Shahrukh Khan thanks his fans for the love in Malaysia

Shahrukh Khan, who was in Kuala Lampur (Malaysia) for his Temptation Reloaded 2014 tour, was overwhelmed with the love that he received from his fans in the country.

The superstar thanked his fans and also said that the two days he was in Malaysia were the best, even though he is yet to recover from his injury.

“Malaysia, you will be missed. The best two days I have had inspite of the injury. The love made it possible. Thank you,”  he tweeted

SRK performed in Malaysia along with Madhuri Dixit, Rani Mukherji, singer Arijit Singh and rapper Yo! Yo! Honey Singh.

Sources say, tickets for the concert were sold out in less than 3 hours of Shahrukh’s arrival in Malaysia.

The Malaysian dignitaries who watched SRK’s concert were Her Highness Sultanah of Pahang, Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom, The Chairman of Kedah Council of Regency, Toh Puan Bendahara Kedah, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah.

SRK performs with Rani Mukherjee and Madhuri Dixit

SRK performs with Rani Mukherjee and Madhuri Dixit



  • Srk is the only star who praises himself, calls himself ‘king’ in his own movies. Pompous self promotion.
    Its no surprise he is falling down due to this.
    Robert Downey plays an brash/arrogant character in Iron Man, and is loved by millions because he is humble in real life. SRK is the opposite. Always self praising by his own PRs. No wonder his stardom is overseas is crushing down to Aamir and Hrithik.

  • he is just the best..I see videos from this concert and cant beliave even he was with broken shoulder and leg still dancinf,perfoming…make so many people (expecally girls ) happy….like “nothing is happend” to much energy…Truly amazing man deserved to be caliing King khan and King of Bollywood….:) the most famous Indian star !

  • Now 2 days in Malaysia was Srk’s best days and he says the same sentence everywhere he goes in the world.All 365 days of the year r his best days and even he must have said the same to hotel manager and staff that the stay and shooting of ‘HNY’ in their hotel was his best days where he was injured by the

  • @joel in that sence akki also calls himself as king, do u remember ‘singh is king’ and also in the trailer of ouatim2

  • Salman fans only wished their bhai cud received one ounce of the love that SRK receives when he goes abroad! Even the classes dont realy fancy him

  • Dats called a true spirit.. Shahrukh gives his 100% dedication to acting n entertains ppl around him nomatter wat he is going through

  • @mr.joel+and gate are same people beta you should know that there is no bigger star then srk in Bollywood
    aamir have total 10 clean hits out of 38 movies(srk have 10 clean hits in a row)
    before 2006 he have total 4 clean hits out of 30 movies
    salman have 19 to 21 clean hits out of 64 or 65 movies
    where srk have total 24 to 26 clean hits out of 54 or 55 movies
    do you know that srk is the only actor which really don’t have any bad phase….
    aamir fans tries to hide his carear befor 2006
    salman fans tries to hide his carearr some years,…
    but can you tell me anything about srk
    and about overseas you should know that srk don’t have any match in overseas
    hrithik is not some one to compete with srk though i like him as an actor
    and aamir beta you should know that aamir don’t have as much fans nor he is as much populor as srk people watch his movie because they expect good quality from it
    and first check life time collection of his other movies
    srk have total 17bb or more in overseas where he have total 4,5 some thing
    aamir khan movies always depends on some thing like
    *ghajni on south remake
    *3 idiots on hirani
    *d3 on franchise
    *pk on hirani
    when he works in talaash and dhobi ghat check it’s life time collection
    and check this
    *mnik on srk
    * on srk
    *don2 on srk(don was not a big hit franchise and you should know what is difference between 2nd or 3rd instalment)
    *jthj on srk
    *ce on srk
    yeah now you will say that ce works due to dp and rohit or jthj on kat
    loser you should know that rohit is crap director and his movies don’t have even good jokes
    and dp do you know that he have one another release in 2014 by the name of finding fanny franandez and no one is even waiting for that movie you should know tha Bollywood is male dominated area rather than female and

  • @Yy Maithiwala,I liked your comment except last two or three line. CE is DP’s movie as much as srk’s. as girl I didn’t like it .if dp was not playing meenamma ,ce wouldn’t be as fun as it is .anyway, most of the male like to think that way.I would love to give credit both the stars.

  • Srk…thank you so much for turning back n taking the last pic with me before leaving the Temptation concert in your Alphard…can’t thank you enough for the last picture which made my day…

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