performance. In contrary to him with obvious comparission to srk, the later is self proclaimed n being stereotyped as a lover boy hence with ages he is never a boy n 2 b lover man he missed a certain maturity in his performance. He is getting repeatative with his stammering act n certain accent n also he doesn’t suit raw action neither he has impeccable comic timing as salman khan also he lack massive fan following back home compare to the former, ofcourse he is undisputed supremo down abroad but that also being constantly under threat due to growing popularity there of salman n aamir. Such is massive euphoria of salman that these days he is termed as king khan n Tom cruise of Bollywood n certainly srk is 2 small a star n a actor compare to him. His cult movies such hahk, mpk, saajan, Karan Arjun, wanted, dabangg all r overwhelmingly entertaining. N I don’t mind if I m entertained it worth my money n I don’t care if it is not as classic as sholay or anand or andaaz apna apna or he is as versatile as big b but 1 thing is for sure the popularity n love he got from his loyal fan base is unmatched n comparable to Rajesh khanna in the past & rajnikanth in the present down south to some extent. N by that means shahrukh is not even eligible 2 b breath in the same league. Tnx.

  • ahmed,let him know how to rule himself and his behaviours first then come to rule the industry,just some years and he will finish,these records which he made in some two years or less and that makes you say that he rules bollyowd will be broken by coming stars,as what was built on unfair and what was made from no thing will finish like it was never was,no personality ,no acting skills,no charisma,no anything ,he will be kicked out of the industry if you accept or not and I am not a fan of any khans,but truth is truth,this salman is nothing

  • Ahmed bahi , relax , everybody knows , bahi is epitome of bollywood , trendsetter , and man with golden heart , and this movie will wipe out all the records , like a herd of donkeys during moonsoon season , so ahmed bahi dont give heed to above commenters , it is as evident as sun , that bahi has a stamp of authority over bollywood ,… just chill ahmad bahi and enjoy the ETT ATBB…

  • I am not indian ,just knew about indian movies since three years and when my sister saw salman in a crap movie I do not know its name,she said who is this ugly,change the channel,even salman,from the first look provoked her ,you never feel comfort looking at him but I though watched the movie,good that you say that he does action,comedy and romance but his acting is even zero at all these types,how can you bear this one,pity for you

  • srk is worst actor in hindi cinema……ghatiya romantic banakay indian cinema comedy circus banadaya…

  • enjoy ahmed bahi,enjoy as your pathfinder tells you but bad news ,your enjoy will finish dramatically soon as your idol will finish soon after some cute years which you can count on your one hand fingers,Hritik comes on the way

  • robin,you can call salman king of boxoffice,if breaking records in some movies make some one trivial like salman so,you can call akshay too but king of bollyowd,no ofcours it is booked for one person ,star who made himself by himself,no dad who makes his phones,no media which promotes,no being human which claims,your comment just shows you understand no thing about indian cinema ,for you,it is all about money that changes between night and another ,if another one else broke his record ,you will call him a king then,boxoffice collections change and the name of star remains which is made through many years,not just some months up to two years even,ok see how much I am generous for your salman,two years can you believe it

  • @eman : wat kinda guy u r dud. Hw cn u say dat salman helps d needy people jus infront of media.. I think u live in a wrong planet dud. I m nt against srk or amir bt salman khan donets 5% of his money wat he earns from a movie or ny thng else. Wat do expect more. I dnt c srk doing dat.. May b cz he dsnt get tym frm his ipl team or his production buisness. God bless all

  • ek tha tiger
    UK + USA + UAE
    + Aus + NZ + Fiji totals to Rs
    22.84 cr [opening weekend
    figures; just these 6 markets].

  • I watched ek tha tiger ,just want to know how this movie could make these numbers,in few years salman will be kissed and then put beside the wall like a piece of bread,he needs to wake up

  • top Indian Star:-
    1)Salman Khan,
    2)Amir khan, Hritik Roshan,
    3) Akshay kumar,
    4) Ajay Devgan, Shahid Kapoor,Ranbir Kapoor, Emran Hashmi, Emran Khan, Saif Ali Khan,
    7) Irfan khan, Paresh rawal, Shahrukh Khan, Jhony liver….

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