Exclusive stills from Ungli Pe Nachalein starring Emraan Hashmi

Two exclusive stills from Emraan Hashmi’s Ungli Pe Nachalein. The teaser was released earlier today, and the full song will be out at 5:30PM tomorrow.

Indicine will be organising a contest on Twitter tomorrow. We will be giving away Ungli Music CD’s, T-Shirts and also a chance for one of our readers to meet Emraan Hashmi. More on this soon.

For now, check out Emraan Hashmi in the Ungli Pe Nachlein song. We have also attached the teaser below.

Emraan Hashmi still from song Ungli Pe Nachalein

Emraan Hashmi still from song Ungli Pe Nachalein

Emraan Hashmi in Ungli song Ungli Pe Nachalein

Emraan Hashmi in Ungli song Ungli Pe Nachalein



  • movie will b better than raju natwarlal….actually eemran is a very dedicated actor. he selects his movie which is another plus…but at his age he shd explore more movies… yes I can call him a versatile star who’s movies are unpredictable interns of collections. yes still among d top 12 actors today! best of luck serial natwarlal!!

  • @sani d emmy among top 12 stars!really?he is 15th or 16th currently.plz check facts bfr commenting

    ps I hv nothing against emmy but I m against ppl manipulating facts like mr sani d

  • Ungli is gonna be huge .. at the end its Dharma Productions which is gonna be the turning point for Emraan Hashmi.
    Cheers ! on behalf of SRKIANS !!
    & bhaitards & chotu gang .. Rise Above Manipulation (praising Ungli just to get further support for your stupid thoughts)

  • @arjun kapur haha… U can’t digest praise for emraan bhai… Actually, acting talent wise ,, he is better than whole youngistan. Youngistan is a big zero widout yrf /dharma !! @sani.d yeah.. He is in top 12. After flop fanny in which arjun was 3rd lead , arjun slipped to 17th place. Ranvver ,pc overshadow arjun in gunday while 2states is chetan ,alia hit. Tevar=manoj vajpaye

  • Bollywood Movies Weak Point Below

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    Dhoom 2
    Dhoom 3

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    Bang Bang
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    My Request is to Do Something Different Not Always Robbery N Action N Revenge N Finally A Big Blockbuster Movie with Breaking Box Office Collection Why

    Dont Fight Here My Reviews
    My Stars For Ungli Movie is 2/5

    Proud Of Being Human @ World

  • @ajay rocks… Its true what u said about …!! His comments r just so senseless!!! As u advised me not too reply that’s y I wldnt reply to his comments… He knows himself!!! I know it will not surprise u but do u know for just today… His comments on just 2 sites(tevar and ungli) 10 th of November… He has 40 DISLIKES!! God he is such a dummy!!! Now look at d question he was asking me??? I will bring myself so down if I answered that!! Let him just check d 6 comments above his and 1st comment under his and look at d number of likes they gave for praises and acting skills of eemran and then look at his comment and d number of LIKES AND DISLIKES!!!!

  • Emmi’s ungli will have an only week to earn its best collection next week 5 december action jackson is coming so it is very tough time for Emran Hashmi to prove him that he is 30 crore + actor best of luck, and i think that in the month november Kill / Dill will be an only movie who become a hit i judge from trailer 2 saw the superb acting of Govinda.

    Mooong Fali mai chilkey na hotey
    Laundiyo mai nakhrey na hootey
    Zindagi kitni araam se kad-ti

  • Akki should learn to do movies like Lootera or lunchbox instead of craps like joker. But then his films will struggle to cross 5 crore lifetime. Then he will take a katora and go to home to home or else sit outside temples for some money.

  • Top Actors in bollywood.
    1st , 2nd n 3rd position goes to khans.. All have same stardom .. it just d content matters for dem to break records.
    4. Hrithik
    5. Ajay Devgn
    6. Akki
    7. Ranbir kapoor
    8. Ranveer Singh
    9. Emraan Hashmi
    10. Varun Dhawan
    11. Sid, 12. Arjun kapoor

  • @sani d when I often get huge amount of likes some morons like u say I m doing these to please fans of other stars and when I get dislikes for my cmnts the same morons start saying that nobody likes me.
    so one suggestion-if u r a mard then stick to ur one policy,either call me a chame leone or call me a dumb idiot hated by everyone!!!

    samjha ya firse samjhau?

  • Emraan Hashmi is probably the most underrated actor in Bollywood. He has proved his versatility starting from Awarapan and has carried on so far. He has time and again proved, he is growing largely as an actor in each and every film. He has been pretty unlucky for the last few years where the so called ‘youngistaan’ have conquered his position. I hope Ungli proves to be a big turning point for him.

    All the best. Movie looks promising.

  • @Don2….well said bro!! excellent ranking that will b approved anywhere in this world esp for those that really have sound knowledge and unbiased @Bollywood!! I might just shuffle 4th n 5th place but then I don’t wanna b selfish for being an Ajay fan though I know his WORTH….!! just watch out for a TAPOORI in dis site if really he has d GUTS he will ask u to check ur facts for placing Eemran @ numba 9th position…he may tell u eemran deserves numba 15th according to his own book of law!! nevermind he is a coward he won’t challenge u…spot on Don2!!

  • @Sani D, hahahahah..that is @arjun kapoor.
    His problem is he is scared to get bashed by Salman Khan fans or other fans if he admit that he is die hard fan of SRK that’s why he is pretending youngistan fan. I think he has a paranoid personality problem.
    Listen @arjun most of Salman khans or other fans are not bad people and they won’t bash you with out a reason so come out of that youngistan mask and admit that you are srkian.
    P S. Sorry mate if I hurt you. I really dont hate you but please change ur attitude.

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