Exclusive news on Rohit Shetty – Shahrukh Khan film

Reliable sources have confirmed to us that Shahrukh Khan’s next film with Rohit Shetty has been titled ‘Dilwale’. Apart from the superstar himself, the film will star Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.

While Kajol was being discussed as the leading contender for the female lead, we have been informed that Rohit Shetty might sign Katrina Kaif for the film.

Reports of the film being a remake of a old Hindi classic are untrue. ‘Dilwale’ is not a remake of any film. Shahrukh and Varun are likely to be seen playing brothers on screen.

Shahrukh starts shooting for the film in March, before Raees goes on floors.

Note: All the info that we have on the film are from various reliable sources and should not be considered as final or official. The announcement will be made by Rohit Shetty later this month.



  • AWESOME, Fantastic news, All the best to SRK, Rohit and the cast. though Rohit looks like he is a BIG FAN of most famous Indian movie DDLJ, we can guess from the title. :)

  • Varun dhawan is doing films which will definitely benefit his stardom. He might be the next superstar after Ranbir in all probability..

  • Film would have been flop if Arjun kapoor would have been there ……!! ……
    Now it can be a hit ….. Becoz varun is better than arjun kapoor …..!! …
    But varun can be over-acting…..

    But legend srk will save it………!!

  • The title looks good . But i don’t think it is a Remake of Hum and it should not be Remade . The real fact is SRK and Katrina does not look that good on screen . Katrina shares a brilliant chemistry with Salman, Hrithik and Akshay . The Jodi of SRK and Deepika looks very good but it has been repeated various times . I just hope this time Rohit Shetty makes a sensible movie . The two best movies of RS are : Golmaal and Singham . If this movie will release on Christmas then SRK and Salman both have equal chance to have the Highest Grosser of The Year . Salman has Eid and Diwali so he has a better advantage . The last time SRK delivered the highest grosser of the year was in 2007 – OSO . I am waiting more for Fan because it looks like a Content Oriented Movie and will be a performance oriented role for SRK . Waiting for the Official Announcement !!!!!!!!!

  • Waiting for one more clean family entertainer like Chennai Express. hopelly they will deliver it again & full fill our’s expectations.

  • Star power of youngistan (Varun Dhawan) + Star Power of King Khan SRK + Rohit Shetty Brand Value + Star Power of superstar Katrina Kaif= Guaranteed ATBB and potentially 400 cr net domestic.

    Bring it on!!!

  • Why isn’t he announcing the final cast??
    We have been waiting for months.It has to be the most awaited movie of the year

  • I really dont wanna watch katrina and shahrukh together again. Someone Who really talented must be chosen instead of kat.

  • omg! i am crying becoz of happiness love u srk sir! i hope this movie makes srk 100 times happy with best of luck.
    if srk targets any record this movie will break into pieces.

  • So after Indiawaale….It will be Dilwaale,Interesting.

    But SRK-Kat pair sucked big time in JTHJ…They should look for some other actress…Kat looks best with Hrithik,Akki and Ranbir.

  • hmmm.ye hui na ku6 baat..still waiting for official news..btw if dilwaale is the title than i am happy with this title..after “indiawaale” now its time for “dilwaale”
    dhamaka hoga dhamaka..

  • Can’t say about trending of this film…but it will open to earth shattering response no doubt…
    And even if the content is a mediocre one..I think it would become the highest grosser of 2015.

  • PK’s ticket prices were 20% more than last year’s Xmas release Dhoom 3..
    Which means PK collected around 275crs only if it had D3’s ticket rates..
    So if “Dilwaale” would have 20% higher ticket prices than PK,it could well get close or even surpass PK.
    More than good chance..But content needs to be atleast on the levels of Chennai Express atleast.

  • @Babaji ka thullu we should trust rohit shetty style of film making atleast his films are more entertaining than raju hirani films

  • Haha look at this tharki @romance…He’s sayng i love you to any random girl..saw the same on srk fandom page too…
    Looks like our king has filled too much romance into his fans..

  • @romance: Rohit and hirani are not even comparable..
    Rohit’s films are watch,get urself entertained and forget type whereas Hirani’s films leave a long lasting impression.

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