The budget of Badlapur and Business Economics

Q.  What is the budget of Varun Dhawan’s Badlapur and how much does it need to be a clean hit at the box office? – Faizan Tariq

A. Badlapur has been made on a medium budget of Rs 25 crore with a few more crores spent on marketing the film. The film would be a decent success if it manages to collect Rs 45 crore. Anything over 50-55 crore and it would be safe to call it a clean HIT at the box office. A lot also depends on how these films perform in the overseas markets and the price the satellite rights fetch.

Q. Who are most popular top 6 film stars of our country? – RAVI

A. When you say country, it would include the likes of Rajnikanth, Pawan Kaylan and other stars from the south too.. They are incredibly popular and command the craziest fan-base. In fact, some of them are literally worshipped. In Bollywood, the current standing is pretty clear. Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor. Overseas, Shahrukh and Salman flip places, the rest remain the same.

Q. Which movie will be more successful Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Prem Ratan Dhan Payo? – Sarthak Tyagi

A. Way too early to predict. The trailer, first look etc haven’t been released yet. On paper – considering the release date, genre and other factors – we’d bet on Bajrangi Bhaijaan to be the bigger grosser. It has a better release date and the genre is less dependent on content. In other words, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a safer film.

Meanwhile, we try answering some fun questions that we receive almost everyday!

  • I belong to a non filmy background so can you tell me how to become actor and what are the proper ways to become an actor in Bollywood.. My height is 5 feet 7 inches so I can become actor or not and what are the requirements to become an actor in bollywood asks Sushil Rathi (Come to Mumbai and joins millions others who struggle to be the next Shahrukh Khan or Akshay Kumar. Talent alone is not enough, you got to have that x-factor to connect with the masses! Height is never a problem, we have superstars who are shorter!)
  • Why don’t you publish some anti-comments against someone even if it doesn’t have any offensive word in it??? Even in 2nd page i have seen this act of yours.. asks Shail007 (Mate, the QnA section is for questions on Bollywood and not to question our comment moderation process! On a more serious note, we disapprove a few comments simply because they are off topic. We feel readers who are not familiar with the comments section might not understand / like the comment.
  • How much will be the opening of Talaash , JTHJ (3hrs Long Boring film with no mass elements) if Salman Khan does it ? Just Replace Salman in the place of SRK amd Aamir with same picturization. Talaash (13.8cr) JTHJ (15.3cr) And These films were strictly for Multiplex Audience. Asks Rizwan Khan (If Salman would do Talaash, there is no way his kid would have drowned. Salman would have saved him somehow and the rest of the film would be fun and entertaining! Ghost Kareena would probably be doing Fevicol Se too. Opening 25 crore!)


  • WOW! Lots of haters have surfaced now! @Indicine Plz for the love of God, mention 6 stars in your answer if 6 stars are asked! Otherwise a gang war will start in the comment section due to speculating,etc
    Another thing, that Talaash and Jab Tak Hai Jaan question was not that funny and was serious, the questionaire wanted to know who has bigger fan following and if the movie will still be undergrosser or what! You could’ve have given a serious answer and it would be better!

  • @Akki…..srk.rk, good observation indicine always hates Akki and support our sarukk.
    @Indicine, how came BABY movie P & A cost 15cr? Even less promote than Roy and Badlapur. Compare to screen between baby and roy,
    Baby screen size is 2650.
    Roy screen size is 2500.

  • @babaji: haha… I will be directing a film based on the real life of our @Navin uncle who has a childish and stupid, yet a funny mind ! SRK will give proper justice as he will be 60-65 at dat time;)

  • Hillarious answer for Talaash question.
    Badlapur should be first hit of this year.Varun rocks for sure.
    @ishan gulati you failed to understand the Indicine reply.They said srk and salman flip the ranking in overseas,rest remain the same that mean to say in domestic its Aamir,Salman,Srk while in overseas its Aamir,srk,salman.
    @iambollywoodfan the question that what would if Salman was in talaash.A question itself is funny.What happen if Srk or Aamir in Dabamgg,Aamir or Salman in Ddlj and Srk or Salman in 3i/pk.This is nothing but a nonsense for unnrcesaary comparing.Its like expecting a fastest century from Dravid in t20 or expecting that Gayle can made 400run in test cricket.

  • waow awsm cmnt akki SRK ranbir…

    no doubt indicine is a akki hater site !!!
    Hit filme Dene se koi popular ya top star nhi bn jata…

    popularity vise Akki/SRK/salman……..Without A Doubt.

    Akki ki Filme sbse popular – Hera pheri , SIK , garam masala , Bhagam bhag , rowdy..many more comedy hits.. aisa koi nhi hoga jisne ye movies na dekhi ho..
    Akshay k nicknames sbse popular – Akki & khiladi
    Akki ki story worked as a waiter sbse popular .
    Akki ki filmo ki TRP sbse jyda FACT !!
    AKKI highest Tax Payer .

    I m So Angry & feeling ki indicine ki akki se q jal ti h

  • @indicine then what is the current standing of our superstars akshay kumar and ajay devgn who had been here for the last 20 – 22 years in terms of popularity.

  • @Navin : Look our @nipun wanna be a Kcritik !!!! lol

    @nipun : No offence dude, just for fun. May you succeed in your goals. :)

  • Funny yet awesome answer to Rizwan from Indicine !!!! One of my friend who is a die hard srk fan also said that if Salman had been in CE he would have thrown Thangabali in climax fight unlike srk getting beated up in climax !!!!!! Lol #Bhai’s power

  • Salman is biggest star in overseas along with srk. Can somebody slap me. Even saif Alikhan is bigger star than salman
    Race, love Aaj kal, hum Tum, Salam namaste, parineeta, race2, cocktail, kal ho na, ho are far bigger hit all salman all movies except HAHK (rajashri prod), ett (yashraj) and kick. And don’t compare jai ho 2014 release 4 mn with parineeta 2005 release (2005) Indicine please write something with sense. Definitely Amir is bigger star in overseas than srk that too in Xmas only.

  • I think @indicine members don’t know the difference between bo collections and popularity!even BBC world clarified KING KHAN is biggest star on earth.who is salman/amir.also thy forgot the consistency of KING KHAN that proves HE ruled the generation and ruling and all time popular.not after 2008/2010,lol.any way this is a salmir supporting site,so this is obvious,lol.

  • This shail007 is Sahil_Madan of IMDB. He got badly trolled on IMDB so he comes on Indicine once in a while to rant about Bollywood!

  • srk fans burning seeing Salman name before srk in domestic n questioning his overseas ranking. Dont these idiots read the overseas ranking article where Indicine clearly mentioned the overseas collections of Salman last 5 movies ?? Saif Ali Khan it seems !!! Rofl

  • @hrithik,yeah,WE know 11million USD is bhai’s aukat after chasing KANK’S rrcord for 8 year and amir 3 year,lol.actually this not WE ,it’s you’re forgetting Bahai’s aukat before 2010.from 1995-2010 ,KING KHAN is above salman,so want he is above in domeatic for few years that is going to snatch in this ww,bhai will always chase HNY,lol.and this remake star is called big star,don’t who is the biggest crowd puller ,it’s KING KHAN.

  • @Hrithik

    Agree. Salman is way bigger than king of Pluto. Sadly our complain boy SSS is still stuck in 2007 after which our king has been overshadowed by Salman and Aamir in commercial and critical department in almost every year!

    Get well soon SSS! Stop burning on Salman. Your king has lost his glory!

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