The budget of Badlapur and Business Economics

Q.  What is the budget of Varun Dhawan’s Badlapur and how much does it need to be a clean hit at the box office? – Faizan Tariq

A. Badlapur has been made on a medium budget of Rs 25 crore with a few more crores spent on marketing the film. The film would be a decent success if it manages to collect Rs 45 crore. Anything over 50-55 crore and it would be safe to call it a clean HIT at the box office. A lot also depends on how these films perform in the overseas markets and the price the satellite rights fetch.

Q. Who are most popular top 6 film stars of our country? – RAVI

A. When you say country, it would include the likes of Rajnikanth, Pawan Kaylan and other stars from the south too.. They are incredibly popular and command the craziest fan-base. In fact, some of them are literally worshipped. In Bollywood, the current standing is pretty clear. Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor. Overseas, Shahrukh and Salman flip places, the rest remain the same.

Q. Which movie will be more successful Bajrangi Bhaijaan or Prem Ratan Dhan Payo? – Sarthak Tyagi

A. Way too early to predict. The trailer, first look etc haven’t been released yet. On paper – considering the release date, genre and other factors – we’d bet on Bajrangi Bhaijaan to be the bigger grosser. It has a better release date and the genre is less dependent on content. In other words, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a safer film.

Meanwhile, we try answering some fun questions that we receive almost everyday!

  • I belong to a non filmy background so can you tell me how to become actor and what are the proper ways to become an actor in Bollywood.. My height is 5 feet 7 inches so I can become actor or not and what are the requirements to become an actor in bollywood asks Sushil Rathi (Come to Mumbai and joins millions others who struggle to be the next Shahrukh Khan or Akshay Kumar. Talent alone is not enough, you got to have that x-factor to connect with the masses! Height is never a problem, we have superstars who are shorter!)
  • Why don’t you publish some anti-comments against someone even if it doesn’t have any offensive word in it??? Even in 2nd page i have seen this act of yours.. asks Shail007 (Mate, the QnA section is for questions on Bollywood and not to question our comment moderation process! On a more serious note, we disapprove a few comments simply because they are off topic. We feel readers who are not familiar with the comments section might not understand / like the comment.
  • How much will be the opening of Talaash , JTHJ (3hrs Long Boring film with no mass elements) if Salman Khan does it ? Just Replace Salman in the place of SRK amd Aamir with same picturization. Talaash (13.8cr) JTHJ (15.3cr) And These films were strictly for Multiplex Audience. Asks Rizwan Khan (If Salman would do Talaash, there is no way his kid would have drowned. Salman would have saved him somehow and the rest of the film would be fun and entertaining! Ghost Kareena would probably be doing Fevicol Se too. Opening 25 crore!)


  • Badlapur is next film lined up to tank …….. Too wannabe for my liking ……. Emotion look manipulative….. Music is very dull ………

  • Aamir isn’t the most popular. His pk didn’t have a huge opening n relied on wom abd dhoom 3 had the huge dhoom brand. Lifetime collections don’t determine popularity.

    thank you very much for the answer, I am waiting for Badlapur hope it will be another Super Hit movie of Varun

  • So ranking according to Indicine top stars in India
    1.Aamir 2. Salman 3. SRK 4. Hrithik Roshan 5.Ranbir Kapoor
    In overseas Salman and SRK flip places
    1.Aamir 2.SRK 3. Salman 4.Hrithik Roshan 5.Ranbir Kapoor

  • Lets see if the position of superstars change after Bombay Velvet, Jagga Jasoos, Tamasha, Ae dil hai Mushkil. I think Ranbir will take bigger strides towards the numero uno position in the next 2 years.
    No offense meant to any of the khans.

  • Add Prince Mahesh babu, allu arjun, ajith kumar, vijay, ravi teja
    badlapur will be hit for sure
    Next shahrukh lol that was too funny…
    We want to see next aamir, Salman and akki…

  • well answers indicine but Aamir also much popular as salman or srk anyway, i can bet that bajrangi bhaijaan will cross 250cr and prdp will cross 220cr so two 200cr grosser with 3months gap of Bhaijaan is coming.

  • @indicine, why are you considering satellite rights’ price for movies verdict??? If u consider satellite rights for salman movies then all of them will be hit or superhit without releasing in theatres(india)…..

  • Hahaha, indicine you aren’t serious with the answers to the last few Q&A.” Salman would save the kid” lol. I don’t think JTHJ would be a hit if salman Khan did it but he would get a better opening because then he wouldn’t have a role in son of sardar and the media wouldn’t report it saying salman is helping ajay devgan to beat srk. talaash would still be a flop if salman Khan did it but would probably get a bigger opening than aamir Khan.

  • @indicine thank u for rplying.

    By d way i know QnA is for asking questions abt bollywood. I just only want ans. From u abt this, and i think this way u can reply bcoz u didn’t rply in comment section sometime.

    Other thing is i hv posted some related comment also but u didn’t.

    But Ok leave it. Better thing is u give ans. in a better way and i wil try 2 ask some ques. nxt time abt bollywood.

    Again last salman doing talaash was funny. Absolutely right

  • Yes Aamir is ahead of all the superstars but Srk is clearly ahead of Salman.It’s just because Srk hasn’t done too many masala movies off late that the collections haven’t been as good as expected.We all know what happened with CE.With just one open week it became the highest grosser of all time.But Kick despite having 2 open weeks,increased ticket prices,screen counts just marginally overtook CE.

  • “(If Salman would do Talaash, there is no way his kid would have drowned. Salman would have saved him somehow and the rest of the film would be fun and entertaining! Ghost Kareena would probably be doing Fevicol Se too. Opening 25 crore!)”

    Hahahahahaha….. @indicine: hilarious! !

    As for top actors of B’town based on “Popularity”
    it would be
    1/2. Salman/SRK (Due to their fan following as well as their continous news by media)
    3. Amir Khan
    4. Hrithik Roshan
    5. AKKI/Ranbir/Ajay (it’s a tough fight between them)

    Based on BO,
    1. Amir Khan
    2/3/4. Hrithik Roshan(got 1 festive release and u know the result)/Salman/SRK
    5. Ranbir

  • Badlapur uff Ghajini 2 will be a huge hit- I believe it will be the first hit of the yr so far- 75cr is the target- go Varun go

  • Haha loved that talaash answer…
    Btw,i don’t think salman would have ever attempted a film like talaash..

    I am hoping for badlapur to become the first hit of 2015,roy does’nt deserve to be.

    Btw,it was asked the top 6 stars but u named only 5..ok no problem..akki will soon give thunderous opening to main gabbar,brothers and SIB..

  • @nipun shocked to see u r saying the 5th position battle is btwn rk,akki and ajay when entire nation knows that rk is much bigger star than the other too.Infact rk will definitely enter top4 within 18months and may even enter 3rd spot

  • Hrithik has gone really underrated compared to khans and ranbir..
    Khans are always in media news for their rivalry while ranbir gets attention due to is affair..also their PR machinery is damn active..
    There is always huge negativity created by khan fans when HR’s film releases…they know he is better than their stars in everything..
    Hope he delivers an epic mohenjoDaro and shut their mouth..

  • If Salman did Jab Tak Hai Mojo then forget about romancing 2 heroines (which king struggled with hence he needed Yash ji to body double for him in the kitchen make out scene) as bhai would have romanced 6 heroines and still have enough time to fight the forces of Gods army perhaps even do one or two item songs with munni or sunny…! 40cr opening assured

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