Deepika, Katrina, Shraddha as India’s Most Beautiful: Photos

Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif and Shraddha Kapoor are also featured in the Top 10 Femina India’s Most Beautiful Women. While Deepika, who recently admitted to suffering from anxiety and depression, is featured as India’s second most beautiful women, Ranbir Kapoor’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif is ranked at 3. Kangana Ranaut comes at No 4, followed by Ek Villain star Shraddha Kapoor at 5.

Top 10 List of India’s Most Beautiful Women

  • Kareena Kapoor (Check out photos)
  • Deepika Padukone
  • Katrina Kaif
  • Kangana Ranaut
  • Shraddha Kapoor
  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Sonam Kapoor
  • Dipika Pallikal
  • Jyothsna Chakravarthy
  • Lisa Haydon

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Deepika Padukone - BIBA India

Deepika Padukone – BIBA India

Katrina Kaif - BIBA India

Katrina Kaif – BIBA India

Shraddha Kapoor - BIBA India

Shraddha Kapoor – BIBA India



  • kareena kapoor is my favourite actress that’s why I’m very excited for bajrangi bhaijaan..
    sallu n kareena rocks
    love u both and aamir too

  • Both Deepika and Katrina are looking superb.But what has happened to Shraddha she is looking so awful in the pic

  • Are you kidding me?? Deepika ranked 2 while Katrina is 3. this is really a joke.
    Katrina might not good at acting like Deepika but she is defintely hotter than Deepika.
    @indicine, this Magazine not only disappoint me because of Deepika is no 2 but they left The queen Sunny Leone. :p

  • My List of TOP 10

    1. Deepika Padukone
    2. Katrina Kaif
    3. Alia Bhatt
    4. Shraddha Kapoor
    5. Kareena Kapoor
    6. Priyanka Chopra
    7. Sonam Kapoor
    8. Aishwariya Rai Bachchan
    9. Chitrangada Singh
    10. Madhuri Dixit / Vidya Balan

  • @Trust Me;
    Sunny Leone??? Are you kidding me?? Everyone including you knows that what people see in her.. She is pretty but not the beautiful ones…
    People are made for the things below the face of her…

  • @trustme, Dude people are not mad for (so called ) beautiful Sunny Leone.. To me she is not beautiful. Yes she is cute , pretty & sexy but not at all beautiful.. All man (me too) are mad for the other things dude…

  • @Trustme, no one will trust you after this… Sunny Leone beautiful.. lolzzzzzz She is sexy pornstar.. thats it

  • Wish alia bhatt does movie with arjun to half girlfriend book of chetan bhagat. Our leonardo da caprio of bollywood, the legendary arjun kapoor cannot give hits widout them. Legendaary supporting Actor Arjun Kapoor.

  • Sorry but Kareena has aged a bit, she was definitely one of the most beautiful actresses few years ago. In terms of their beauty ‘only’, in my opinion the most beautiful ‘current’ Bollywood actresses would be –

    1. Neha Sharma
    2. Tamannaah
    3. Jacqueline
    4. Yami Gautam
    5. Alia Bhatt

    Note – I have not included Diana Penty (Cocktail fame), because she seems to have retired now, otherwise she’s very beautiful, too.

    No offence to Kat, Deepika, Kareena, Priyanka etc, they all are top actresses.

  • My TOP 10

    1. Deepika Padukone
    2. Alia Bhatt
    3. Katrina Kaif
    4. Shraddha Kapoor
    5. Priyanka Chopra
    6. Tamannaah Bhatia
    7. Neha Sharma
    8. Kareena Kapoor
    9. Sonam Kapoor
    10. Sonakshi Sinha

    Other Ones That Deserved :- Diana Penty, Jacqueline Fernandez, Madhuri Dixit, Chitrangada Singh, Kangana Ranaut, Elli Avram

  • @shaggy
    You will also include ajay,akshay if they starts to give top grosser..then you have to extend your list….love you both…and amir ,akki,ajay too.
    You and other salman fans should be thankful to Amir khan as he always saved your faces…..Warna salman tou kabi record banata nahi aur agar amir ko kuch kaha tou amir fans aukad yaad kara dein ge…haha poor salman fans

  • Deepika looks beautiful as always. No doubt she deserves to be on top at the moment.
    Katrina – she is stunning as ever! Shraddha looks horrible in this picture. Kareena – No.1?? Really, She’s a bit aged right now, if it were 3-4 years ago (Kurbaan and Bodyguard’s time) , I would have surely called her the most beautiful looking actress.

  • @Rohit: U r saying kareena is now aged a bit but let me tell u that in reality kareena is much younger than Katrina. Kareena can’t hide her real age as she is a daughter of a star actor. But Katrina hides her real age..
    If u hav seen her first film Boom, released in 2003 & got shooted in 2002, in that film after looking at her heavy body, any one can easily say that she was luking atleast 25yrs in that movie. So she is atleast 35/36 yrs now……..If she says that she is 30yrs old in 2015, that means she was 18 yr in that movie…..
    An 18 yr school going girl can’t woo Gulshan Grover by her heavy body..

  • Be it Katrina , Kareena , Varun , Alia , Shraddha , Aditya Roy Kapoor , Fawad , Arjun Kapoor no one has got that natural International good looks like Hrithik Roshan . Hrithik Roshan is the only Indian men whose good looks are well recognized (though Salman & Dharmendra were the first Indians to be ranked among the most handsome man in the world lists but still Sallu & Dharm paaji has got the pure Indian good looks whereas Hrithik has the International looks with the physical features that he has) . Even , the Twilight female leading star Kirsten Stewart praised Hrithik Roshan once for his good looks , Handsomeness , physique , green eyes and at that point Kirsten even expressed her desire to want his future baby boy look like Hrithik Roshan but with his ex-boyfriend Twilight Male leading star Robert Pattinson’s blue attractive eyes . Just don’t judge the Handsomeness or the hotness of Hrithik Roshan .

  • Did Angelina Jolie , Katie Holmes , or even Monica Belluci ever said in their lifetime that they want their children boys (I’m not sure about Holmes or Belluci) to look like either Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan . Well OK SRK was and even now is a unconventional looking man , but what about Salman Khan who is known as one of the most handsome looking man in Bollywood . Well Angelina would not even care 600% for either Salman or Shahrukh’s looks as she believes that her current husband Brad Pitt , a Hollywood actor is the Most Good looking and the most handsome actor in the history of the world cinema (which was true as Brad Pitt has the most perfect physical features such as a chiseled / a square jawline , tall height , blue eyes , and ofcourse the popular lean physique in his 1999 Hollywood film Fight Club that he achieved though Pitt lost his good looks and hotness after 2005) but still even in 2015 , not only Angelina but the people from some parts of the world thinks that Brad Pitt is the Most Handsome and the Most Good looking Men in the world .But if you compare the Brad Pitt with Salman or Shahrukh Khan in the looks department , Pitt will clearly outshine both of them with a square jawline that Brad Pitt is mostly known for . Salman has the pure Indian movie star good looks while Shahrukh is not even a typical good looking man . Hrithik Roshan and even Arjun Rampal were and will be the only Indian movie stars with those International looks and also with a killer 6 pack ab physique . But seriously , I mean at that time from 2009 till 2013 Kirsten was dating the Hottest and the Most Handsome Men of Hollywood and also of the world Robert Pattinson and her pick on Hrithik Roshan as being the ideal looking man for her future baby boy may sound strange to some people but seriously Kirsten pick Hrithik Roshan for his future baby boy looks suggest that Hrithik has the killer looks that even made the Hollywood beauty to die for him even leaving her hottest star Robert Pattinson.

  • @zain,do you know any other jokes apart salman khan is the mist handsome actor of India?

    Sallu fan’s logic:

    salman is a good dancer than hr
    Salman can act like KING KHAN in CDI/SWADES.
    salman can give blockbuster alone with out having any heroine ,director or any casting.

    @zain,he never has look with his bulky Photoshop body and his packs are always invisible and faces swelled so badly.all heroines even Kirsten Stewart also said she is a huge fan of KING KHAN ,you can check that on you tube.girls are totally crazy over HIS charms.HE is definitely the most charming and handsome actor in Bollywood and don’t compare HIM with salman in any department.

  • @sweet hert, yes king has all major records see……
    1. Biggest blockbuster of all time YLJK.
    2. Boldest movie ever made in india Maya memsaab.
    3. Best patriotic movie ever HNY.
    4. Best award buyer(he has maximum award for any actor).
    5. Cheapest ticket selling movie Ddlj.

    I think these records are enough to prove king is the global king.

  • @Tiger
    But you forgot biggest opening day and weekend…haha …..You need to keep burnol while mentioning these record…And I think burnol is out of stock since BHAI and his fans are waiting for all time highest grosser since 1994

  • @tiger,the real chuha,yes bhai is bigger star due to some records

    1.before 2010 he has 10 back to back flopbuster .

    2.bhai ‘s epic marigold collected 22 lakh instead of doing promotions unlike ylhjk did 40 lakh which is not promoted has no KING KHAN’S VOICE. buck case,hit n run case are even epic credit and showing personality.

    4.bhai has remained some months before bar and returned from the great tihar jail,no one could do this.

    5.bhai is virgin still at the age of 50 and treating every.

    6.bhai is doing maximum publicity of being human still does half charity of KING KHAN.

    7.the 2nd most flop giving actor of Bollywood giving 2 times 10 back to back flopbusters of total 34 films,lol

    8.doesn’t know what is acting,lol.

    I mean still remained a few I don’t want to name as this much is enough.

    Realy these are totally unbreakable records ,bhai rocks.

  • @sss, but king is the global king….because..

    1. King dances on streets to entertain public free of cost.
    2. King dances on marrige parties better than loundas.
    3. King has very good relations with all airport authorities all over the world.
    4. King spells the word kkk..kk…k..karan very well.
    5. King’s intimate scene of jthj is never forgettable.
    6. King’s maya memsab is considered boldest movie ever made in india.
    7. King established lungi as world dress.
    8. King had affair with pc despite of having wife.
    9. King has surrogate son.
    10. King is the founder of circuit manipulationpur (with jthj).

    sss, Do u need more??? Aur kitni beizzat karwayega apni king ki!!!!!
    Somtime i feel u r not a king fan, actually u are a hater who troll him to give lots of BEIZZATI from bhai fans.

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