There is no stopping Akshay Kumar

There is no stopping Akshay Kumar and here is why 

  • His mere presence help sell a lot of tickets, irrespective of how good or bad the movie is.
  • Even some of his average grossers make 40 – 45 crores nett at the box office.
  • No denying the fact that 2009 has affected him, but not his fan-following. If his producers can get the economics of his film right his success-ratio will increase. De Dana Dan, Kambakht Ishq and Blue would have worked at the box office, if not for their high costs.

What he needs to do

  • Choose scripts more carefully and work with better directors.
  • Experiment with other genre’s.
  • Lower his price per film and instead opt for a share from the profits, one way could be by co-producing films.
  • Take up not more than 3 films per year.

Overall, by being slightly more serious about his films and career, Akshay can go a long way. His fans are with him!

Note – Sent by a Anonymous reader. Few corrections were made.



  • first thanks to INDICINE…for this article..but remember KI and DE DANA DAN ARE SUPERHITSand BLUE ABOVE AVG..okay???/thanks to NAUMAN,KING,AHSAN,VICK,SUDEEP AND SANDY..surely akshay will come wit more blockbusters next year..he is the only one here to stay..for another 20 years like amitabhji…no doubt..and many of the facts indicine posted as advice to akshay i hav already sed many times in 100s of comments in this site…
    by the way who the bloody hell is this asshole ROSHAN KUMAR AND TAWNY????tawny you bitch i already told a dozen times not to come and bitch over any stars over here you pop will be a nerd thats why you are born a useless chipmunk ass like this..and ROSHAN KI CHOOTH you wayt i will give more replies…first you shuld have some sense who is having more movies every year..then call him a superstar..wre you an alien saale abi tak nahi jaanta akshay kaun hai????tu hud jaanta hena tera maa kaun hai???

  • yes INDICINE there is nostopping akshaykumar…100% true…but your reviews also should equal with the title…when he was the only one who brought trend setters like big action movies ,comedy and versatility to indian cinema and the only one who bagged all awards in all cattegories[villain,comedian,best actor,supporting actor] and the only one in 20 years who had atlest 4 movies every year,…..the list and tags goes endless……surely there is no stopping…he is the true legend and for those bad wishers of akki and other retards he will prove it again again again and again that he is the only ONE!!!!!!even these bad wishers seeing his movie paying heavily for his tickets in theatres or even for the stage shows is itself a big PROOF!!!!

  • You are right praveen
    Some of stupid people can not see king akshay on the top, that’s way they want to show king akshay down with their stupid comments. But don’t worry nothing will change with their stupid comments, because king akshay reached this position on his own power and struggle, he is a self made king

  • thanks all for giving me the information of khatta metta.but the bad news is there is chance of golmal 3 releasing dewali 2010.if it does it will harm patiala hope it doesn’t.finger crossed.

  • hei mr or moss or mrs any unknown…golmaal 3 o 4 or something cannot do any harm to patiala house…as it has king akki in it……………………

  • King this is mrunknown.hope u r right.but don’t forget golmal 3 is a comedy n patiala house is a drama.people love to watch comedy in dewali.and nikhil advani is an unlucky director.and golmal series r very i right?

  • Mr unknown..remember kal ho na ho…Patiala House as tha name suggest has a lot of comedy in it and also has drama….like sigh is king comedy………………………………..People tired if watching loud comedies like golmaal..They need something different……….

  • i really like akki and i think onkly a man of guts and gumptions and strong application and dedication will show the great resilience akshay has shown. he has risen to great heights owing to the superb spine chillng stunts and the flair his acting possess. like a true fan i wish him all the best for 2010 and i am eagerly waiting for komagata maru to release. i dont know why the bullshit critics and media give more prominence to khanswhen they dont dersercve uit. look at sallu ourtof his last 16 films 12 have bombed at the box office. i know mnik and veer will be great duds at box office. inshallah

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