Temptation Reloaded 2014: All Photos of SRK, Madhuri, Rani

The Temptation Reloaded 2014 in Kuala Lumpur was a huge hit with Bollywood lovers in the Malaysia. Shahrukh Khan performed at the concert along with industry stalwarts like Madhuri Dixit and Rani Mukherji. 

Khan romanced Madhuri and Rani while some of their evergreen love songs played in the background. Yo Yo Honey Singh later joined the superstar for some Lungi Dance.

SRK interacted with the crowd, danced and signed autographs for his fans.

Arijit Singh, the latest singing sensation, sang 2013’s most popular song Tum Hi Ho and entertained the audience.

Check out the pictures!

SRK performs with Rani Mukherjee and Madhuri Dixit

SRK performs with Rani Mukherjee and Madhuri Dixit

Shahrukh Khan performs with Madhuri Dixit Nene

Shahrukh Khan performs with Madhuri Dixit Nene

Shahrukh Khan, Honey Singh perform in Malaysia

Shahrukh Khan, Honey Singh perform in Malaysia

Shahrukh Khan performs with a fan in Malaysia

Shahrukh Khan performs with a fan in Malaysia

Yo Yo Honey Singh, Rani Mukerji, SRK, Madhuri Dixit, Arijit Singh and Miyang Chang

Yo Yo Honey Singh, Rani Mukerji, SRK, Madhuri Dixit, Arijit Singh and Miyang Chang



  • How much more will he torture us with the same Lungi Dance shit? Please SRK.. give us a break. Every awards ceremony, every show, every event, every marriage that you attend.. you dance to the same song.

    There were other songs in Chennai Express too :|

  • Srk spoiled the ceremony with his pompous self promotion. He is the only star who praises himself, calls himself ‘king’ in his own movies.
    Its no surprise he is falling down due to this.
    Robert Downey plays an brash/arrogant character in Iron Man, and is loved by millions because he is humble in real life. SRK is the opposite. Always self praising by his own PRs. No wonder his stardom is overseas is crushing down to Aamir and Hrithik.

  • Being brash/arrogant is not a problem as long as you are really hardworking and committed to your work.
    Iron Man is arrogant but lovable becoz he is a genius, and best at what he does.
    SRK is arrogant and I would like him if he focussed on brilliant acting and making great movies. But look what he is doing. Ra.One, Chennai Express etc. He is not even unbeatable in Boxoffice. His TV shows were flops.
    SRK, first do something praisable and then try to be king. This self praising about nothing is laughable. It is disgraceful to India. It is like a fox saying he is a lion.

  • How handsome he is looking!
    @Joel,did u attend the show? If u were not there ,how u know he spoiled the show?!!!! if were there,why were there?then u have to accept the power of srk’s magic. even haters like u also attend his live shows.
    Anyway, he is not arrogant, he is proud of the title with love given by his fans all over the world.talking about popularity on overseas,look at or comment man,u are giving two competent against srk.so axcordinf to ur comment,Ak+Hr=srk.so,still srk is ahead.even,CE kind of movie collect more than100cr on overseas.

  • Even if Srk travels all over the world still he will find difficult to give biggest grosser of bollywood bcoz Aamir khan also exists and just Europe is not the whole world and there r other 4 continents also.lol

  • @joel i think you are a big iron man fan like me..

    But dude its India so support DESI…
    No need to bring iron man in bwood…We have G.one and krrish..

  • @Laila When Uday Chopra does a film, you dont need to watch it to say he acted bad.
    Similarly you dont need to attend the ceremony. You already know what it is going to be. And I have seen what he does at other ceremonies.
    Andyour reply does not give any satisfactory explaination for SRK’s pompous self promoting arrogance. Truth remains truth.

  • @sachin11
    Ya lol. SRK had to travel from USA-Japan-UK-Germany to ask people to become his fans. But still he cannot give the highest grosser. lol
    If Aamir did such promotion his movies would do $50 million overseas.

  • @joel where srk has called himself king in his own movies.
    secondly in an interview he said he likes the title given to him “King” by his fans.he never calls himself. i am the king, i am the king…..lol

  • @joel for your infromation leonardo dicaprio is the king of hollywood not robert drowny junior.
    Robert drowny junior doent even come in the league where leonardo dicaprio stands.
    See inception,shutter island,the departed and most of all the wolf of the wall steet and then talk

  • why srk haters are always desperate to give their comments on srk,s article and dislike the comment.They cant digest srk’s popularity.And we srk fans have given him the title of KING.Love u.

  • @Shaheer, 1stly, I am not related to any Khans as a fan. Since you have asked someone in which movie SRK called himself king, it was Don 2. Just see the name: Don 2- The King is Back. (Don doesn’t mean King but a gangster. Then, why did he need to use the term ‘king’ here.
    as of he is calling himself King or Number 1 in Bollywood in reality, I can give you a numbers of youtube links. But this site won’t allow to post those links (maybe according to their policy).

  • Salman fans have relly showed their jealousy and envy in this article……………their bhai is only respected in the mass areas of India…………………the classes and people of the oversees dont relly give 2 hoots about him wheras SRK is loved in India by masses and classes and also worldwide………………………..Aamir gave 2 biggest oversees hits due to dhoom franchise and bcuz 3idiots is a gr8 movie……………but in reality guys, SRK is still miles ahead of him and others in the oversees in terms of popularity and love………………but haterz gona hate, what can i do but sit back and laugh at them! lol

  • @gunday hai hum remember this movie “Singh is King”? what Akki Sir was saying in OUATIMD? before saying somethin think twice

  • Ufffh… Something is smelling..
    Ohhh ya now I got it Haters r burning like hell..
    Shahrukh u r looking superhot.
    N shahrukh neva call himself a king(keeping movies aside)… Its their fan who used to do.Aamir is known as perfaketionist..i wonder y talash was just a semi hit.. Hrithik is considered ‘greek god’ isnt this undigestable(though no offence to him).. Salman is known as bhai…i wonder thats y he isnt marrying coz all indian gals r his sister…even katrina once called him ‘he is like ma elder brother’ ..lol

  • To every haters who have doubt about the superstardum of srk and who r asking why he is called king?, just read d article above ur laughable nd childish comments…

  • @Joel, seriously,u are comparing srk with uday!!!!!!!!!are u out of mind or what ?!!!i am sure u never ever spend ur time on knowing what uday is doing.love srk or hate srk u can’t ignore srk,u are spending data and time on someone whom u don’t like at all.
    If anybody takes prides on his achievement and u think that is arrogance .I can’t help because most of losers think that way.I think that little bit arrogance should be on everybody’s personality.
    Anyway,i am really impressed that you think so much about our indian reputation.to u hr and ak great,that’s ok.but u can’t ignore srk’s acheivement too.he is working for our country too .when we can’t respect our own product then how u expect other praising us.ra.one was good may be not that good as you expected.outside of the country people liked it.when ra.one realesed people didn’t want a iron man kind of movie,they wanted a ready or bodyguard kind of movie.in that time even the iron man quality of movie realesed would not gather money either.
    @Gunday hai him,have u seen the first part of don,in the finishing he said ,I am the king of the world.that’s why don2’s tagline was don2- the king back.in the film,Don thinks himself underworld king.
    @vytus,they know srk is king .their problem is ,despite being king why srk says himself king.truth sometimes hurts people.

  • Hi Peeps,

    One has to there to witness to talk about what took place. The shows was great.. Only spoiler was from the organisers. SRK did what he does best.. His fans enjoyed it to the core and wishing for more.. btw why do everyone has to compare the 3 Khans.. each are very different individuals and doing what the do best with their own style.. I love the 3 Khans.. superb – SRK “King of Romance”, Salman “King of Entertainment” & Amir “King of Perfection”.. give a break shall we.. Cherish if you love them and stay away from nasty comments if you don’t…No ones lost..And lets not compare Bollywood to Hollywood ..its 2 different world.. just imagine like how people say here .. Robert Downy Jr.. dancing to a song in the movie.. it just don’t click ok.. Indian cinema is unique on its own.. Lets not compare .. I still support my origin and its culture no matter where I am born.. Be proud of our culture and its uniqueness..

  • Its always a great fun to read haters comments i can understand that. Haters just can’t digest the success nd popularity of srk. To hate someone like srk is very unfortunate. I m proud to be srk fan.

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