Birju Song Video ft Amitabh, Hrithik, Akshay, Ranveer, Ajay and Prabhu Deva!

5 of the biggest stars in the industry – Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and Ranveer Singh share screen-space for the first time in a T-Series song that has been choreographed by Ganesh Acharya. 

Titled ‘Birju’, the song is a part of Acharya’s film ‘Hey Bro’. When it comes to dancing skills, Hrithik and Prabhu Deva are in a different league altogether. Amitabh and Ranveer entertain. Akshay does his bit too and even though Ajay doesn’t like to dance he has gone out of his way to support Ganesh Acharya.

The song has been sung by Mika Singh and the legendary Udit Narayan. Watch the song and tell us who you liked best!



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  • It will be a joy to watch Big B, Akki, Ajay and Hrithik . Ranveer is still not a star and cannot be called in the same breath as Big B, Aamir, Salman, SRK, Akki, Ajay and Hrithik . He is a promising newcomer and one day he can be a huge star . I will definitely watch this video . The title of the movie looks good Hey Bro .

  • I m back guys
    absolutely love it what a song
    love to see together akki, ajay, hrithik, Big b…nice video
    I saw yesterday comments were @nipun and babaji talking that we r most sensible HR fans then I lost my cool and I m writing here again. bcoz I just read peoples comment daily but I never comment here.
    yesterday @nipun and babaji said that we r most sensible hr fan. really?? it just like our srk calling himself that I’m king of Bollywood. so is he really king of Bollywood?
    both of u r most Salman khan hater and @babaji how can u dare to say that sallu community don’t have a single sensible fan..
    is this ur sensible thinking…it’s called cheap thinking. Ur underestimating sallu fans @babaji..
    sallu fans are the aam janta the mango people..
    grow up guys grow up both of u.
    forget that actually @indicine I feel good to comment here again.
    love u guys love @indicine sallu, aamir, akki, ajay, hrithik..

  • The only guy who shines here is Ranveer Singh. He has go more screen time compared to the others. He is good in the Rap part.

    Hrithik is looking super-stylish and he has danced well. He hasn’t got the dialogue parts. May be bocoz the other two actors cann’t dance.

    Akki was good in that 1 dance part. He is good in the dialogue parts.

    Big B is good in whatever he has done.

    Ajay has been wasted. He appears only in the dialogue parts. He has nothing to do.

    Song is boring!

  • oh man Hrithik looks like a Greek God in the music video and his one break step steals the show and ofcouse the thunder from all of the shit rap Ranveer , Akshay , Amitabh , and even Ajay does except ofcourse Prabhudeva who himself choreographed Hrithik in the ” Main Aisa Hoon ” song track from the film Lakshya but seriously Hrithik Roshan takes the cake away with his one break dance step in the video as Hrithik has been a great and the finest dancer of Bollywood while Ranveer Singh is nowhere near Eminem , Pitbull , or even a Snoopdog in rapping skills . Amitabh entertained lolllllllllllll ?????????? well at the age of 72 being a grandfather of his grandchildren sitting and enjoying at his home , Amitabh sir has the same energy that he had in his earlier movies totally shocked and entertained us at this age in the music video while Akshay Kumar and especially Ajay Devgan sucked in the whole music video with their rapping skills in which Ranveer and Amitabh , and Hrithik scored over them . Hrithik was looking the most handsome in the music video ofcourse he is known as ” the Greek God ” for a reason , Ranveer looked totally like a cupid gay kid – i think he totally lost his ”macho” image in which he displayed his physique in films like : Ramleela and Gunday , Akshay was looking old but handsome not more than Hrithik , Amitabh Bachchan looked dapper for his age in the music video , Ajay Devgan was undoubtedly the worst looking among his contemporaries even Ranveer looked better than Ajay though both of them along with Amitabh were considered unconventional looking in their early careers while Hrithik and Akshay were probably the natural Good Lookers in their early careers . Hands down , Hrithik stole the show love u duggu

  • Great job done by t-series and ganesh acharya….glad to see dancing amitji, akki, ajay and hrithik in a single song….

  • HAha entertaining song video!!
    It was nice to see Hrithik doing kind of dance or expressions of masala films which sallu or akki are used to do..

  • @indicine, don’t you think the headline is not neutral???? you should mention Ajay’s name in the headline. Anyway Ajay’s part is the most entertaining one in the video. Him, Ranveer and Akki killed it.

  • @Ajay rocks: Rightly said bro..Don’t know why but Indicine always do some kind of discrimination against Ajay..!

  • @shaggy, don’t know about sensible user but srk will always be called king khan…
    You will not accept this cuz you don’t like him
    Srk will be called king khan by his fans, news channels, film industry, neutral people, every bollywood sites and even by SALMAN

  • wow what a song.loved its lyrics…all actors wer at their funniest best.
    though i have to agree wen it comes to looks n charms….no one is in the league of hrithik roshan

  • When Hrithik is in a group and dancing too, one doesn’t want to watch anyone else. He dances so beautifully and of course looks fabulous and so stylish !

  • @zain karmic why don’t you just shut your blabbering mouth? If you know how to dance then why don’t you show your so called dancing before judging other?

  • @shaggy

    Welcome back dude….

    Yeah I found it absolutely hilarious that the two chameleons (nipun n kshitij) thought they are infact sensible users…. What a joke- next other chameleons like Dupicate Baadshah Dynamic and Some Buddha Mukherjee will also claim they are sensible too…

  • Boring song with no real flow- must have shot it over several days n used different music directors as it was not well cut….

    Shame also that Akki or Hrithik didnt shake a leg together as that would have really excited babuji n nipun no end….

  • Where is Bollywood True superstars

    RANBIR……………Without this 4 Actors Bollywood is Nothing…….aur Ye na ho to kuch accha bhi nhi Lagta…….

  • Hahahah. Its a hilarious video. Great song. Awesome vocals from Mika and Udit ji. Wish all the actors were in single frame, I saw everyone doing it in different parts with Ganesh acharya though, the video was edited stylishly and conjoined.
    Hrithik as usual was amazing with his little bit (but mesmerizing) flow. Big B – He is a LEGEND, no words to describe his charisma. Akshay was there for a few seconds, he rocked. Ranveer is too funny and Ajay surprisingly looked comfortable and I was really happy seeing him in such kind of a video. Prabhu Deva is KING in such steps.

    In the end, its a great way to promote your film. @all indicine users: Cheers peeps.

  • Awsm !! TECHNICALLY Akshay Iz not dat grttt dancer Bt Wen he Dance , he dance with full energy nd his expressions r Just Fantastic !! Akki overtakes Everybody ! He Luks Awsm while Dancing !!! Also no one can preform like Akki on Stage Shøws !!

  • Bakwaas song…you can’t connect with the song nor it is catchy…when big stars are coming together the song should be too good…though stars did their bit..the song is not great to bring them all together….

  • @Karthik may be u r right, but still it was great to see Big b, ajay, akshay, hrithik and ranveer all together in one song.

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