The Shaukeens Weekend Box Office Collections

‘The Shaukeens’ has done fairly well in its first weekend at the domestic box office. The film has collected Rs 18.53 crore, which is a decent total considering the star cast of the film.

On Friday, the film opened slow, picked up on Saturday and managed to collect about 7 crore on Sunday.

The fate of ‘The Shaukeens’ will be decided depending on how well its fares on Monday (today). The reports are mixed, and the word-of-mouth is certainly not as good as some of those films that start slow and then go from strength-to-strength over the weekdays.

The Shaukeens First Weekend Collections

  • Friday –  5.12 cr
  • Saturday – 6.35 cr
  • Sunday – 7.06 cr
  • Weekend Total – 18.53 cr




  • avg opening.all eyes now on baby

    plz post some articles related to kill dil,teaser of byomkesh bakshi and new posters of tevar.

    thank u

  • Okey collections decent collection as well as i expected from the movie, movie will be clean hit

  • Very poor collections from such a film. Now soon it will be taught in grammar schools. Adjective forms.

  • Akshay Kumar should now retire. If he continues giving flops after flops like this then he will have to go from house to house asking some money to eat vadapav.

  • @baba nowadays only hit films r considered success by the media and dont boast of avg verdict of entertainment and shaukeens

  • Hurray! Akki may cross 50 crore this time. It may not cross 70 crore, but who cares. Gabbar will surely cross 70 crores.

  • Akshay Kumar is maybe truly a flopstar, king of flops, worst actor of all time but still he is my favourite. I know he has given more flops than all other actors combined, but Akki is still my favourite.

  • Oh No !! it has beaten the lifetime collections of london dreams, god tussi great ho, main aur mrs. khanna, marigold, heroes, phir milenge, sooryavansham in the 1st weekend itself.
    nowhere to hide, we are running away in our rickshaw.

  • flop you are an idiot what makes akki beg while you are sitting on aemchair talking cheap. you are hopeless hide yourself “loser”.

  • Oh No ! typing mistake .. I meant our bhai’s evergreen film ‘sooryavanshi’ .. not Amitji’s sooryavansham.
    “Dhinka-Chika Dhinka-Chika Aye Aye Ye Aye”

  • @floppy Dont insult Akki so much. Even if he comes to my house asking for money I will definitely give him at least 20 rupees. With 20 Rs he can have vadapav + coke as well.

  • Akki has the only cameo in the film. So, for actors like Anupam kher, Annu kapoor and Piyush mishra 18 cr weekend is good. Akki is doing some good projects in 2015 like BABY, GABBAR etc. with some good content directors.

  • @floppy stop saying such rubbbish to the best actor we have. Most hardworking and versatile. First you try getting up at 4 everyday, try stopping parties. I am sure you cannot. You are just an empty vessel who makes noise.

  • In the whole world akshay kumar is only one actor who create shit again and again
    And he makes fool everytime and its over please take rest and retire

  • This is very good collection for the shaukeens.
    Lifetime will be 40cr to 45cr, its a hit film
    wait for Pk for rocking collection

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