Kill Dil Saturday (Day 2) Box Office Collections

Yash Raj Films’ Kill Dil has failed to show any growth in business on its second day at the box office. The film has collected Rs 6.41 crore in India on Saturday, which is a little lower than the first day total.

The problem for Kill Dil is its multiplex business in big cities, which continued to be poor on Saturday. Even mass centres in North and Central India witnessed a slight drop in collections.

The Ranveer Singh – Parineeti Chopra starrer has collected Rs 13 crore in 2 days and should finish its first weekend with business of around Rs 20 crore.

Kill Dil Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 6.53 cr
  • Saturday – 6.41 cr
  • 2-day total – 12.94 cr




  • Sorry for @Arjun Kapoor,but it will be a FLOP…No harsh feelings for him now!! He needs to be given a chance..

    Ranveer will give 2 big hits in 2015 without any doubt—Dil Dhadakne Do and Bajirao Mastani..So all the best!!

  • Its a flop. Had no real expectations from the film but expected it be a hit for Govinda. Now only film which audience is looking
    forward is PK.

  • so kill dil has flopped.infact it completes youngistaans hattrick of flops(ff,dei,kd).but I m nt at all depressed.bfr fanny debacle youngistaan hd given 8 successful films in a row including 4 superhits out of which 3 were 100cr grossers and 5 got critical acclaim.

    every star hs gone through bad patch but only a few hv achieved superstardom and legendary status bcz of their mental this bad phase is happening to us for showing our mental strength and fighting youngistaan fans plz cheer up.v will dfntly bounce back next year and touch billions of hearts yet again

  • @Arjun Kapoor : Also add Tevar to your youngistaan flop list. I hope you now knows what is position of Youngistaan. Respect seniors like Salman your youngistaan will get respect too !!!!!!!

  • Can sambuddha mukherjee get any more delusional than he is at the moment…? Forget touching billiins of hearts as first thing first- get millions of ppl to theatres to actually watch youngistan craps like ‘Sambuddha Finds Arjun’ or ‘Indicine Kills Sambuddhas Dil’ etc etc

  • A sequel to Kill Dil should be made quickly starring Boney Sirs talentless son Arjun Kapoor… Story should be based on a true real life story of how a giant media outlet like Indicine carried out a very public brutal but justified character assasination of one of its irritating users Nipun Lootera, no wait thats the story for Lootera 2, Kill Dil 2 will be about Sambuddha Mukherjees fall from grace or in this case fall from gutter to the sewer….!

  • Kill Dil 2 will be a much bigger hit for sure as that will be more realistic n true…. We all witnessed the public implosion of sambuddha mukherji this weekend with our very own eyes n I for one would love to see such a story adapted to the big screen…. Role of Sambuddha should by birth right be given to Arjun n role of giant media tycoon at Indicine should be given to babaji- afterall babaji has the necessary traits like treachery, backstabbing n brownnosing etc etc…. (No offence Indicine but really babaji has that chemistry with Sambuddha and after Abhishek Sharma rejected him for Piyush Mishras role in The Shaukeens I think it be nice for the old man to get a film role at this late stage of his miserable life)

  • 20cr weekend is possible for the movie ..only due to Govinda with his superb acting in neagative role. Ranveer Singh is doing the same ‘Chichori’ acting in movie and the remaining ali jafar is the waste of movie. This is the bad luck for Govinda remaining starcast and storyline isnt good at all. Movie will going to be flop.

  • hope youngistan fan will become old as soon possible only after that he can comment good for better heroes than his baby heroes.

  • I’m really gutted the collections…..Ranveer is my favorite among young actors.
    He has good lineup films next year..hope he will bounce back soon.

  • @navin no matter wat u write I m ny going to react to ur I m here reacting to ur cmnt just to advice u to stop wasting ur energy on me

  • its strange When Such movies release all figures start matching boi, indicine, trade etc but not the same during big releases

  • bad luck this time for ranveer, looking ungli dangerous bcoz movie will have only week to earn like shaukeens and kill/dill

  • @arjun kapoor. Tevar would trend well and perform well Bro at the boxoffice. Its really looking promising.
    @Indicine. Just read those comments between u and arjun kapoor. I know what he did was wrong. Foul mouthing some one is really not acceptable at all. But u got to have the same rules for all Indicine. These so called bhai fans foul mouth each and every other star and some times using the terms gay etc etc. Kindly do check upon that.

  • All d best ranveer and arjun 4 next year projects!! U now see why some senior stars have die hard fans here! Its not an easy journey to b so successful even after 20-25years!! U guys have d potential along with rhandbir and eemran to rock box office esp in the next 5-7 years so keep on being humble dedicated and pls read d scripts over and over befor signing!

  • @indicine…kindly make prediction of PK. i must say it would’nt break HNY first day record or weekend record..but WOM is strong it will go beyond 275/280 or may cross 300.
    but wom not good it will be Jai ho 2.

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