Tevar First Week Box Office Collections

The first big release of the year has failed at the box office. The writing was on the wall for Tevar after its first day itself, but the film showed decent growth on Sunday, raising hopes that it could go on to be a fairly good grosser if it sustained Monday onwards.

However, the drop of around 60% on Monday has meant that the film will be yet another failure for Eros International. Exemption from entertainment tax in UP did help, but on an all-India level the business was too low to make any difference.

The morning shows today (2nd Friday) have crashed and exhibitors have reduced the shows considerably at multiplexes. At single-screens Tevar has been replaced by Bipasha Basu’s Alone. The film should finish with lifetime business of  less than 40 crore.

Tevar is Arjun Kapoor’s second big failure after ‘Aurangzeb’.

  • Friday – 7.05 cr
  • Saturday – 7.12 cr
  • Sunday – 8 cr
  • Monday – 3.51 cr
  • Tuesday – 3.25 cr
  • Wednesday – 2.8 cr
  • Thursday – 2.5 cr
  • Total Collections – 34.23 cr

Verdict – FLOP



  • Watched Tevar! Here comes my short review.

    The first big release of the year Tevar is a useless,boring and poorly directed movie. Even the die-hard lovers of Masala movies won’t like such films.

    Tevar comes among those catagory of films whom we have been watching from a long time. It’s about The same evil villians, a beautiful girl who is targeted by their gang and the hero rescues her like a Superhero. Plot is simple and every sequence becomes highly predictable. Nothing is exciting in the movie. Still, it has 1-2 good scenes. I liked the one where Radhika enters Pintoo’s home with his father. But such scenes are very rare.

    Sonakshi has got more screen time here compared to her other masala movies. But here also she has played the same role that she has been playing in her all movies except Lootera. Arjun is decent in his parts. Manoj Bajpari was good in his role. All other supporting actors are strictly average. The chemistry between the two main leads is almost ZERO.

    The Background score is loud and irritating at parts. The music is below average . Only 1 song that I loved was Joganiyan.

    In my final words, Tevar is boring,useless, poorly-directed and too predictable. It never excites you. Why should one watch a movie like Tevar? Watching Tevar is a torture just like eating tasteless and unhealthy foods. I am going with one and a half star. Stay away! It offeres absolutely nothing except a good performance by a villian!

    RATING: 1.5/5

  • extremely sad but nothing much to worry as arjun has great future ahead.luv u arjun.u r a great human being.success and failure is part of life.

    #waiting for roy

  • okkadu was blockbuster and tevar flop. how is this possible..
    I think people r getting bored with such masala movie.

  • Tevar is trending better than hny. Compare the weekend and weekdays collections of both the movies u will get the answer.

  • this movie gave good compition to films like Deshdrohi , TMK,Joker ,yuvraaj, Humshakals ,HNY ,Gujarish etc.

    if Tever has top list actor like Salman Srk ammir hritik then it might have reached 250cr

    if stars like varun and rk then might be 120-140cr

  • As I said before , lifetime Collention will be less then 40cores

    Indicine you have seen my post , about verdict and stuff email me if you want email to write for you

  • Ranbir kapoor roy film would be avrg to flop. Will collect 60 cores. If the CONENT is good then it will be averg of 80

    Abcd2 will be AVERG to flop

    SRK fan will be super hit not atbb (200-230) domestic

  • The makers chose the wrong movie to remake.Even though Okkadu and Gilli both were blockbusters but it were made before a decade and also Arjun has to establish himself as a massy hero before doing such movies

  • What we learnt from Tevar’s failure:

    1: Arjun Kapoor can’t a carry a movie with his shoulders and still he can’t act.
    @:Sonakshi Singh is finished even she lost her only die hard fan of her Mr Nipun wannabe Rajeev Masand and Anupama.
    3: Arjun Kapoor’s weight was the biggest problem of his acting in this movie even he couldn’t run.
    4: Boney Kapoor ended his relationship with Director of Tevar Amit sharma.
    5: Salman ka fan song doesn’t help the movie because Audiance found out it’s Arjun movie.
    6: Sambudha was the only person who watched Tevar more than five times in theaters.
    7: Audience are rejected the jodi of two over weight leading pairs Arjun and Sonakshi who can’t run, foget dancing. :)
    8:Don’t trust some critics like Bollywood Hungama because they rate the movie high and they gave 4 stars. that is weird. how can someone give a movie like Tevar a 4 star???
    9: Our critic Nipun disappointed us because he broke the law and watched Tevar by online with out authorization.
    10: Finally, Sambudha AkA Arjun Kapoor fan started slowly accepting the failure of Tevar but also started thinking whether Arjun Kapoor deserve to be his idol or not.

  • I don’t think @nipun watched tevar in theatre, so his review is fake one like his star’s fake 200cr grosser….

  • no one want masala movies, i am Akki Sir fan and i am scared about Akki’s forthcoming movie titled changed Gabbar to Main Gabbar is looking Masala entertainment and also will be clash with boyomkesh bakshi. Plz Akki sir stop making masala movies now i hope that Main Gabbar will ur last masala movie.

    my ratings for Tevar 1/5, and waiting for Ba By . . .

  • @trust me wao another good story by u.this story has everything in it to b made into a veena malik FILM

    congrats @true story after scripting for kanti shah yesterday u hv now scripted for veena malik!!!

    keep it up bro

  • @Iam fazy Singh is Bling may go Tevar’s way but having watched Ramanaa,Gabbar isn’t a typical masala movie it is more about corruption prevailing in the system with an emotional backstory.

  • Tevar missed opportunity to cross PK collection just by few 300crs…
    Arjun kapoor is biggest supporting actor of bollywoood… baby is awaited..christopher nolan,leaonardo da caprio like movies baby.

  • Now makers should stop releasing films in early new year
    dont know why eros buys it for fo ur tyyy eiiightttt c r or rrr….

  • @tiger


    Yes I think our nipun didnt realise his crappy review is a week late- what a douchebag..

    @trust me

    Lol yes nipun broke law by downloading tevar but lawmakers wont care about that tiny infringement but psychiatrists will though as they will be amazed to know someone even bothered to waste their time downloading such rubbish…..!

  • This weeks release ALONE is perfectly titled n describes exactly how Arjun Kapoors only fan Some Buddha Mukherjee is feeling right about now- all ALONE in bengal waving the Youngistan flag hall mast…

  • Arjun kapoor is bigger star than Akshay kumar. His poor content Tevar is doing better business than Boss, Joker.

  • What can I say.. I can only advice young stars like him to select good projects in their early days to prove their mettle, they are not “superstars” yet to turn average movies into blockbusters. Ranbir has done it whether people like him or not with movies like Rockstar and Barfi, Varun, Siddharth are also doing it.

    Finally, just stop making average masala movies and casting Sonakshi in them. It’s been overdone to death, they lack freshness and creativity and ultimately audience feel they have already seen it in previous films so they get bored. At least show something new in masala movies which can surprise the audience.

  • Director of todays release ALONE, Bhushan Patel gets a scary phone call from Arjun Kapoor- heres what transpires….

    Arjun:- “Hello Sir, what a superb job you have done with Alone…”
    Bhushan:- “Thanks but whos this…?”
    Arjun:- “Its me Arjun Kapoor…”
    Bhushan:- “Arjun Kapoor…? I didnt know Shakti Kapoor had a son named Arjun…!”
    Arjun:- “No Sir- its me SuperMan Arjun Kapoor…”
    Bhushan:- “Oh you must be Tusshar Kapoors younger sibling right…!”
    Arjun:- slightly agitated “no no Sir, Im not related to those superstars but Im related to Boney Kapoor.
    Bhushan:- “really coz I thought Boney only had one useless brother Sanjay n one Mr India Superstar Anil Kapoor- so tum kaun ho…?”
    Arjun:- really frustratedly says “look Sir I am Boney Kapoors useless sorry superman son Arjun Kapoor of Tevar fame or Fanny fame… Remember me…?”
    Bhushan:- “Oh I see- you that ugly looking kid who showed a poor attitude (tevar) when you couldnt find Fanny… Yeah yeah I know you now- so what can I do for you- recommend a good make up artist or plastic surgeon…?”
    Arjun:- perplexed “no Sir I dont need any of that crap- Im very popular as a matter of fact- infact I get hundreds of letters daily from a female fan of mine from Bengal- I think her name is Some Buddhi Mukherjee- shes always sending me love letters- anyway what I really want to ask you is if you could cast me in your sequel to Alone as I really feel ALONE right now after papa kicked me out of his house….
    Bhushan:- phone line drops…..,..
    Arjun:- helloooooooo is anybody there……. Hellooooooooooo

  • It’s my will if I watch a movie on PC or in theatres. Why people are crying so much about it? I go to theatre only when I feel A movie could be great one .

  • @nipun kumar

    You openly admitting to piracy so heres hoping you do the same infront of a judge n do not all of a sudden deny piracy…,

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