Tevar Trailer starring Arjun Kapoor

The teaser of Tevar is out. The trailer will be out later today. Arjun Kapoor will be reaching out to the masses after the success of films like Ishaqzaade and Gunday. Sonakshi Sinha is all set to appear in yet another masala-action film.

Tevar will be the first big release of 2015, as the film releases in theatres on January 9th.

The trailer will be added on this very page as soon as it’s out!

Update: Trailer is out now!



  • Oh No! Sonakshi finally doing something different… Deserves a national award now!!!! Oh wait. She did the same thing in every movie except the flop movie Lootera na? Hahahahaha! MARK MY WORDS! It will cross collections of cult classics Marigold and London dreams..

  • @rajveer… biggest blockbuster 2015??? sorry let me go and get my medicated glass!! people like u allow others to disregard ur actors even though they like them… y commenting like a kid? do u know wat attributes is required for a blockbuster??? pls b realistic here…all d comments comes from people(all in divine users) that have very sound knowledge of bollywood!! Arjun kapoor is a decent actor I personally like him bcos of ishaaqzaade it was excellently done by him…but to early to putting such heavy blockbuster pressure on this young guys shoulders… chill out man!! it CANT cross 2states!! probably may try to catch Gunday lifetime….but all d best

  • Oh no! Sonakshi finally giving a National award performance! Love the variety of roles she does! But, MARK MY WORDS no matter how bad this movie is, it will cross the lifetime collections of cult classics Marigold and London dreams.

  • @Noam…srk fans can’t talk bad about Arjuns movie except may b some arjun fans made unrealistic comments about his movies!! may b if itwz a Salman aamir ajay akki and hritick movie u can expect some mutual fights!! but Nah…they all are going to wish d boy(arjun) good luck!!

  • the trailer is good especially Manoj bajpayee…Sonakshi is stunning as usual..hope her role is not limited like all her Masala movies.
    Arjun Kapoor looks like little overweight he should have lost some weight. he was very good at Gunday but in this trailer his dialogue delivery is mediocre..he should work that in the future.

  • If There Are No Problem With Movie Like HNY Then Where Is The Problem With This One… Undoubtly, Better Trailer Than Masaala Film HNY…

  • I didn’t seen the trailer but I can definetly se it will b better than any,bcoz even satya 2 trailer was better than hny

  • to all sallu fans who hv commented under the disguise of srk fans and then abused arjun,get lost!
    no matter wat u ppl try the strong relationship between srk fans and youngistaan fans is unbreakable.the fact that I always support srk isnt bcz of any selfish reason but bcz I really luv srk,srk’s films and srk the human.and ur bhai will never attain that place in my heart that srk,hro and aamir has plz stop doing this cheap tricks of abusing arjun by hacking acnt of srk fans.

    thank u

  • @nipun and the indicine review of tevar will read

    BUT arjun kapoor is pathetic

  • awesome trailer..may turn out to be the first 100cr HIT of 2015..
    I would watch it for our Shahid Khan a.k.a Manoj Bajpai and the rising star Arjun “Krish” Kapoor!!!

  • Tevar Trailer Is Not At All Awesome
    Dont Fight Here On My Reviews

    My Star is 2/5
    Box Office Collection @ India – Around 50 Crore
    Total Box Office Collection – Around 65 Crore
    I Hope Something Stuff Needed To Bring Tevar Movie Also An Interesting One.

    Proud Of Being Human @ World

  • How many times are we going to witness the same South Indian style crap??? Please bring something innovative. We are tired of watching these kind of movies again and again. I personally think, Tevar is going to flop at the boxoffice.

  • @arjun kanpur another lame cmt from u salman fans never say anything bad abt arjun kapoor bcus salman&arjun shares a amazing frndship infact salman and arjun will b seen in one of episode of bigg boss but i think u do all these things to get support from srk fans such a shame.

  • Not so interesting its looking a copy of R… Rajkumar btw lets see it will be the first biggie of 2015, i think movie will be flop

  • @rahul em,I hv nothing against salman and I hv praised his kick and bigg boss8 immensly but I hv problem against his fans who r always abusing srk for no reason.
    btw arjun is playing a salman fan in tevar and I also appreciate salman’s contribution in arjuns life but I simply cant tolerate his fans.

  • Oh No! Even Kal Ka Launda Arjun Kapoor dare release his film on non-holiday in January but our king can’t release his film in the month even if we call him king and we educated king fans all over India also think Independence day of the country is in January as said by our mate, @Mirdon King.

    Even Bhai release his movie jai ho on non holiday in January but our king can’t do that. Our king may think if his movie is released in January, the movie can’t even become average and earn 90 Crores.
    Aab Toh Lagta Hai We Live in a Kingdom ruled by a fattu king.

    Also, we don’t like Arjun Kapoor because he is a Bhai product even if one of his fans under the same name is enslaved for our king’s cause. So, we spam the page of Tevar because it will be bigger hit than our king’s hny in which Nandu Bhide keeps vomiting irritating audiences including my teacher @Bulli.
    Now, our king, please don’t get high on alcohol & beat me like a goon like u did to the security guard. Because I am going to watch a cricket match soon. My co-fans, please save me from our king. He will beat me after getting drunk and will give an excuse like he did it to save his beti from me!!!!!

  • @Aman Mathur, Oh No,my friend! Our king is in my heart. But does that mean that I have to always like and appreciate everything when it is wrong? Since I am a student of @Bulli, I always stick to the truth and say my heart no matter what happens. Perhaps I am the only real lover of our king on a planet with 3.7 Billion Population. So, I always want to correct our king as well!

  • @Aman Mathur : This is nothing you havent seen @Gotya’s efforts to write about Salman. He posts 4-5 comments on every page of any article !!!!!!!!!!

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