There is no stopping Akshay Kumar

There is no stopping Akshay Kumar and here is why 

  • His mere presence help sell a lot of tickets, irrespective of how good or bad the movie is.
  • Even some of his average grossers make 40 – 45 crores nett at the box office.
  • No denying the fact that 2009 has affected him, but not his fan-following. If his producers can get the economics of his film right his success-ratio will increase. De Dana Dan, Kambakht Ishq and Blue would have worked at the box office, if not for their high costs.

What he needs to do

  • Choose scripts more carefully and work with better directors.
  • Experiment with other genre’s.
  • Lower his price per film and instead opt for a share from the profits, one way could be by co-producing films.
  • Take up not more than 3 films per year.

Overall, by being slightly more serious about his films and career, Akshay can go a long way. His fans are with him!

Note – Sent by a Anonymous reader. Few corrections were made.



  • read dis nd plz post yur views.OPENIN OF CC2C:WITH SUCH A GUD PROMO!! Tremendous mass appeal coz ov Marshal art!!!!! Wiv such promotion!! Dnt yu think if it was other actor than it would have been the same!!! KI: A FILM RELEASIN AFTA 3 MONTHS!! The presence of international stars lyk sylver stallone nd others!! Mass appeal coz ov skin show nd kissin scenes!! Nd moreova an entertainment woz releasd afta a long age afta billu !! BLUE:WITH ACTORS Lyk sanjay dutt,katrina kaif!! The tremendous promotion ( 16 crore was spent)! Moreover it woz diwali . DDD:hera pheri woz main rzn! Not akshay!!fans r affectd mn! Do yu hav ne idea bwt da openin ov ddd?? It opend 2 avg response in multiplex on openin day!!!! Nd mr.aamir,srk,salman nd hrithik make a film hit coz ov dem! Not 4 promotion,music!!

  • U r talking nonsense..its the film which ensure a gud opening not star,ranbir kapur 5 week back gave 100percent opening now wid rocket 20percent..NO STAR CAN GUAQANTEE GUD OPENING BE IT KUMAR KHANS ROSHAN..even uday chopra can open 100percent if a film is well marketed nd well made..

  • Amit:
    did u see the promotions of wakeup sid , ajab ghazab, and rocket singh ???
    did u feel any diffrence ???
    if yes then let me know
    if not then u r mad . try to find a diffrence.
    another thing that u r rught to some extent that good promos gives good opening , so 8 x 10 didnt get good opening.
    but basic thing is star power do u think if in 3 idiots arjun rampal or shiny ahuja replace aamir then would u wait for that movie ???
    if Boby or akshay khanna replace Salman in Veer would u wait for that movie like a crazy ??
    or aftab or sohail khan replace srk in MNIK so wht expectations would u hv for that movie ???

  • Herlina welcome to indicine i saw ur name first time and glad to know that u r akki’s fan
    plz visit here alot and give ur good comments we will appriciat u.
    herlina did u see DDD ?? if yes then how was that ???

  • Although i’m not a die-hard Akshay Kumar fan…but i truly respect him for the following two reasons…

    1. The guy is totally self-made. He has been patient and has seen a long span in his filmi career where he was rated among the bad performers.

    2. He is one of the rare cases who has learnt and has improved his performance quite significantly…his voice quality, dialogue delivery and expression…all are miles ahead in quality as compared to his intiial days (when it was extremely difficult to understand what he was saying). I really respect him for this self imrpovement over the years (the only other actor who has done this is Saif Ali Khan…who used to be so irritating and screachy in the initial days of his career)

    I agree and totally believe that if Akshay selects better scripts…he can still be miles ahead of where he is right now. he has got the spunk to struggle and strive.

  • @nauman.i dun know in which planet u live..wake up ajb nd rocket equally promoted??where..tasveer was poorly power ll not fetch 100percent alone..there r many other factor also..

  • 2009 prooved Akki’s star power just show akki in ur promo and give his name in the casting and thats it
    movie will get minimum 20 cr weekend and minimun 30 cr 1st week .
    it is damn sure that only akki’s star power can give more then 30 cr business in 1st week .
    have a look figures of 2009 akki’s movies except 8 x 10 every movie got more then 30 cr .
    but guys dont forget Action Replay is diffrent movie like Ankhien , it starts from 1975 and end 2010 , Aish and Akki are playing 60 yrs old couple and according to sources aish’s make up is 10 times batter then Big B’ Paa make up.
    lets see may be in june coz due to IPL movie went 2 months ahead , now next yr Akki’s first release would be Houseful and inshallah housefull’s every single show will housefull.
    and he goona finish his 2010 with his coo production with farah khan , Tees Maar Khan , and budget of TMK is very low coz akki is not charging his fee and he also finaning or may be he goona take distribution rights. and due to x mas release it has good chance to get super hit status coz history is witness that every x mas releases are working good since last some yrs
    Bhagi 1990
    Sadak and Saajan 1991
    Darr 1993
    saathiya and Kaante 2002
    Mubba bhai MBBS 2003
    bhaghum bham 2006
    welcome , TZP 2007
    Ghajini 2008
    and 3 Idiots hopefully 2009
    and tees maar khan all time blockbuster 2010.
    like aamir , akki has also good record on x mas releases.
    Janwar 23 dec 1999 ( Flop but criticaly acclaim and till 1999 it was his best performance )
    dosti 23 dec 2005 ( avg )
    bhaghambhag 22 dec 2006 ( semi Hit )
    welcome 21 dec 2007 ( blockbuster )
    Tees Maar Khan 24 dec 2010 ( ….. )

  • @ Nauman..i agree wid u….but…..besides Action Replay, House-full, nd Tees Maar Khan, he is also doing Khatta Meetha and Patiala house which will release in 2010…..nd also Patiala House may release on Diwali ……nd I dont know about hello india and Komagata Maru if it will release in 2010……..

  • Akshay was a superstar,akshay is a superstar n always will be a year he will prove that he is the best.just wait for action replay n tees maar khan.

  • Akki woz a superstar? Huh? When? He woz nt even a star be4 2007!!surely he cnt becum a superstar nly in 2 yrs!! Then MR.SRK,AAMIR ,SALMAN ND AMITABHJI…wat are they?? Legend!!

  • Only Amitabh is a legend others r not even close to him at present.. and this article is bout akshay so those who hate him need not give some irrelevant comments.

    When there isnt a single word bout comparison with other stars in this artilcle wy do that..

    If u ppl r true fans of some actor den pls dont lower ur actors standards by speaking bad bout others.

  • yES Indicine nothing can stop Akshay, his films is doing reasonably well at boxoffice, even his flop films it is a superhit of some actors. Read this article from BOI…..

    Monday 9th November 2008 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Q. Is De Dana Dhan a do or die film for Akshay Kumar as his films have underperformed after Singh is Kiing

    A. Akshay Kumar is an established superstar and a few flops and average performers do not make much difference unless they start getting poor starts. As long as his films get the big openings, his superstar status will remain, if his films start having poor first weekends then questions of stardom arise.

    @Nauman u called Janwaar as a flop wich is not, janwaar is an average, it is the film that bring Akshay back to his form after the debacable of 97-98 n 99yrs. So 99 janwaar n int. khiladi are all successed.

  • I am not a die-hard Akshay Kumar fan…but I respect him due to the following two reasons.

    1. He is a self-made person and has struggled real hard in life.

    2. He is one of the very few actors who have actually improved their skills over the years. I mean when we compare today’s Akshay to the one in the days of Suhaag, Khiladi, Mohra etc. we will find huge difference between the two. he has improved his dialogue delivery, his voice quality and his expressions. Self improvement is highly important in any field of life and I really respect Akshay for this (the only other actor who has done the same is SAif Ali Khan, who was extremely annoying and irritating in the earlier days of his career, but now has emerged as one of the most talented)

    I’m sure that if Akshay pays more attention towards the careful selection of roles…he can still go miles ahead.

  • Akshay was in big league even before 1997-99 . he had his forte as action movies then at that time action movies was not in great demand but he was the best action man as SRK, Salman and AAmir were romantic guys , govinda was comic actor.

    he had 3 bad years 1997-99 just like salman had few bad years till wanted happened. just that apart from SRK nobody was media savy at that time.

    he was always in big league after his first hit khiladi.

  • But i hope he starts bringing variety in his movies. becoz if he do 4-5 movies which are similar that will be not good for his career so he needs to bring variety in his movies.

  • Akki is best in all sense whether its related tp Comedy.action.romance.and ofcourse negative character..
    who says dat his films didn;t do gud business @ box office..except CC2C and 8X10,all his fil including BLUE.KI and DDD has done gud business and even DDD is still strong at Single screens.

    Its only akki’s movie which get exceptionally gud start at other actor’s muvie can do dat..
    also in 2010,akshya will show his gr8 acting skills with Action Replay and also Housefull and Khatta meetha and TMK will b in line KHANS get ready to taste the defeat.

  • At the Suncoast Cinema in Durban South Africa, De dana dan was sold out the whole weekend. After Indicine and some of the readers views, i thought nobody will bother to watch the movie. i did not book tickets….so i missed out.

  • I respect akshay kumar, I have watched all of his movies and waiting for his upcoming films, akhsay reached this position by his own struggle and talent. And I want to add something about his films these days. I believe that a super star can only guarantee a huge opening at the box office the rest depend on the script. Every akshay’s film took a sold out opening which clearly proves that his king of bollywood. And one more thing doing 4 to 5 films each year is not easy for a super star

  • @unknown

    khatta meetta is about road mafia and about their political influences bringing bad cultured society and nothing moral was there..and its a serious film…….but there are comedy scenes as well thoroughly situattional…………………….and actions also…………… least one should be there…

  • Sudeep…
    releasing date of tees maar khan

    December 04, 2009, (Sawf News) – Farah Khan is set to launch an international hunt through a reality TV show to find a glamorous fresh faced leading lady for her maiden home production Tees Maar Khan starring Akshay Kumar.

    Talking about the kind of girl she is looking for Farah told DNA, “she will be eye-candy and has to show some skin on-screen, because it’s a glamorous character.”

    Farah has no faith that she will find the right candidate in India so she is taking the hunt to locations like London, Singapore and Dubai.

    Husband Shirish Kunder and Akshay Kumar will judge the contestants along with Farah. Auditions begin in fifteen days from now.

    Filming will begin in March 2010 and the film is due for release on December 25, 2010.

  • synopsis
    Action Replay (2010)
    Director:Vipul Amrutlal Shah
    Writer:Vipul Amrutlal Shah (screenplay)
    Contact:View company contact information for Action Replay on IMDbPro. Genre:Comedy | Romance | Sci-Fi Plot:An elderly man travels backwards in time to when he was a young handsome man in the 1970s.

    Patiala House (2010)
    Director:Nikhil Advani
    Writers:Nikhil Advani (story)
    Anvita Dutt Guptan (dialogues)
    Genre:Drama Plot:A second-generation Sikh in London gives up his dream to save his father’s reputation until he meets a girl who gives him the strength to stand up for what he believes. This cross-generation drama is about second chances.

  • @ Amish- You r absolutely right, only Amitabh Bachchan is a legend in the industry, though i also like akki.

    @ Akhlaq- I totally agree with ur points, well said, I also like akshay for the same reasons.

  • Fuad : Akki woz a superstar? Huh? When? He woz nt even a star be4 2007!!surely he cnt becum a superstar nly in 2 yrs!! Then MR.SRK,AAMIR ,SALMAN ND AMITABHJI…wat are they?? Legend!!

    accha tu rukh saale bahot dusaro ki burayi karta hai naa…saale kameena kahinka. abay tu toh Hrithik wa ko toh daal naa hi bhool gaya hai re…. accha sun tu aapni sister se shadi karwani hogi naa tab tu leave kar comment like that….ok

    your jija ji
    roshan kumar.

  • khatta meetha is a story about a road engineer and is a movie based on a true story but it has its share of lighter moments

    it has


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