Superman Song Video – Tevar

Arjun Kapoor becomes Superman for the latest song from his upcoming masala entertainer ‘Tevar’, the first big release of 2015. The song has been shot in Agra with the ‘Taj Mahal’ as its backdrop.

Watch and tell us what you think.



  • this song is a tribute to indias biggest rockstar-salman khan.I m nt a bhai fan but I hv always admired his superstardom and huge contribution to indian commercial cinema.hope everyone likes it

  • I think arjun kapur n siddharth malhotra will become saif ali khan of next generations. They are too much dependent on other actors in their films or they take support of other actors.
    Coming to tevar, tevar looks horribly bad movie . Casting is not too great.

  • so kill dil has flopped.infact it completes youngistaans hattrick of flops(ff,dei,kd).but I m nt at all depressed.bfr fanny debacle youngistaan hd given 8 successful films in a row including 4 superhits out of which 3 were 100cr grossers and 5 got critical acclaim.

    every star hs gone through bad patch but only a few hv achieved superstardom and legendary status bcz of their mental this bad phase is happening to us for showing our mental strength and fighting youngistaan fans plz cheer up.v will dfntly bounce back next year and touch billions of hearts yet again

  • @sambuddha mukherjee Well I quite frankly hate the song bcoz honestly speaking arjun isnt worthy of paying a tribute to anyone oh maybe perhaps only shakti kapoor or tusshar kapoor

  • Both the tamil and telugu versions of this film were cult films in their respective industry but this film looks quite dull when compared to the originals.

  • I have not seen the song nor the trailer of Tevar but frankly speaking i think these things need to limited why it is necessary to pay tribute to Salman or any other actor . Because people will not watch your movies even if you pay tribute to their favourite actor . I can understand that Arjun considers Salman as his mentor and there is nothing wrong it because Salman motivated him to lose weight and do films . But there can be a better way to show your gratitude rather than doing this . Even Bobby Deol paid tribute to Salman in YPD 2 what was the result ? Flop . I am not saying it flopped because of Salman but because it was pathetic but did the makers get any advantage . The best example of a tribute in recent times was Ranveer Singh’ S tribute to Hrithik Roshan because it was honest, entertaining and most importantly was not for a movie .

  • @sambuddha mukherjee take your admiration for bhai jaan to a sarook article you chameleon- you wont bcoz you know deep down what you really are…. a lungi wearing fan masquerading around here as some mouth piece for youngistaan….

  • Next big 3
    Salman-varun(taking same step as salman)
    Aamir-Arjun(experiment with each movie)
    Srk-sidharth(doing good work with big banner)

  • I have seen the Tamil version Gilli starring vijay. I swear if this movie is half as good as that one, 100 crore will be a cake walk for Tevar.

  • what is salman? it is impossible to understand for some quality peoples cuz wo dil mein aata hai samajh mein nahi. love u salman. the peoples who think that they are intellegenr are actually highly rated fools.

  • @navin
    i like all ur comments on kill dill page. I am fan of all ur comments . I come to indicine to read ur comments .
    Although i am not a bhai fan nor srk fan. I like irrfan khan.

  • @navin…. OMG!! I can’t stop laughing!!! Hop to come across more of ur comments!!!…pls don’t let shradda kapoor read this if not she may opt not to act wit Arjun kapoor!!!

  • Well honestly I think d next big 3 wld b
    1, Ranbir
    3. Varun/Arjun(work on his voice! To thick!!) But i admire his personality! Plus he plays negative and positive role with so ease…

  • Awesome song Arjun Kapoor Great we also love SALLU BHAI, first massala song of 2015 Faaaaaaaaaduu song hai Faaaaaaaaaaduu

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