Badlapur Official Business Economics: Varun’s cheapest film

BadlapurSoon after we published the QnA article earlier today, we received the business economics of Badlapur from official sources. The Sriram Raghavan film has been made on a small budget and will be the cheapest film of Varun Dhawan’s career.

The actor who has a 100% success ratio so far with hits like ‘Student Of The Year’, ‘Main Tera Hero’ and ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’, has opted for a action thriller this time around.

With a low budget and spot on economics (something that has been the biggest failing for most films in recent times), Badlapur could be Eros International’s first success in a long time.

Badlapur Business Economics below:

– Total investment: ₹ 25.5 crore (i.e Cost of Production ₹ 16 crore + Marketing ₹ 9.5 crore

– Recovery from other sources: ₹ 9 crore

So the film has to recover around Rs 16.5 crore from India and Overseas business for the producers to break even.

– To recover costs Badlapur would just to collect around 35 crore.

– If Badlapur collects more than ₹ 40 crore: Hit

– If Badlapur collects more than ₹ 60 crore: Super Hit

– If Badlapur collects more than ₹ 85 crore: Blockbuster



  • Good decision by the producers. Lower the budget, better the chances to get a hit tag. Varun has 3 straight hits to his name and working with a critically acclaimed director he now has chances to expand his fan-base and also get his second super-hit in a row.

  • thats a great varun set for his 4th hit in a row

    @@indicine has anyone ever achieved this feat of 4hits in a row to start a carrer?

    #youngistaan ki jai

  • Badlapur is lookin dulll ……. Also it does not have a good actor apart from nawaz bhai ……..!! …
    Hope the movie is bearable just becoz of nawaz …..!! … Music is dull ……

    The promotional cost is very high ….. It will need to recover from promotion cost also …….!! ….
    It is not Akki sir film where promotion cost is Zero…….

  • @nipun . ….. If opening 6cr …. Then it will tank n flop ……..
    As on 22 match betn Ind vs Sa is most awaited …..!? ..

    So weekend 18cr ….. 1st week … 28cr… L
    in 2nd week ,, Hey Bro is carryin great buzz of ganesh Acharya… Becoz Akki did special appearance in song Birju ……………!! ……..

  • @ARJUN table Fan ……. And arjun Kapoor 3 flop in row: ……… Hahaha….. Ranbir 3 flop in row… Hahah … Ranveer sing non-deepika 3 flop in row …….. Hahahah …


  • It should open around 5.5-6crs..and should grow well over the weekend coz of good WOM..
    Sunday business might be hampered coz of ind vs sa match..
    I expect a lifetime around 50-55crs

  • @Indicine how can a barely promoted film like Baby have more marketing cost(15 Cr) than highly promoted film like ROY and Badlapur(About 10 Cr)?

    I still consider Baby to be the first hit of 2015!Until now, it is the only mmovie that got only positive reviews from critics and audience a like

  • @ Indicine On reading this article i read the article of Baby Business Economics . On that article you clearly mentioned that :
    If Baby collects more than 90 – 95 CR it is a Hit .
    If Baby collects 125 CR then it will be Superhit .
    If Baby collects 160 CR then it will be Blockbuster .
    Now the official collections are almost 93 – 94 CR and Baby is still running in theatres so it will finish with atleast 96 CR then why it is Above Average . Please Reply ……..
    I am damn sure more people like me are interested to get answer of this question . It should atleast Semi Hit according to me . Waiting for your reply !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Badlapur is looking very interesting..the best bet to be the first hit of 2015… It should emerge a super hit after looking at the above economics

  • Badlapur could be first Blockbuster of 2015. Happy for Varun Dhawan….
    Opening day will be 8cr if release 2500 screen.
    @Indicine team, How many can get screen for varun’s Badlapur movie?

  • Varun Dhawan is my favorite in youngistan, I am very for Badlapur sure shot it will become the first Blockbuster of Varun and highest grosser also.

  • That is what Eros gets for messing with the king srk, flops after flops. After Eros released sos on Diwali with jTHJ srk cut all ties with Eros and this is what they get.

  • @ajinkiya, first of all id like to say YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT ANYTHING IN FILMS! Ranbir – 2 flops in row not 3 – Ranveer singh 1 flop kill Dil not 3 – and also are you really so stupid you think Hey Bro utter flop film will do good business and affect Varuns film in any possible way? Hahaha, guaranteed lifetime business less than 10 crores for hey bro, shart laga lo

  • Awesome news for Badlapur and Varun fans, now fans are hoping that Badlapur will be first Blockbuster for Varun Dhawan.

    Best of luck Varun, i am eagerly waiting for Badlapur

  • I have analysed boxofficeindia model in last ten years. As per that 35 Crore Average (as you mentioned) BUT since film making is time taking process so time value of money is also involved plus all distributors have to be in green to become a clean Hit so 41 Crore= Semi Hit and 47 Crore= Clean Hit 67 Crore= Super Hit 97 Crore= Blockbuster 134 Crore= All time Block buster

  • @Ajinkya…
    Ranbir Kapoor:-
    Barfi! – Superhit
    Yjhd – Blockbuster
    Besharam – Flop

    Arjun Kapoor:-
    2 states – Superhit
    Finding Fanny – Average
    Tevar – Flop

    Akshay Kumar:-
    Holiday – Hit
    Entertainment – Flop
    Baby – Above Average

    So..Ranbir Kapoor is the biggest star among these three..

  • Bete, Badlapur is a no star movie, not worshipped or awaited; it’s lifetime is 29.67 crores; foresaid! opening might be 3 crores, and even then

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